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Can I Get Sirius in my Tesla Model 3? These Owners Figured Out How

You pull out of the dealership with your brand-new Model 3, and what’s the first thing you want to do? Crank your favorite song as you coolly drive away. You open up the infotainment panel, only to discover that there’s no SiriusXM for you to surf through. Unfortunately, Tesla does not offer SiriusXM for the […]

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Teslafi Review: Still Worth $50/Year Among Up-And-Coming Alternatives?

It wasn’t long ago where vehicles kept track of nothing but miles. Our cars are now computers on wheels that collect trip-by-trip miles, efficiency, routes, climate control usage, and more — though often their fancy screens can crash on us. Tesla does a good job providing this information, but third-party apps like Teslafi have come […]