7 Reasons Why Tesla Model 3 Is So Damn Popular

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 01/13/23 •  6 min read

Tesla delivered over 325,200 units of the Model 3 and the Model Y in Q3 of 2022. 

Credit to Statista

Contrary to the critics’ thinking, the Tesla Model 3’s demand is getting higher and higher, and we can only wonder why! 

In a bid to unravel this mystery, I went into the depths of the internet to pinpoint the exact reasons why the Tesla Model 3 is so popular. Luckily, I found enough. 

As fans and critics, let’s analyze each one separately. 

Reason #1: Instantly Recognizable

“The first impression is the last impression,” and Tesla seems to take this more seriously than any other car manufacturer out there. 

Typically, you’ll recognize a car by its logo, but Tesla has taken the bar to the next level with its sleek and futuristic body design that makes it stand out in a pool of cars.

This makes you somebody from nobody, and that’s what most people want.

Reason #2: Competitive Price

Price is a key factor in Tesla’s popularity because the company has always delivered premium vehicles at a reasonable cost. 

For instance, the 2023 Tesla Model 3 base variant costs US$43,990 and undercuts its competitive rivals like the Kia EV6 (US$50,025), the Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 (AU$78,513), and the BMW i4 eDrive40 (US$56,895) as of this writing. 

Reason #3: Efficiency

Electric vehicles are meant to be efficient, but Tesla is something more than that with its best range and performance stats. 

The company claims 491 km of range with 114 Wh/Km of efficient consumption with a single motor for the Tesla Model 3, which competes with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric that consumes 200 Wh/Km on average. 

Furthermore, the annual cost of charging a Tesla Model 3 is around $500, which is the lowest cost for any electric vehicle to date.

Another thing to consider while talking about Tesla’s efficiency is its lithium-ion-phosphate battery, which can always be charged to 100% without degradation effects and is cobalt free, making it environment-friendly. 

This YouTube video from Engineering Explained dove deep into the subject matter and gave conclusive remarks:

Efficient it is!

Reason #4: Outstanding Tesla Supercharging Network

Charging stations aren’t as abundant as gas stations. Plus it takes more time to charge an EV than to fuel a car. 

This has been a major reason for hindering the purchase of EVs, but Tesla came as a pioneer to fill the void with its outstanding supercharging network.

As of 2022, Tesla has over 1,200 supercharging stations, including fast chargers all over the United States, allowing its users to freely roam without worrying about running out of power. 

Furthermore, Tesla is planning to grow that network to 1,700 supercharging stations by 2025, which will have a huge impact on its sales. 

In addition, Tesla owners don’t need to activate the supercharger through the app because of its plug-and-charge technology, which makes it simple and easy to charge a Tesla. 

Watch this YouTube video by Alex Sibila to see how basic it is:

Just like that! 

Reason #5: Depreciation

One of the most concerning questions while purchasing a vehicle is “Will it hold its value?”

This concern grows particularly when you’re buying an electric vehicle because electric technology tends to change faster, resulting in faster depreciation. 

However, Tesla seems to break the norms by depreciating at a slower rate than its competitors, which makes it a popular choice among car owners.

Let’s look at some stats.

Vehicle Depreciation over 3 years
Tesla Model 310.2%
BMW i360.4%
Kia Soul EV58.7%
Hyundai IONIQ Electric 47.7%

In addition, the Model 3’s price drops from $48,000 to $46,000 in one year, which is literally nothing compared to the price drop of the BMW 7 Series from $109,000 to $61,000 over the same period, according to AARP

This may be good news for those who’re buying a new Tesla, but for those who intend to purchase a used Tesla EV, it’s kind of sad. 

Reason #6: Great Family Car 

Tesla has multiple attributes that make it an excellent family car, and most people who own Tesla actually use it to satisfy their day-to-day family needs. 

With their capacity to seat five to seven people, Tesla’s EVs also have a huge storage space, allowing you to pile up almost anything in it, including large suitcases and small bicycles.

The next thing is security. Tesla drivers are 50% less likely to crash according to CMT’s findings, making it the safest car to drive on the planet.

In addition, they have multiple family-oriented security features, such as child lock to prevent children from accidentally opening the doors and Dog Mode to let your pet sit comfortably in an optimum climate condition. 

Another thing that I personally like about Tesla is its Camp Mode, which allows you to spend quality time on a starry night with your loved ones.

All of these make Tesla ideal for family use. So yeah! Overall, it is a family car. 

Reason #7: Elon Musk Himself

Like him or don’t like him, Elon Musk has all the credit for making Tesla successful, and if you don’t believe me, just observe the patterns. 

Every new project that Musk starts is linked back to Tesla. For instance, he’s been drilling tunnels in large cities to eradicate congestion problems, but his own emission-free vehicles will take the best advantage of these tunnels.

Furthermore, Elon has become one of the most influential figures on the planet for many things, and the fact that he has an association with this company also has a huge impact on its popularity.

Tesla has been around for many years, with a vision to build sustainable vehicles, and over time it has gained popularity among common people.

There are many reasons why Tesla is the best automobile manufacturer of the present times, and I’ve discussed the major ones in this article.

As the company is leading the way into the future of sustainable mobility, there’s no doubt that it will continue to be the most popular car brand for years to come.

Muhammad Hassan

Engineer by trade and writer by passion, Hassan is an automotive enthusiast who thinks EVs are the future. At TTU, he discusses the coolest features and products Model 3 owners look for -- so they can better experience their cars. In his free time, he enjoys tea, reading, and listening to podcasts.