Does Tesla Model 3 Qualify for Uber Select?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 09/13/22 •  17 min read

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 is qualified for Uber Select. 

I know there’s a lot of misinformation out there, but I called the Uber people, and they confirmed that the Tesla Model 3’s Uber category includes Uber Select. 

And you’ve probably seen terms like Uber Comfort and Uber Premier. Does it qualify for those as well?

Yes, the Model 3 also qualifies for Uber Premier and Uber Comfort. Just make sure to fulfill the following requirements: 

1. You must have good ratings (at least 4.85).

2. You must be an active UberX partner, having made at least 150 trips.

If you’re worried about the ratings, don’t. 

Teslas are bound to get a good rating, which I will prove to you in a while. 

However, drivers — um, it depends. 

Don’t worry, I will give you some awesome tips so you can get five stars all the time. 

does tesla model 3 qualify for uber select

But first, let’s get some of the misinformation straight and answer all your Uber-related questions about the Model 3. 

I will also give you some alternatives for earning through Uber without worrying about insurance and stuff. 

So let’s Uber.

Does Uber Affect Your Insurance on Tesla Model 3?

Yes, it does. Your insurance will be affected if you drive your Tesla Model 3 for Uber. 

Most insurance companies would state that the insurance is for your vehicle used for domestic purposes only. 

If you are to use it for commercial purposes like Uber or Lyft, you might have a monthly increment of about $10 to $20. The exact amount will vary depending on your insurance company and driving record. 

Uber also gives support to their drivers in case of an unfortunate accident.

For rideshare insurance, you would be looking at increased insurance premiums, which you should consider getting. 

Otherwise, if you end up in an accident while using your Model 3 for commercial purposes, you won’t be able to file a claim. 

If you try to hide the fact that you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes and then get caught doing that, it would be considered fraud, and you would end up paying a lot more than those couple of bucks a month for the insurance premium.

It’s best to talk to your insurance agent and ask to update your insurance accordingly.

Can You Finance a Tesla If Your Sole Purpose Is to Use It for Uber?

Of course, you can. It works like any other financing situation. 

If you’re able to have it financed regardless of your intentions for Uber, you can call it a day and start earning by driving for Uber. 

If, for some reason, you’re not qualified to have it financed for any other reason, that’s completely different. 

Normally, you can easily have it financed even if your sole purpose is to use it for Uber.

How do I know this? Well, I asked them directly. I made a couple of calls to a dealership in California, and they confirmed that you could have it financed, no problem.

However, it’s best to go for zero-interest financing as it would be the safest. I would not recommend any other financing.

How to Get Your Tesla Model 3 to Qualify for Uber Select 

A vehicle needs to meet several requirements to qualify for Uber Select, such as interior and exterior requirements, model year, and much more.

In the case of the Tesla Model 3, it is eligible. You only have to make sure that you have a good rating (at least 4.85) and that you have made 150 trips on UberX, which is the basic one in which you will start your Uber journey. 

Once you have completed the requirements, you would then have the opportunity to upgrade your account to Uber Select, Comfort, or Premium. 

Some drivers do not opt for Uber Select because they don’t get much traffic through it. 

Most customers do not prefer paying a premium for Uber Select vehicles, so it doesn’t get a large customer base like UberX. 

But it’s not like it’s utterly barren on Uber Select. You would still get plenty of rides, but not as much as UberX.

It’s simply a gamble between quality and quantity.

Earn more with fewer rides or earn about the same but have to do more rides. 

I would personally prefer Uber Select as it would give me better income and would save some precious miles on the clock, which would lead to lower maintenance costs (i.e., the tires). 

Let’s talk about maintenance costs while we are at it. 

Maintenance Costs of Driving a Tesla for Uber

A huge benefit of driving a Tesla for Uber is the low maintenance cost. 

A Tesla Model 3 would cost you less than $300 on average per year, while ICE cars would cost you way over $500. 

If you are to use a gas vehicle, you have a list of stuff that needs regular maintenance — not to mention the regular wear and tear items that would require replacement after some time. 

You would also be dealing with the mechanical failures of gas-powered vehicles.

On the other hand, the only major thing you’ll have to worry about in a Tesla Model 3 is tire replacement.

does tesla model 3 qualify for uber select

If you look at the wear and tear of brakes, you would also be saving on a Tesla Model 3 as regenerative braking does most of the work. 

So brake pad replacement will not be required on a Tesla Model 3 for a very long time. 

If you want to save as much as possible on maintenance and have your tires last more than 50K miles while you are Ubering on a Tesla Model 3, I have written a detailed article for that. You can check it out here.

The key is to understand the nature of low-profile tires when they are mounted on a heavy Tesla Model 3 and the rotation that is required. 

How Much Can You Earn With Your Tesla Model 3 on Uber? 

The exact amount would depend on the number of hours you spend driving for Uber.

