How to Open Tesla Model 3/Y Glove Box: 3 Methods + Troubleshooting Tips 

By Nicki Schill •  Updated: 07/31/22 •  6 min read

With so many shiny new things inside your new Tesla, it can be easy to overlook some of the standard features and accessories that you come to expect in any vehicle.

Often forgotten, the glove box inside the Tesla is a bit different from the ones you’re used to. Most notably, there’s no handle or latch on the glove box to pop it open.

Always taking security to the next level, Tesla wanted you to feel confident leaving important papers or valuables in your glove box. 

But if you get in and find yourself stumped on how to open it, you’re not alone.

There are actually a few ways to get it open and we’ll walk you through how to do it and what to do if something goes wrong.

We’ll refer to the Model 3 primarily, but given their similarity, the advice in this article will also apply for Model Y owners.

3 Easy Ways to Open Your Model 3’s Glove Box

There’s not one, not two, but three ways to get into your Model 3’s glove box:

1. Voice Instructions

Say goodbye to the unsightly handle you’re used to in other vehicles and instead simply talk your glove box open.

Here’s how you can use voice instructions in your Model 3 to open the glove box:

Step 1

Find the voice activation button mounted on your steering wheel and press and hold it.

Step 2

Say “open glove box.” 

Step 3

A message pops up on the screen letting you know that the glove box is opening.

Voila! The glove box is open, with its lights turned on.

You may have set up a glove box PIN (discussed below), and if that’s the case, you’ll need to enter it on the screen before it will open.

Feeling a bit hoarse? No worries, you can also open the glove box from the screen.

2. Using the Touchscreen

Tapping your way through the screen is another easy way to get your glove box opened.

Here’s how:

Step 1

From the main screen, tap on the car icon. 

Step 2

From the Quick Controls menu, find the icon that looks like an open glove box (Hint: It should also say beneath it “Open GloveBox”).

Then you’ll also need to enter your PIN if you’ve set one up.

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If the voice or touch options are too techy for you or you’ve run into a glitch, there’s also an old-school, manual way to open the glove box.

3. Manual release

This last method is a bit more complicated and might seem like you’re breaking into your glove box as opposed to just opening it. 

To manually open your glove box:

Step 1

Open the passenger door and pop off the side panel of your glove box. It’s only held on by a couple of clips, so it’s not that hard to take it off.

Step 2

Grab a tool with a hook or an Allen key.

Step 3

Insert about an inch of the hook into the far-left hole to release the latch.

Here’s a handy quick video tutorial on how to do this safely.

Straight to the point and no fluff!

Setting Up a Glove Box PIN

Using your glove box is up to you, but for those who want to place anything of importance in there, you’ll want to consider setting up a glove box PIN. That way, only people who know your PIN can access it.

The glove box isn’t exactly a safe, but from time to time, you may store something valuable in there, so it’s best to have it stored securely.


To set a PIN number, go to the Quick Controls menu > Safety & Security > Glove Box PIN. Simply follow the instructions from there to set your PIN number.

Just like any other app or service that requires a PIN, don’t worry if you happen to forget it. You can always log in to your Tesla account to reset it.

At the bottom of the glove box PIN screen, you can reset yours in a pinch. Here’s a video walking you through the whole glove box PIN process.

For those extra paranoid about setting up a PIN and thinking that sleuths can decipher it by looking at your fingerprint pattern on the screen, fear no more.

The window where you enter the PIN is programmed to come up in random places across the screen to prevent fingerprints from remaining in the same place each time.

Tesla really does take security to another level.

What to Do if Your Glove Box Is Malfunctioning

Just like any other tech feature in the Tesla, you may hit a snag getting it to open, especially with the voice and touchscreen options. 

Here are a few helpful tips to troubleshoot potential issues with the glove box not opening:

1. Verify that Valet Mode Isn’t Turned On

This locks up the glove box, along with a number of other features in the Tesla.

2. Install the Latest Software Update

Just like your cell phone, sometimes the latest software updates will fix a number of bugs that could be keeping your glove box closed, particularly voice command. Staying on top of the latest and greatest software is just a good habit to get into with your Tesla. It will allow you to take advantage of new features as they get rolled out.

3. Reboot Your Tesla

Again, resetting your Tesla can help address any lingering issues with the touch screen that might be preventing you from opening the glove box. A soft reboot might just do the trick.

4. When Voice Command or the Touchscreen Aren’t Options, Try the Manual Route

Always a safe bet, the manual option to get your glove box open doesn’t rely on any technology so bugs aren’t an issue. 

Final Thoughts

Electric vehicles and their glove boxes have come a long way. And while it might feel odd to tell your glove box to open, it’s kind of cool to play your version of “Open Sesame” in your Tesla.

Don’t worry if things go awry either ⁠— we’ve got you covered with troubleshooting tips on top of a handy manual option for getting in there.

Also, thankfully, there’s no software or technology required to close the glove box. Simply nudge it shut. 

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