Does Tesla Model 3 Have Air Suspension?

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Does the Tesla Model 3 have air suspension? A question that tickles the interest of every Tesla fan on the planet!

A one-liner response to this query is “No, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with air suspension.” But why is it so? What Teslas come with this feature? Are there any worthwhile aftermarket upgrades available?

After combing through every Tesla forum and community blog, I give you this article that details the Tesla Model 3 suspension system from head to toe, answers all your questions, and recommends air suspension upgrades that are genuinely worth it!

So without any further ado, let’s hop into it.

Why Does the Tesla Model 3/Y Not Have Air Suspension?

Air suspension is a trending feature in most luxury cars, kudos to the buttery smooth driving experience it provides to drivers.

But Tesla had a quite different idea with the Model 3’s design — instead of equipping it with an OEM air suspension, they opted for coil springs to absorb shocks and bumps and provide you with a smooth ride. 

Here are a couple of reasons that truly justify the absence of an air suspension system in the Tesla Model 3/Y:

And it’s because of these reasons that Tesla has consistently ignored this feature in the production of its affordable EVs.

Will Tesla Model 3/Y Get This Feature Ever?

Well, this is a question one can’t answer with utmost certainty. Surely a matter of ifs and buts…

Rumors, rumors, rumors… But nothing pans out in production. The same is the case with the availability of an air suspension system in the Tesla Model 3/Y.

There had been quite a debate during COVID days, but things got dead when Elon came into the action.

Back in February 2020, in response to Teslarati’s tweet claiming that air suspension was seen in the Model 3’s official parts catalog, Elon Musk flatly refuted the likelihood of air suspension in the Model 3.

There have been plenty of rumors surfacing on multiple Tesla blogs and forums regarding an adjustable suspension update in both the Model 3 and Y; however, nothing concrete has been seen on this subject matter as well.

Thus, we don’t know what Tesla’s future plans actually are regarding the Model 3 suspension system. However, Tesla’s consistency with the dope stuff makes me feel quite optimistic that we’ll get this breaking news anytime soon. 

What Teslas Have Air Suspension?

Smart air suspensions are a premium feature of luxury cars. Then why would Tesla miss it? As it turns out, Tesla didn’t miss it. Rather, this exclusive feature was included in Tesla’s flagship EVs such as the Model S and Model X.

The smart air suspension system enables drivers to adjust their car’s height per the mode of traveling and geography of the vicinity they are in, allowing its users to customize their ride just the way they feel comfortable. 

According to Tesla, the availability of this feature while driving on a steep driveway or traversing slippery roads certainly adds millions to its value.

Suspension adjustments can be accessed in the Controls section of settings on the Model S and Model X. 

The Suspension section displays all features of the suspension system in a really elaborate manner, such as ride height, compression, rebound, and body acceleration — a driver can modify almost anything with just a few taps on the screen in real time while driving.

A Brief Overview of the Tesla Model 3 Suspension

Tesla had a quite different idea with the Model 3’s design. Instead of equipping it with an OEM air suspension, they opted for coil springs to absorb shocks and bumps and provide you with a smooth ride. 

Autocar, one of the most prominent automotive publications in the UK, discussed the nitty-gritty of the Tesla Model 3’s suspension system with Tesla engineers to get a more in-depth insight into the Model 3’s design phase. 

They talked about everything Tesla, from the tires and steering to the drivetrain, but the exclusive design methodology adopted by Tesla for the Model 3’s suspension certainly was the main highlight.

When fate demanded the fine-tuning of the Model 3’s suspension settings, Tesla leaned on findings from NASA for directions.

With the cooperation of the Californian firm, Tesla engineers had a deep insight into NASA’s research regarding the limitations of human capabilities, which included findings on how long humans can endure a specific frequency without feeling discomfort.

The vertical frequency (in hertz) with which the suspension travels influences not only comfort but also the way your car is feeling while driving. 

This frequency tells if your journey will be relaxing and serene or stressful and exhausting as hell — that, for conventional cars, ranges from 1.0 Hz to 3.0 Hz, per Tesla.

However, for your Model 3, Tesla engineers picked a vertical frequency for the suspension system that was closest to a brisk stroll or leisure running. 

This aided Tesla engineers in developing a chassis structure that not only is comfortable and sporty but also complements Tesla’s exceptional powertrain.

>> To get a deeper insight into the Tesla Model 3’s suspensions, head over to our illustrious guide on how to get the best out of the Model 3 suspensions

Best Aftermarket Air Suspension Upgrades for Tesla Model 3

Supreme Quality Aftermarket Air Suspension Upgrade:

Air Lift Performance Air Suspension for Tesla Model 3/Y 

This is what you get in this air suspension upgrade:

Air Lift has been a leader in the air suspension arena and holds a legacy of more than 70 years. Exclusive perks like a one-year warranty, customer service, and technical support in the installation process certainly add to the credibility of the product.

This upgrade also includes:

Here’s an elaborate review of Air Lift air suspension by the i1Tesla YouTube channel after a full-fledged experience on the Model Y:

It seems no major modifications are required!

If you are into superior-quality upgrades and can’t compromise on the workability of the products at the expense of getting $$$$ out of your pocket, this is something made for you!

Economic Aftermarket Air Suspension Upgrade:

Universal Air Suspension Kit – Tesla Model 3/Model Y 

Another top brand in the air suspension market, the Universal Air suspension kit includes every fundamental requirement to bag your Model 3/Y and is suitable for all Model 3 variants from 2018 and so on.

Every kit is designed particularly for different types of chassis and is rigorously tested. Feel at ease with getting this upgrade as it comes with every prerequisite checked to elevate your riding experience to the next level! 

Some key features of this air suspension kit are:

Another important highlight of this upgrade is that you’d require no modification in this upgrade. All you need is to get the air suspension system and get it installed right away.

If you want good-quality air suspensions without spending a large amount of your bank balance, you should get these without any hesitation!

Air Lift and UAS both offer quality air suspension. You will need to combine it with the management of your choice. The 3P management is pressure controlled, and the 3H is pressure/height controlled. I would highly recommend doing a dual compressor setup and upgrading to 3/8” manifold/lines.”


Final Thoughts: Does Tesla Model 3 Have Air Suspension?

To summarize, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have air suspension. No, Tesla has no plans to include this premium feature in the Model 3/Y anytime soon. Yes, you can install aftermarket upgrades to enjoy the perks of air suspension in your Model 3.

It’s critical to understand what should be done and what to avoid when it comes to the Model 3 suspension upgrade though.

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about the Tesla Model 3 suspension and makes recommendations on how to begin with the upgrade procedure.

A Friendly Suggestion!

Don’t try to do this yourself; it isn’t a DIY upgrade! Instead, get the change done by an expert technician. Any error might result in inevitable problems that may result in long-term damage to your beloved Tesla.

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