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Is a Tesla Model 3 Interior Camera Cover Really Necessary?

Look, you’d probably agree that Tesla has good intentions.

But hackers exist.

Hackers that have ALREADY broken into Tesla’s code to uncover the purpose of Model 3’s interior camera:

Hackers that have gathered pictures:

And although some hackers are harmless, others that may capture recordings to use them against you.

So while Elon and his team plan on using the Tesla Model 3 interior camera for the greater good…

Why chance the possibility of a disaster when the problem can be solved for a few bucks?

Assuming you’re on board with this idea and would rather be safe than sorry —

Especially since you can uncover the camera if helpful features are released —

Let’s discuss the only two well-rated Tesla Model 3 interior camera cover products owners are using today.

Best Tesla Model 3 Interior Camera Cover: 2-Pack Ultra-Thin by imluckies

Best Tesla Model 3 interior camera cover

Although deceptively tiny, Tesla owners have tested this product in their vehicle — and it fits just fine.

For the paranoid among us, it can also be used for phones, laptops, and tablets/iPads.

If you’re looking for something affordable that lasts long and fits multiple devices, kill two birds with one stone with this product.

Available in black and white, Tesla Model 3 owners may opt to match their interiors.

The product durability has been proven by thousands of customers — and the brand itself offers an 18-month warranty to back them up.

They packages for 2 units, 3 units, or 6 units. Getting at least 3 covers is a no-brainer.

I’d consider covering my Macbook — as well as having some backup covers just in case.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years.
iPads, iPhones, and most smartphones.

✅ Easy, 15-second install
✅ Proven to last long
✅ 18-month warranty
✅ Available in black and white


❌ Too thin for many

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Interior Camera Cover: LUCKEASY

Runner-up Tesla Model 3 interior camera coveer

Specifically made for the Tesla Model 3, this product wasn’t the top pick due to its lack of warranty —

And because it only comes in 1-unit packages (not ideal if you own several Teslas or planned on covering other electronic devices.)

With a strong, lasting tape on the back, installing it is as easy as lifting the tape and putting it in place.

It also slides smoothly to cover/uncover your camera in case a useful feature like Caraoke recording comes up soon:

One customer complained about long shipping times (although this was only 1 case out of ~100 ratings).

I also find the product description to be extremely weird — a pet peeve of mine… but something that might turn off some people.

Many customers confirm the interior looks like it came from the factory with the cover.

Like its competitors, this cover is thin and seemingly flimsy (don’t bend or put much pressure on it).

It’s thicker than the first alternative, though — even if slightly so.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years.
May fit some tablets and phones.

✅ Custom-made for the Model 3 / Y
✅ Smooth sliding
✅ Slightly thicker. Still thin, though.


❌ No multi-unit or white variants available.

Other Privacy Products to Consider:

If you’ve read this far, you and I have one thing in common:

We value privacy.

Below are other privacy products (made for Teslas) you may want to consider:

Complete Privacy Protection While Parked

Charging in lonely areas? Camping in your Tesla? Netflix Tesla party?

Fully cover all of your windows and enjoy the night by keeping stalkers at bay with Tesmat’s Privacy Screen.

✅ Quick setup
✅ Sleep peacefully with all windows and windshield covered
✅ Block sun in the morning
✅ Keep stalkers at bay
❌ Holding clips may break*

*The brand improved the clips recently, though — and offers free replacements for customers who have issues.

Elon and Starman Sunshade

Say what?!

Protect your car from the sun with this incredibly funny sunshade of Elon and now-playing-in-Mars Starman.

Your car will be the subject of laughter anywhere you go.

Made to fit both Model 3 & Model Y perfectly.

✅ Easy folding & unfolding
✅ Crazy fun design
✅ Custom-made for Model 3 & Y’s

Premium Pre-Cut Tesla Model 3 Window Tint Kit

Improve driving privacy, reduce climate-energy consumption, and protect your Model 3’s interior from UV rays.

Customize your shade opacity — 70% windshield and 35% for everything else seems to work for most people.

This window tint simulator can help you figure out the right tint shade for you.

✅ Premium ceramic tint
✅ Pre-cut films
✅ Customizable tint shades
❌ May be too precise. Little leeway for error.
❌ May come with creases

Our Tesla Model 3 Interior Camera Cover of Choice

Affordable, versatile, and durable enough to potentially outlast your Model 3 ownership,

The highly-rated, 2-pack imluckies interior camera cover seems to be the obvious choice.

If you do camping road trips often — or simply Supercharge in somewhat lonely areas,

Then consider coupling the covers with Tesmat’s Privacy Screen for maximum privacy.

By Zac Ludicrous

Mechanical engineer by profession. TSLA shareholder before the hype. EV enthusiast all day long. Zac enjoys learning about the future of battery technology, autonomy, and EVs. He considers Tesla Model 3 the most important vehicle of the 21st century -- and is in a quest to improve the ownership experience of every Model 3 owner he possibly can.

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