Best Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit: Cost, Before/After Pictures, & More

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/10/22 •  10 min read

Local shops quote you $500-1,000+ to chrome delete your Model 3.

Ghost them and forget about working with them.

Save the money by learning about the best Tesla Model 3 chrome delete kits available, their cost, and how you can them install yourself.

What’s a Chrome Delete Kit?

Tesla Model 3 vehicles built before the mid-2020 refresh have visible chrome (metal with a silvery color) in their window trims, side mirrors, side camera cover, and door handles.

Black Tesla Model 3 with visible chrome
See the window trims and door handles? That’s chrome.

For aesthetic purposes, many owners opt for deleting — that is, using vinyl wrap to hide — such chrome trims.

Hence the “chrome delete” name.

Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 (2021 and beyond) has no visible chrome from the factory as many owners prefer this look.

Tesla Model 3 chrome delete kit by default

Those with older models have opted for aftermarket chrome delete kits to do this modification.

Here are two examples of Tesla owners who posted before and after pictures online:

Tesla Model 3 chrome delete (Before and After)
White Tesla Model 3 chrome delete (Before and After). Credit to alexjavila0
Chrome delete on a black Tesla Model 3. Credit to TANGO SUKKA.

Many argue the upgrade looks subpar on a black model — but most people LOVE the improved looks of all other colors.

How Much Does a Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Cost?

In descending order (from most to least expensive),

Local shops may quote $500-1,000+ to chrome delete your Model 3.

Do-it-yourself, pre-cut kits are usually around the $100 to $200 mark.

And uncut vinyl wrap kits (coupled with a good heat gun and razor blade) should cost you less than $100.

In the absence of a heat gun, a powerful hairdryer may prove enough to stretch the vinyl prior to installation.

As you go down in price, the more personal time and effort it’ll take to chrome delete your Tesla properly.

How Long do Vinyl Wraps Last?

Temperature, sun exposure, and how often you wash your car will impact your vinyl wrap’s life expectancy.

Generally speaking, though, high-quality vinyl from established brands like 3M should last 5 years before showing signs of deterioration.

Under favorable conditions, 7+ years is achievable.

Can I Install a Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit Myself?

Let’s not sugarcoat this… shops charge you good money for a reason:

Installing vinyl wraps is hard — even the tiny pieces that comprise a chrome delete kit.

For inexperienced and experienced DIYers alike, patience will be required.

You’ll need a steady hand to install a pre-cut Tesla Model 3 chrome delete kit. It could take you as much as 5 to 7+ hours of work.

Uncut wraps may not require the greatest precision but introduce cutting time to the equation.

Any way around it, expect several hours of work (potentially spread over a day or two) to install a chrome delete kit properly.

Thankfully, you’ll find the best installation tips we were able to gather at the bottom of this article.

Best Overall (Pre-Cut): Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit

Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit by Nikola Pro.


Not to discourage you from buying this product…

But a “handy” customer tried installing this product and ended up spending 3 hours before giving up.

Others, over multiple days, spent anywhere between 4 to 8 hours (!) to install this kit successfully.

Still, this brand has proven to satisfy Model 3 owners who have been wanting to chrome delete their vehicle for a reasonable price.

The product comes with incredibly detailed installation videos —

Spoiler alert: it looks way easier than it actually is.

Better yet, the brand provides incredible customer service, often replacing or refunding your order if you mess up or decide to give up.

With all the installation instructions and tools you need included — plus a 6-year guarantee –,

It’s no surprise that over 315+ buyers have rated this product favorably (to the tune of 4.7 stars out of 5 on average).

This is a solution proven to work for Model 3 owners wanting the unique look a chrome delete kit provides.


Fits: Model 3 2016-2020

✅ 2 full kits with one purchase

✅ Very reasonable price

✅ Detailed installation instructions

✅ Comes with heat gun and 2 squeegees

✅ Outstanding customer service


❌ Takes patience and precision to install. Little leeway for error.

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit (Pre-Cut): TESBROS

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit by TESBROS.


Tesbros introduced this Tesla Model 3 chrome delete kit to market in 2019.

To compete against Nikola Pro, the kit also comes with a mistake-proof duplicate set of vinyl — and the price tag is equally reasonable.

However, the product doesn’t include a heat gun.

The brand admits that customers will be better off with a heat gun from a trusted brand — rather than the generic tools other brands include to make you feel like you’re getting a lot for your money.

There’s some validity in that argument but it sounds like an excuse for higher profit margins.

I’d take the generic heat gun — especially if I’m only using it once.

If you happen to have a heat gun — or a powerful hairdryer — already, then don’t sweat it. Either option works.

This product falls behind because Nikola Pro includes a heat gun and has more time in the market.

However, Tesbros’ chrome delete kit is available in matte, glossy, and satin finish,

And customers seem to have an easier time installing this set.

Whether that’s due to savvier customers or more leeway in their cut remains to be seen.

Either way, some customers agree that a generic vinyl wrap would have been easier — even considering that cutting would be required.

