5 Best Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Inserts To Fit Your Favorite Beverages

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 07/30/21 •  9 min read

Spilled coffee, soda cans rattling as you drive, water bottles that don’t fit…

Regardless of why you’re looking for a Tesla Model 3 cupholder insert, this article lists out the best products for your needs.

After scrutinizing 200+ reviews and reading through half a dozen Reddit & forum threads,

I was able to pinpoint the 5 cupholder inserts Tesla owners most recommend — and the ones you’ll want to consider first.

I’ll also discuss the simpler, less-intrusive stabilizers and liners as alternative options — and who should consider these in the first place.

3 Reasons to Consider a Cupholder Insert

We LOVE coffee, soda, and all sorts of beverages.

Surprisingly, none of those standard cups, cans, or bottles fit in the Model 3 cup holders.


Tesla Raj puts it best when he discusses why he thinks Tesla has done this intentionally:

Skip ahead to 1:52 to see the range of containers that don’t fit the Model 3

And though Raj’s take is to “drink more” from reusable tumblers, this solution has limited practicality.

(Let’s be real: most food chains won’t fill your containers with their beverages just because you ask them to.)

A simpler and often cheaper solution is to introduce more material into the cupholder so that you can:

  1. Reduce cup holder size, therefore limiting the movement of smaller cups/cans/bottles.
  2. Contain liquid in the unfortunate event of a spill, making the whole mess easy to clean.
  3. Reduce rattling noises that may annoy you as you drive.

If you want an easier time enjoying your beverages inside your car, you need an insertion — and these are the most recommended product by Tesla owners:

Best Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Insert Overall: Likely LED

Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Insert Overall: Likely LED

Frequently recommended on Reddit & forum threads,

These cupholder insertions are one of the few that fit both older and refreshed center consoles — 2017 to 2020 AND 2021 (or newer) models, respectively.

Watch the product in action in a 2021 Model 3.

With a dishwasher safe rating of up to 440°F and a fit “tight enough not to budget but not so tight that you struggle taking drinks out” (as a customer put it),

This is the best cupholder insert being sold on Amazon today.

One of the product drawbacks is the tendency to pull up when you remove larger containers.

Thankfully, they emphasize throughout their marketing that a slight and slow twist as you pull the item up solves the problem.

Similar products like the inserts sold by RPMTesla solve the problem in a different way:

They place 3M tape at the bottom of the product.

Image of RPMTesla's product with tape
Image of RPMTesla’s product with tape

You could also order LikelyLED from Amazon and add high-quality, double-sided tape to your shopping cart.

This solution comes with its drawbacks, though:

You’ll have to apply heat (through a gun or other tool) to remove the adhesive if you ever wish to clean up the area later.

All in all, despite its simplicity, these inserts solve a legitimate problem Model 3 owners face.

Many argue they the item “should have come with the car.” And I agree.

Try this product out — and you won’t be disappointed.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years and trims.

✅ Recommended on Reddit & forum threads
✅ Dishwasher safe (up to 440°F)
✅ Perfect fit for both car & cups
✅ Curved protrusions to lock your containers in


❌ May require a twist to pull large containers up without insert coming up.

Runner-Up Cupholder Insert for Model 3: Motrobe

Runner-Up Cupholder Insert for Model 3: Motrobe

Despite having many more positive reviews (300+ and counting), a few things take this product to second place:

  1. As of this writing, only 2017-2020 models are compatible (though they had a 2021 version available for a few days, so this might change soon).
  2. The middle barrier separates the cupholders into two sections, leaving no space for cups with handles.

Call me old school…

But when I make coffee at home (yes, you can still do this!), I stick to a cup with handles.

What am I supposed to do when I leave home with this cup?!

On the flip side, the big advantage of this product is its ability to release beverage containers without lifting itself up.

(A feat that no other product on this list could accomplish without added tape.)

As with anything made of plastic, some people claim the product “feels cheap.”

Other people, however, say the rubber is sturdier and thicker compared to other products.

Given this thickness and the middle barrier, I’d recommend this product for small to medium-sized containers only.

In any case, you can always remove the insert to use larger cups — as these won’t move as much given their size.


Fits: 2017 to 2020 Model 3 (older console).
May fit 2021- Model 3/Y (refreshed console)

✅ 300+ Amazon reviews
✅ Stays in place as you pull medium-to-large bottles up. No twist required.
✅ Thicker material
✅ Curved protrusions to lock your containers in


❌ Separates the two cup holders. No room for cups with handles.
❌ May not fit very large cups.

Best Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Insert On a Budget: LinkStyle

Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Insert On a Budget: LinkStyle

This product has a clear advantage: price.

Despite being priced at nearly 30% below similar products,

It has plenty of positive reviews, a firmer ABS plastic (rather than rubber), and a lifetime warranty.

One of their variants also comes with a coin holder as a divider.

