Does Tesla Model 3 Have USB Ports?

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 11/07/22 •  6 min read

Of course, it does. What’d be the point of a $50K+ price tag if it didn’t even come with a few USB ports?

The questions that actually beg consideration include how many USB ports are available, at what locations, and for what purposes.

If you’re planning on transitioning to the Tesla universe from other boring car brands, these questions must be tickling your interest. And why not, getting your first EV is surely an exciting occasion that makes you just want to know everything about it.

Without wasting a single second more, let’s get started with addressing your queries!

How Many USB Ports Does Tesla Model 3 Have?

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a sleek arrangement of five top-quality USB ports at easily accessible places, showing Tesla’s keen interest in user comfortability.

All five USB ports in your Tesla Model 3 aid you in multiple operations. From playing saved media files (like videos and audio) to charging USB devices and collecting data from Sentry Mode and Dashcam, these USB ports handle it all!

Where Are the USB Ports Located?

Here’s a quick glance at the location of the USB ports:

  1. Front compartment of center console (2 USB-C ports)
  2. Rear compartment of center console (2 USB-C ports)
  3. Glove box (1 USB-A port)

A: The Model 3 is equipped with two USB-C compatible ports located on the rear wall of the front compartment of the center console. These are meant to help you with:

does tesla model 3 have USB ports
USB-C ports in the front compartment of the center console. Credit to Tesla.

B: The Model 3 comes with another two USB-C compatible ports, cleanly mounted in the rear compartment of the center console. Both these ports are exclusively designed to help you with charging your USB-supported devices. These ports don’t communicate with Tesla’s system.

USB-C ports on the rear compartment of the center console. Credit to Tesla.

C: Last but not least, there’s a USB-A port positioned toward the back of the glove box. This USB-A port comes with a pre-formatted flash drive already installed to enable you to store footage while using features like Sentry Mode and Dashcam.

However, this port isn’t just for this purpose; you may also use it to communicate with the car and charge a USB-connected device.

Yet it’s highly suggested that you employ it to save Sentry Mode and Dashcam video recordings for added security and lower battery usage.

does tesla model 3 have USB ports
USB-A port hidden in the glove box. Credit to Tesla.

>> To know more about what USB suits best for this particular glove box USB port, check out our amazing article on the best USB for Sentry Mode.

How USB Ports Have Changed Over Time in Tesla Model 3

If you’re a person who thinks evolution is subjective to living creatures, think again — because Tesla has been evolving at quite a fast pace with every refreshed version! 

And guess what? This evolution is not subject to some physical changes or software updates but also covers intricate features like USB ports…

Well, let’s have a quick glance at the evolution of USB ports in the Tesla Model 3:

USB Options for Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode That Work

Best Solid-State Drive: Samsung T7 500 GB

With the recent infotainment upgrade, to HW 3.0, I purchased the Samsung T7 500 GB SSD online from Amazon. Upon its arrival, plugged it into the USB port, went to the settings, safety & security screen, clicked on format Drive, and was surprised how fast that was. I am so impressed with having now Sentry provide for 4 views of the drive and the “save on honk” feature. The video detail from the 4 cameras is very good.



✅ No initial setup or extra configurations required
✅ Ideal for non-techies
✅ No speed errors


❌ 32 GB storage may get full quickly

>>For more USB options (SSDs, classic flash drives, or fit USBs), head over to our buying guide for the best USB for Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode.

Best USB Hub for Tesla Model 3: TAPTES

does tesla model 3 have USB ports

It looks very good and it looks like it’s part of the car which is a plus.

The USB drive fitted nicely and in the space. My only downside was that I think the Magnetic pad could do with being a little stronger as I didn’t quite feel planted when I put the drive in.

It actually works pretty well. My USB Drive work for both Music and Video (tested using 2020.12.5). I can charge both my phones (Work and personal, iPhone and Android) while the USB Drive is connected and the Xbox controller is connected and working.

So it does exactly what it sets out to do. 



✅ Fits nicely
✅ All the ports work pretty well
✅ Has a USB-C port


❌ Doesn’t feel too sturdy

Final Thoughts: Does Tesla Model 3 Have USB Ports?

So no… I mean yes, the Model 3 has five USB ports, and they’re located at very easy-to-reach locations for the driver as well as the passengers.

Just remember that each USB port has a certain functionality and the glove box one is the only port you should be using to store footage from Sentry Mode and Dashcam.

Still, in case you are a tech-savvy guy and consider five USB ports too less, you can equip yourself with a USB hub (better to get the one I suggested here) and get rid of this recurring pressure of fewer ports.

A word of caution though!

Teslas are supplied with constant power whenever your vehicle is considered “awake.” It might be awake in several conditions — like when your car is charging or when you are using features like Smart Summon, Dog Mode, Sentry Mode, etc.

Thus, always make sure to only employ USB 3.0-compliant cables to connect a device to a USB port. Not adhering to this may result in glitches in device connection, slower charge rate, or poor performance of gadgets.

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