How to Get The Most Out of Your Tesla Technology Even If You’re Not As “Tech Savvy”

We’ve created the techincal Tesla guide you always wanted, one that covers which features and settings are worth enabling, when they’re most appropriate, and how to engage them – in detail.

Navigate V11 like a pro and stop missing out on cool features at your disposal – so you can enjoy your car to the fullest.

For The Non-Techie Model 3/Y Owner

I know dealing with the technology of your Tesla can be frustrating

New Interfaces

The ever-changing interface is confusing and switches the position of your favorite features…

Features Gone Unused

You know there are AT LEAST a dozen features you’re not using…

Hard to Understand

You’ve found yourself struggling to understand all the settings and features on the touchscreen -- even after reading the manual.

Meanwhile, the support from Tesla is lacking:

You tried to actually speak with someone at Tesla – but gave up after 2 hours on “HOLD.”

This leaves you relying on:

Mega-long forum threads

that are 90% rants and 10% solutions.

Contradicting Facebook groups

where everyone disagrees and you don't know who to trust.

Lengthy YouTube videos

that aren't organized in a logical fashion -- and may be full of ads and sponsorships.

Pure trial and error

by experimenting yourself.

All of it to even being to understand everything your car has to offer

There’s a better way...
Take The Guesswork Out of Your Tesla Experience

You CAN – and should – know every basic and advanced feature you have at your disposal, as complex as it might sound to you.

Not only HOW to enable a given feature (which the Owner’s Manual and many YouTube videos provide) but also:


Understanding WHICH features are worth using in the first place, based on the real experiences of other owners like you.


Knowing exactly WHEN a feature it’s most appropriate to use – and when you should avoid it.


Getting a clear picture of WHAT TO EXPECT from the feature. (Hint: not all features work as you might expect.)


And when appropriate, understanding HOW the feature works from a technical perspective.

Imagine the pride of knowing so much about every Tesla feature and setting that you teach other Tesla owners – or passengers – something new every day.


Introducing the Tesla Tech Mastery™ course.

What You’ll Learn in
The Tesla Tech Mastery Course

Module 1

Handy Settings to Maximize Convenience & Automate Your Tesla Life (11 Lessons)

*(SOON) Module 2

Helpful “Modes”: What They Do, When to Use & How to Engage Them (11 Lessons)

*(SOON) Module 3

On OEM & Third-Party Tech Upgrades: Are These Worth It? + Installation Tips (10 lessons)

*(SOON) Module 4

The Quirky Features to Prank Your Relatives & Have Fun (5 Lessons)

Make the most out of your Tesla

You'll be receiving this product – knowing that only the first module is fully completed. Each subsequent module will be released (and shared with you via email) every 2-3 weeks.

Our Double Guarantee: Love It or Get Your Money Back (And Then Some)

If you don’t love this product and end up learning nothing valuable about the technology of your Tesla, we’ll refund you what you paid for it (fees included).

I mean it.

Just email me at [email protected] – and we’ll reimburse your money within 24-48 hours. No questions asked.

On top of this, we'll provide you with a $25 Amazon Gift Card if two conditions are met:
1 - You must wait for all the content to be released. We intend to release it all over the coming 6-9 weeks.
2 - You must provide thoughtful feedback on what you didn't like – and it should be as detailed as possible (500 words minimum). That way, we get to improve and you get an additional $25. Win-win.

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