A customer tells a story of a dad and his 5-year-old kid, who all excited about daddy’s “cool new car,” kicked over a coffee cup.

Fortunately, this insert rescued the day by containing the coffee so dad could easily pull it out, clean it in minutes, and insert it back in.

It’s that simple.

As a pet peeve of mine, I find it suspicious that the seller claims “2021 fit” when all pictures display the older console.

Given the recent positive reviews posted by 2021 model owners (even without visual evidence), it’s safe to assume it actually fits.

If anything else, the affordability of the product makes it worth a shot.


Fits: 2017-2020 Model 3’s.
May fit 2021 (or newer) Model 3/Y

✅ Very competitive price
✅ Sturdier ABS plastic
✅ Curved protrusions to lock your containers in
✅ Variant A includes a coin holder in the middle
✅ Lifetime warranty


❌ May require a twist to pull large containers up without insert coming up.
❌ Confusing compatibility. Unclear whether it fits 2021- models.
❌ Separates the two cup holders. No room for cups with handles.

Best-Looking Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Insert: ThinSGO

great-looking tesla model 3 cupholder insert by ThinSGO

Sure, looks are subjective.

And this particular Model 3 cupholder insert does have a divider, which I criticize earlier on.

But the design is more unique than others I’ve seen. (Many customers express their appreciation for the lip edges in the reviews.)

I’d argue is that its matte design most closely matches Tesla’s cool, minimalistic design.

Plus, at least the divider is not simply a divider, it’s a coin holder, which adds some practicality.

With 140+ ratings & 4.7 stars on average, customers are clearly happy with the product.

And like our top pick, the product fits all model years. (Though I’d expect a small tolerance in 2021 models.)

The pull-up issues persist, though. Big cups will make the insert itself come up if you pull quickly.

I’d try this out if you like how it looks and/or you frequently use small to medium-size cups, cans, or bottles.


Fits: 2017 to 2020 Model 3 (older console).
May fit 2021- Model 3/Y (refreshed console)

✅ Matte design. OEM look and feel
✅ Thicker material
✅ 140+ reviews. Very well rated at 4.7 stars on average.


❌ Separates the two cup holders. No room for cups with handles.
❌ May require a twist to pull large containers up without insert coming up.

Most Color Variants (Notable Mention): LUCKEASY

Model 3 cupholder insert with Most Color Variants (Notable Mention): LUCKEASY

Most sellers stick to black variants of this product to simplify their logistics & inventory overhead.

But LUCKEASY is the exception: it brings 9 color variants, including blue, green, and red.

Personally? I like none. 😬 Maybe gray.

But hey, I know that while some of you might say, “WTF Zac, I’m no kid…”

Others will actually appreciate that I point out to the only brand with plenty of colors available.

Unfortunately, the product only fits the 2017-2020 models.

The insertion may also come up as you pull up bigger cups and drinks.

But as inexpensive as this product is, it’s certainly worth exploring. No judgment if you like a colorful interior!


Fits: 2017 to 2020 Model 3 (older console).
May fit 2021- Model 3/Y (refreshed console)

✅ Very competitive price
✅ Wide color availability


❌ May separate the two cup holders. No room for cups with handles.
❌ May require a twist to pull large containers up without insert coming up

Alternative Cupholder Insert Products

The products listed above are the most common form of cupholder insertions on the market.

A few alternatives exist to solve the same problem with a different product style, liners and stabilizers being the most popular.

Below, I outline the most recommended product in each category along with a pros/cons list and a link for you to investigate further.

Best Value CupHolder Liners: CupHolderHero »

✅ Covers much more than cup holders. 7-pieces set.
✅ Thicker than most products (1/8″), promising a higher durability
✅ U.S.-based customer service
✅ Lifetime warranty

❌ More expensive than alternatives
❌ Doesn’t fit 2017-2020 pre-refresh alternatives

Best Value Cupholder Stabilizer: BASENOR »

Best Value tesla model 3 cupholder insert alternative: BASENOR

✅ Available for both older & refreshed consoles (all model years)
✅ Less-intrusive design, Keeps OEM cupholder areas.
✅ Fits nicely without any adhesives
✅ The “go-to” Amazon seller for many Tesla owners

❌ Not an exact color match (arguably misleading picture)
❌ May no restrict movement in smaller containers (e.g. tall cups and regular water bottles)

Our Tesla Model 3 Cupholder Insert of Choice

Ultimately, LikelyLED offers a dishwasher-safe Model 3 cupholder insert for a fair price and with a perfect fit.

To keep your cupholder clean and enjoy your driving experience without annoying rattles or coffee spills,

Grab this product — it ticks all the boxes.

If you ever use big cups or bottles,

Remember to slightly twist them or add a high-quality, double-sided tape to your list — and you’ll be good to go!

Zac Ludicrous

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