I’ve heard people who have made $200 a week, and then there are those who have earned about $3,000 a week. 

Like any other job, there is a learning curve, and it also depends on the area where you drive.

If it’s near an airport or at the center of a main city, you would be making more compared to the countryside.

But to give you an idea, let’s not just talk about the amount you will see in your wallet. We have to deduct the electricity and maintenance costs as well. 

I will also compare it with other gas vehicles. 

does tesla model 3 qualify for uber select

Tesla wins.

So why does Tesla perform better than gas vehicles when Ubering?

Well, the answer to that is simple — it’s the appeal. 

Most people would love their rides on your Model 3, which would lead them to give you a better tip. 

That’s extra money right there.

Andy Slye has captured the reactions of Uber riders in his Tesla Model 3, a proof of how much people like riding in it, which, in turn, leads them to give you a better tip. And why not? They had the time of their life.

See people’s reactions starting at 0:10!

So here it is, now you know why your Tesla Model 3 is going to blow their minds. 

Now the question is, what must you give to get this experience? 

The cost per mile for a Tesla Model 3 is significantly less than gas vehicles. 

Most vehicles that are kind of similar to the Model 3, for instance, Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, will give you about 25 miles to the gallon. 

Now the price of one gallon is around $5, which means you have to spend $5 to travel 25 miles in an Acura RLX. However, the Tesla Model 3 can give you 25 miles for way less than $1 — $0.77, to be exact — which is insanely less. 

You’re already making more money. 

The cost per mile of a Tesla is calculated to be about $0.03038, while the cost per mile for a gas-powered vehicle, on average, is $0.2.

You not only save on gas but also save on the regular maintenance that gas vehicles must undergo every now and then. 

With hundreds of thousands of miles on the clock, you would still not have to worry about oil change intervals or brake pad replacement. 

The brake pads on your Tesla can last as long as the car itself if you’re using regenerative braking. 

Regenerative braking would convert all of that momentum into usable energy and halt your Model 3 without having to put pressure on the brakes. 

Uber is also offering $1 extra for every Uber driver who switches to EV, which can, in turn, give you about $4,000 extra on average per annum. 

Your only major running cost would be the tire replacement and electricity cost. 

A Reddit user said that his electricity bill only went up $40 when he started Ubering. 

Make sure not to run your tires when they have less than a certain amount of tread left as it can cause a problem during insurance claims in an unfortunate accident. 

Is Uber Select Worth It?

With Uber Select, the number of expected rides is lower because most people prefer UberX over Select. 

However, personally, I would prefer Uber Select as you would be earning more while traveling less. 

Which means lower maintenance cost and lower expenditure from your end. 

And because I am a night owl and love driving, I would get more bonus points at night. 

Yes, you might not have as many rides as you would compared with the normal UberX, but you will surely find it less stressful and more rewarding at the same time. 

Things You Need to Have When Ubering on Tesla Model 3

There are certain things that a driver should have to get better ratings and possibly better tips. 

Apart from the normal stuff like hand sanitizers and tissues, you can add some things to make the trip awesome for your customers. 

First are the essentials. Here are the best-proven, inexpensive products that work like a charm:

Now let’s talk about the tip enhancers:

As a fragrance lover, I have some good ones that almost everyone would ask the name of. First, there is Davidoff Cool Water, which is hands down most appreciated by every other person I have met — and is also inexpensive. 

Then comes the Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, which is also very pleasant with woody notes — but costs more than Davidoff Cool Water.

The takeaway — facilitate the customer, but of course, keep the cost in mind. It will help you collect so much more tips than any other everyday Uber driver. 

Your Model 3 itself is an attention grabber, and if you give them the cherry on top, you will have a sweet tip on the top. 

An Alternative to Ubering on Tesla Model 3 

I can understand if you’re hesitant to use your brand-spanking new Model 3 for commercial purposes. If you’re unsure if you want to use your Model 3 for Uber, you have an alternative. 

Or, if you don’t own a Tesla Model 3 and would want to use one for Ubering, there is a way for you as well. 

You can finance a Tesla Model 3 and get the monthly payments covered by driving for Uber.

There is also Hertz, which allows you to rent a Tesla Model 3 for about $500 a week or $2,000 a month. 

Is Renting a Tesla Model 3 Through Hertz Worth It?

In hindsight, I would say kind of. 

But there are a lot of things to consider before making the final call

does tesla model 3 qualify for uber select

You would be paying about $2,000 a month, which is insane. 

Even if you will use it only when you get the time, you would still be at a loss because most Uber drivers who only drive occasionally don’t often reach $1,000 per week. 

The better option is to have it financed, and you can easily take care of the monthly payments through your Uber income. Use that income as capital, and after three to six years, you will have that Tesla Model 3 under your name. 

