5 Crazy Handy Tesla Tips & Tricks Few People Know About

#1: The Easiest Way to Introduce a Map Destination

Ever wanted to introduce a location from your phone to your Tesla touchscreen?

After all, typing out on the touchscreen isn’t as straightforward.

So whether it’s because your relative shared a place to meet soon or you found an interesting restaurant to visit,

There’s a simple yet little-known way to share such a location directly to Tesla’s navigation app.

Here’s how:

By doing this, the location in question will be sent to your Tesla so you don’t have to manually introduce it.

Try it. You’ll never introduce destinations the same way again!

#2: Prioritizing a Phone When Multiple Approach The Car

As you probably know, you can use your phone as your car key. And by syncing your driver profile with your phone, your unique preferences will be there by the time you enter the car. (Seat positioning, settings, etc.)

But what if you share your car with someone else at home – spouse, kids, or other relatives?

If so, you may be familiar with the challenge of both of you approaching the car at the same time…

Assuming you both have your phones connected to the car, the car won’t know who will drive. So it may select either profile.

To prevent this, you need to set up a priority device. That way, if you’re the one usually driving, it’ll pick up your phone first.

Here’s how you can set this up:

#3: Enjoying a Quieter Ride

If you’ve ever driven with your kids sleeping on the back during a long trip – or otherwise wanted to have the quietest ride possible…

You realize all the default warnings and chimes from Tesla are an impediment.

To lower the volume of Tesla’s various warning sounds (except the most serious ones), you can enable Joe Mode.

The reason this is called Joe Mode is a fun story, actually.

Someone named Joe tweeted about his desire for the feature. Elon granted this and named it after him…

In any case, this setting is available under Controls > Safety > Joe Mode.

Make sure you enable it during your next trip. You’ll be grateful you did!

#4: Tesla’s Quick Controls (and the “Invisible” 5th Icon)

In your Tesla mobile app, by default, you have the ability to select 4 features for easy access.

This quick controls area appears as soon as you land on the app – and you may already know about this.

What you may NOT know is which options are best to set (and how to expand the controls to include 5 apps instead).

Here’s the answer to those questions:

Although there are different personal preferences, these are the 5 controls I’ve seen used more often:

  1. Lock/Unlock
  2. Climate Controls On/Off 
  3. Open/Close Charging Port
  4. Open Frunk (or Open Trunk depending on which one you use more often)
  5. Defrost Car (particularly useful for this coming winter!)

“But how do I add a 5th option?” you may be wondering.

Well, there are multiple opinions as to how this is done…

For example, YouTuber Mother Frunker suggests dragging and dropping the 5th icon into the last (4th) icon of the dock repetitively until it works.

Although if you look closely, his last attempt was NOT on the last icon but right next to it.

So I’d argue is more about trying to release the 5th icon on a specific spot

Experiment with where you drop the 5th icon and you’ll get it after a bit. The additional icon will come in very handy — so try this out!

#5: This Weird Feature Could Save You Hundreds

Did you know Tesla service charges $525 to replace one side-view mirror?

The stories of people bumping into their side view mirrors in their garage are plentiful, unfortunately… 😢

This is a situation you can (hopefully) avoid by setting up the auto-folding mirrors feature.

It’s very easy to do:

The button will go from gray to blue and change its label from “Save Location” to “Location Saved.”

That’s pretty much it! 

The car will remember your current location and fold the mirrors every time you reach about a 10-foot radius around that location.

This is a great option for people who have a tight garage or have to fit several cars with little leeway. Simply set it up a few feet away from your driveway to avoid bumping into your mirrors!