If an uncut kit is the alternative you want to test first (which admittedly is even cheaper), read on.


Fits: Model 3 2016-2020

✅ 2 full kits with one purchase

✅ Very reasonable price

✅ Detailed installation instructions

✅ Comes with heat gun and 2 squeegees

✅ Outstanding customer service


❌ Takes patience and precision to install. Little leeway for error.

❌ Doesn’t come with a heat gun

Premium Pick (Pre-Cut): Unplugged Performance

Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit by Unplugged Performance

UPDATE: Unplugged Performance seems to have pulled the product out of the market.

If you’re here to save money, feel free to skip this product.

Here are its main distinctions:

#1: The kit is available in any color you want.

This is fantastic for the Model 3 owner who wants to color match his chrome.

The Unplugged Performance team has proven they can color match their accessories to near perfection.

Unplugged Performance’s color-match side skirts. Credit to TwoK4drSi.

#2: The brand guarantees a defect-free delivery

Installation results are not guaranteed, but the brand ensures you’ll receive a perfect product that fits and doesn’t fade in the sun.

If those benefits compel you to fork over the equivalent of what a local shop would charge, then by all means — go for it!

But since black is the most common chrome delete (and most Model 3 owners are looking to save some money), let’s move on.

Chrome Delete Kit On a Budget (Uncut): Gold Label Detailing

At an extremely reasonable price, Gold Label Detailing offers a universal 3M vinyl wrap in 2″ wide, various lengths, and multiple finishes.

Whether you like satin, matte, or glossy finishes, there’s an option for you.

Two inches wide by 50 feet long is enough for every piece of Tesla Model 3 exterior chrome (with leeway for mistakes).

Think of this kit as a black vinyl wrap “toilet paper” with a squeegee and a razor blade.

You’ll need to apply the vinyl wrap and cut to measure, which may add more effort — while also risking damage to your chrome (or your paint).

On the flip side, however, with more room for error, you may have an easier time blacking out your Tesla’s chrome.

Also, as a universal alternative, you could use it for Model 3’s interior — or any vehicle’s chrome for that matter.

Expect no instructions from this vendor, though.

This kit is a very affordable choice, but it’s ideal for handy Tesla owners and experienced DIYers.

If that’s not you but you decide to go this route anyway, YouTube will be your best friend:

CK Wraps chrome deletes a Mercedes in 30 minutes.


Fits: Universal

✅ Extremely reasonable price

✅ Universal. Can be used in virtually any vehicle.

✅ Customizable

✅ More leeway for error


❌ Need to cut to measure, risking chrome or paint damage.

❌ A small number of customers report not receiving tools

Other Tools and Products to Consider: 

To get the job done, you may need additional tools.

Some folks would also prefer to chrome delete individual pieces (e.g. door handles or Tesla emblems).

We bring you those alternative products at a glance in case you’re interested:

Best Value Heat Gun: SEEKONE

Quality head gun by SEEKONE

✅ #1 Best Seller on the Heat Guns category
✅ 50 – 650 °C (120 – 1200 °F) temperature control.
✅ Useful for many heating purposes — including installing vinyl wraps, car bumper restoration, removing paint or floor tiles, softening adhesive, bending plastic or thin metal, and more.
✅ 95% of reviewers rated this heat gun favorably.
❌ Heat gun may take some time to reach the desired temperature
❌ Plastic body may deteriorate fast under higher operating temperatures

Tesla Model 3 Logo Decals: Custom Cut Graphics Logo Decals

✅ Easy to install (in minutes)
✅ Decals cover exterior and interior logos: side cameras, front logo, trunk logo, steering wheel and all 4 wheel center cap.
✅ An extra side mirror and wheel center cap decal
✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wrap
✅ 90-day warranty and free replacements
❌ Exterior logo decals may crack and peel prematurely after multiple car washes
❌ May not fit refreshed Model 3 (which has a slightly bigger hood and trunk logos, as well as no side camera logos).

See more choices »

Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit: Full-Coverage Custom Cut Graphics

Tesla Model 3 door handle wrap kit by Custom Cut Graphicis.

✅ No visible gaps on the edges
✅ Easy to install
✅ 3M automotive-grade with 8-year warranty
✅ Includes 6 pieces (2 as extras)
✅ 90-day warranty & free replacements
❌ May not provide a perfect color match. Particularly true for non-neutral colors like blue or red.

See more choices »

Final Installation Tips

Whether you’re installing separate pieces or an entire Tesla Model 3 chrome delete kit, keep the following in mind:

All in all, every alternative described on this list is worth the money depending on your circumstances.

Your final choice will depend on the look you’re looking for, the effort you’re willing to put in, and your budget.

Nikola Pro offers the best of both worlds with a heat gun and pre-cut vinyl wraps — so we still stand behind that recommendation.

But be ready to take some time and effort to install them properly.

In the end, though, as one of their customers commented, “It’s a no-brainer if it’s a look you’ve been wanting.”

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