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Tesla Model 3 Tire Wear: Is Yours Getting Bad? Here’s How to Solve It

You may have heard that Tesla Model 3 tire wear is awful, with people claiming you’re lucky to get 20,000 miles out of the stocks tires… Question is: Is this true? If so, why? And more importantly, what can you do to prevent extreme or uneven tire wear on your Tesla? If you want to […]

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3rd-Party Tested Tesla Model 3 HEPA Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Described as a life-changer by allergic people — and as a “must have”  by those in areas with pollution and fires, A Tesla Model 3 HEPA cabin air filter (along with an air freshener) is everything you ever wanted and didn’t know you needed. Finding actual HEPA-grade products proves challenging, though — After contacting all […]

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5 Best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapters to Protect Your $16,000 Battery

Did you know that damage caused by lifting your Model 3 incorrectly isn’t covered under warranty? Nope… Reason being ignorant shops have damaged many Teslas by lifting them via the side rails — or worse, the battery. For you to avoid unfortunate damage during tire rotations or whenever your car is lifted, I spent more […]

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8 Best Tesla Model 3 Interior Cleaners to Keep Your Car (and Vegan Leather Seats) Like New

Pets, kids messing up, Domino’s Pizza crumbs… (Sorry, I love those a little bit too much.) It doesn’t matter how careful you are — nasty stuff will stick, spill, or drop on your Model 3 eventually. If you have a white interior, even more easily so. I dug deep into more than 25 Tesla forum […]