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Can I Get Sirius in my Tesla Model 3? These Owners Figured Out How

You pull out of the dealership with your brand-new Model 3, and what’s the first thing you want to do? Crank your favorite song as you coolly drive away. You open up the infotainment panel, only to discover that there’s no SiriusXM for you to surf through. Unfortunately, Tesla does not offer SiriusXM for the […]

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If I Buy a Used Tesla, Do I Get Free Supercharging For Life or Not?

One of Tesla’s biggest selling points in the early days was Free Unlimited Supercharging with the purchase of a vehicle. All across the country’s Supercharger network, you could roll in with your Tesla and charge up for free. They even made this a staple feature for used Teslas, which was such a great incentive for […]

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Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Heated Steering Wheel Standard?

A heated steering wheel is no longer just a luxury; it’s necessary for ultimate comfort. A chilly winter morning is more unpleasant if you’re gripping an icy steering wheel for your commute. There’s some good news, though: Model 3 comes equipped with the hardware to heat up the steering wheel. This has been the case […]

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Does the Tesla Model 3 Have Ludicrous Mode — or Other Speed Boosters?

Unfortunately, you can’t believe the hype on this one. Although often rumored to be coming soon, Ludicrous Mode is not available on the Tesla Model 3. It seems Elon Musk has tried to pull a fast one, promising the speedy booster mode for some time but not delivering the feature. This ongoing saga has been […]

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Best Winter Tires for Tesla Model 3 (With Snow & Ice Performance Metrics)

After going through 7 videos & more than 36 pages of forum threads, the same winter tires for the Model 3 were mentioned over and over. If you’re looking for wet, ice, and snow tires that last up to 8 seasons — while having decent dry traction and minimal road noise… This article outlines the […]