The depreciation of a Tesla Model 3 is also almost non-existent. People are selling used Teslas for more than the MSRP of a brand-new Tesla because of the high demand. So you won’t have to worry about depreciation anytime soon. 

The safest financing option is to go for the 0% financing so you won’t have to pay interest unless you cross a certain period of time, i.e., late payment. 

So just keep the payments in check and you will be able to own a Tesla with zero interest. 

The Hertz option is kind of similar to a lease; you pay the rent, and at the end of the day, the company keeps it and does whatever it wants with it. 

Compared with a normal lease, Hertz seems to be a rip-off. But I still might consider it as it does not involve any interest or downpayment. 

It only requires a $200 refundable security deposit. 

It’s actually better to have a leased Tesla Model 3 and Uber on that. Compared with Hertz, which would have cost you $500 per week, the leased option will cost you about $500 per month. 

However, if you can’t have it financed and leasing is not an option and your goal is to Uber only for a short time, then Hertz would be a good choice as there is no downpayment involved. 


Do you get a good tip from Ubering on Tesla Model 3?

Usually, yes, you do get a better tip from customers who ride your Tesla Model 3. 

It’s a new experience for most people. As they sit in your vehicle, they would ask a bunch of questions while being amazed by the latest technologies in your Tesla. 

And in the end, after having some great conservations full of awe, you will end up being tipped more as opposed to when you Uber with your regular Corolla, for instance. 

Andy Slye has shown in one of his videos how awesome it is for people to experience an Uber on a Tesla Model 3, and their awe would lead them to give you a better tip than any other generic gas vehicle. 

Does Ubering on Tesla Model 3 void the warranty?

No, it doesn’t. Ubering on Tesla Model 3 does not void the warranty. You can Uber to your heart’s content, and the warranty will remain intact. 

However, if you do Uber a lot, chances are, the warranty period or the number of miles would exceed the limit set by Tesla (8 years or 100,000 miles) — and you won’t have any more warranty. 

What is Tesla Model 3’s Uber category?

You will start at UberX, and once you have accumulated 150 rides with a rating of 4.85 on average overall, you will be qualified for Uber Select. 

In other words, you will be able to run your Model 3 on Uber Comfort or Uber Premier. 

If your Model 3 is all black, you might as well be qualified for Uber Black. 

How do you deal with drunk customers on Uber?

For starters, you can have some accessories to help you fetch better tips and avoid the mess (explained above).

However, if they happen to make a mess while sitting in the back, that would be an extra cost for cleaning, and the only way to get rid of the smell is by a trip to a detailing service. You can’t take any other ride unless the cleaning has been done thoroughly. 

What you can do is tap the “Help” section on your Uber app and select “Trip issues and adjustments.” 

Then select “Issue with a rider,” which will let you choose the option “A rider made a mess in my vehicle,” and voila, you can submit a “cleaning fee request.”

Also, you can refuse them the ride, which is the go-to choice for most Uber drivers. 

Canceling the ride will not affect your rating as there won’t be any feedback requests to begin with. 

However, for Uber Black, you might have to tolerate some alcohol consumption by the rider during the ride — but in a few states only. 

The states where it’s not illegal to drink in an Uber Black are as follows:

How is the Tesla Model 3 for Uber?

Reviews regarding the Tesla Model 3 being used for Uber are quite positive. Most people have sung praises for how good it is. 

A Reddit user said that his monthly electricity bill only went up $40, and his Tesla insurance is low compared with ICE insurance. 

The 45 minutes spent on a Supercharger can also charge you up while you grab a bite, take a restroom break, and go for a walk. 

Overall, the Ubering experience on a Tesla Model 3 is great, and you might see most Uber drivers shifting to Tesla in the near future. 

However, this is the golden time to have a Tesla Model 3 on Uber, as you can earn much more than using other gas vehicles. 

Plus, you get better tips, which I have gone into detail about above. 

Using Tesla Model 3 for Uber in the UK

Ubering on a Tesla Model 3 in the UK is like Ubering in any other country. 

Is it any good you may ask? 

Well, it’s actually the perfect Ubering vehicle that you can get. 

The return on investment is something to droop for. You can get a Tesla Model 3 financed with zero interest and a monthly payment of about £500, which is a good value. 

Final Thoughts

Ubering on a Tesla Model 3 is not that bad, and you can use it for Uber Select, Uber Comfort, and Uber Premier as long as you have good ratings and are an active UberX partner with at least 150 trips.

If you can’t afford the downpayment for a Model 3, you have Hertz, which offers it for rent, so you can use it for Ubering without worrying about anything else. 

The extra tips you can get on a Tesla Model 3 are lucrative. 

With Uber Comfort or Premier, you can also earn extra by giving executive rides.

The electricity cost is minimal, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance as much. 
The only major thing you would worry about are the tires, for which you can refer to my other article on how to get the maximum life out of your Tesla Model 3 tires.

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