Nikola Pro Review: Read Tesla Owners’ Thoughts Before Spending Your Money

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 11/11/21 •  6 min read

This is my impartial take on the Nikola Pro chrome delete for Tesla Model 3 owners.

After scrutinizing 50+ community comments, scores of picture examples, and several YouTube reviews, I can safely say that this chrome delete kit has an impressive fan following.

Bought it, tested it, loved it… 

This rightly sums up the whole community experience. 

Nikola Pro is arguably THE best choice among the top chrome delete kit choices for the Model 3.

With pre-cut material, tools, and instructions to make your installation seamless, you just can’t go wrong with Nikola Pro.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing about the Nikola Pro chrome delete kit in this article:

Let’s hop into it!

Product Overview

Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit

Nikola Pro’s kit includes:

  1. 1 full chrome delete kit (Tesla logos, door handles, window trims, side camera, and side mirrors)
  2. A duplicate set
  3. 2 squeegees
  4. 1 heat gun

Nikola Pro offers a quality chrome delete kit for the Model 3 that, according to the Tesla community, is the best in the market.

If that shiny silvery metal annoys you, this product is what you need to invest in. It’ll elevate the aesthetics of your car while getting rid of that annoying chrome.

Here’s a before-and-after look:

Credit to Evan Michiels

It looks good! Innit?

There are other chrome delete kits (and I discussed them in this ultimate chrome delete guide). But out of all the available options, Nikola Pro is the only one that offers more for less (considering the tools and the heat gun, no other brand offers all this).

Having said that, let’s dive into more details of this product as I promised earlier.

Nikola Pro’s Aesthetics on the Tesla Model 3

Let’s start with looks. Here are some of the picture examples shared by the community:

Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit
Credit to Steve Herrmann – Nikola Pro
Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit
Credit to Damon Fox – Nikola Pro
Credit to GorillaToyz – Nikola Pro
Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit
Credit to Mai Miller – Nikola Pro

These are some badass looks, right?

I went through at least 50+ comments from the Tesla community, and owners highly praised the quality of the product.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t perfect.

Ease of Installation: Is Seeking Professional Assistance Necessary?

Many people wonder if the Nikola Pro chrome delete kit is hard to install.


There are two groups of people: amateurs and those somewhat experienced.

A handful of amateur owners tried installing this product and ended up spending 3 hours before giving up.

Others, over multiple days, spent anywhere between 4 to 8 hours installing this kit to figure this one out.

Somewhat experienced owners, however, got it done successfully in under 3 to 4 hours.

Should you seek professional assistance? It’s up to you. I’d personally give it a try.

Especially with the following detailed installation video from Nikola Pro, it’ll just take a little bit of a can-do attitude to get the job done.

They make it look so easy (spoiler alert: it isn’t).

Overall Customer Experience

The following great reviews from the Tesla community perfectly sum up the community’s experience with this kit as a whole:

+1 for Nikola Pro. Great customer service. Had a request and Stephen responded immediately via email. Fast shipping. And the pre-segmented backing paper really helped with the install.


Nikola Pro and No Regrets! Was shipped fast and Customer Service has an Aim To Please attitude. Went with the Satin…Just remember to STAY OUT OF THE SUN when installing and DO NOT PULL ON THE VINYL and you should be fine.

Bluefin V

Also, OP. Another vote for Nikola Pro. Great product and support, plus the way they cut the backing paper make install really easy.


As you can see, not only is the product quality but the outstanding customer service is rare among competitors fanatic about cutting costs.

Third-Party Thoughts

There are several reviews online about Nikola Pro’s chrome delete kit but these YouTubers did the best job out of all the reviews I watched.

If the company’s instruction aren’t enough for you, you’d benefit tremendously from the additional instructions and tips in these videos.

Installation starts @ 0:54
Jump to @ 1:12 to hear him sharing valuable DIY tips and tricks

Price & Where to Buy

Nikola Pro offers their Modele 3 chrome delete kit through Amazon — and their price is very competitive, especially considering they include tools others do not. 

There are 3 variations available: gloss black, satin black, and matte black. The price for each is the same as of this writing.

You can also buy it directly from the Nikola Pro website. In addition to the whole kit, they sell backing paper for each individual section too (in case you want to start by trying it for one section first). 

Product Warranty

Nikola Pro offers a 90-day warranty for any issues or defects starting from the date of delivery.

According to the community’s experience, the customer support guys at Nikola Pro are extremely cooperative and do replace (or refund) your order even if you were the one who messed up or decided to give up.

Alternative Chrome Delete Kits to Consider

Easier to Install: TESBROS

The TESBROS chrome delete kit is relatively easier to install. The quality is as good as Nikola Pro; however, they don’t include a heat gun in their package, making it an expensive offer as you’ll have to buy the heat gun elsewhere.

Final Thoughts: Nikola Pro Chrome Delete Kit for the Model 3

Overall, Nikola Pro offers the chrome delete kit that the Tesla community recommends the most and that YouTubers rave about.

They’re one of the pioneer brands that offered this product in the early Model 3 days, and today, they benefit from that long track record of quality.

It’s not the best in the ease-of-installation category though, but this kit has many more pros than cons.

If you want a quality product with incredible aesthetics that will last for years, Nikola Pro is the way to go. 

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