7 Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizers (Highly Endorsed)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 10/27/21 •  9 min read

Tired of losing your things in the abyss that is the Model 3’s center console?

It’s about time you fix it up…

I read 11+ forum threads and Facebook group conversations to see what center console organizers the Tesla community recommends the most and why.

After scrutinizing a dozens products, these are the ones that stood out:

Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer (For Refreshed Console): Tesla OEM

Frequently recommended on Tesla forum threads, this center console organizer is as good as you’d expect an OEM accessory to be.

Many Tesla owners label it as a “must-have accessory” that should’ve come with the car in the first place.

If you’re looking for a center console organizer that hundreds of owners found worth it, this is your best bet.

The package includes two trays in flock material: one for the front, adjacent to the charger, and one for the rear/armrest. You basically get a 2-for-1 deal.

The front tray is divided into 2 compartments, while the rear tray doesn’t have any divisions. 

This is ideal as too many compartments can render the tray useless.

I also found some owners concerned over the console sliding back and forth in the event of hard braking/acceleration.

In response to that, an owner said that the “Tesla OEM one stays where I put it. Not sliding.”

Here’s a video shared by a Model 3 owner of his OEM center console organizer:

Sleek, minimalist design… Credit to Jon Thorn.

Now to the downside…

This product is only available for Model 3/Y refresh consoles (2021). If you own a 2017–2020 Model 3/Y, you’ll have to consider aftermarket options.

Apart from this, I struggled to find any major issues regarding this product. Like hundreds of Model 3 owners, I’m sure you’ll love it as well.


Fits: Tesla Model 3/Y with the refreshed console (2021)

✅Worth it
✅ Minimalist design
✅ Good quality and good fit
✅ Doesn’t slide unnecessarily in case of hard braking/acceleration


❌ Tesla doesn’t offer organizers for pre-refresh consoles.

Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer (For Pre-Refresh Console): Basenor

Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer (For Pre-Refresh Console): Basenor

This console organizer has been one of the go-to choices for 2017–2020 Model 3 owners since Model 3 started production.

From the fitting to the organizing compartments, everything just works. 

There are 2 bigger compartments for things like sunglasses and 2 tiny compartments for things like coins or keys.

It’s a sweet spot between Tesla’s 2 dividers and aftermarket products’ 5+ compartments. 

It’s unclear whether your phone will fit in the bigger compartment, though. A big phone like an iPhone 12 Pro Max certainly won’t fit at all.

If you need a practical console organizer with absolutely no sliding or fitment issues for your Model 3 pre-refreshed console, Basenor is the best way to go.

Here’s a quick review of the Basenor organizer by Nick from the Tesla Life YouTube channel:

Jump @ 1:20 to see the product and hear Nick’s thoughts

While the overall response to this product was great, I did find 3 customers reporting 3 issues in particular: scratches, cracks, and a literally broken product.

However, out of the 448 total reviews as of this writing, 3 negative reviews aren’t that big of a deal.

But in the case of Model Y, the fitment issues were reported more frequently. So if you’re a Model Y owner, I’d suggest opting out of this product.


Fits: Tesla Model 3/Y with the pre-refresh console (2017–2020)

✅ Fits nicely
✅ Rubber liners enhance grip and aesthetics.
✅ Practical design
✅ Doesn’t slide due to hard brake/acceleration


❌ 3 customers had quality issues.
❌ Fitment issues in Model Y

Premium Pick: JEDA

Though more expensive than the usual aftermarket options, I found many Tesla owners recommending this product.

“I got mine last week. Fits nice and snug.”


“It has a high-end build quality and features that’ll appeal to the Apple crowd.”


The overall response to this product has been great.

It’s not just another boring center console organizer. Rather, it incorporates technolgy, like one owner said, “to appeal to the Apple crowd.”

With an integrated charging facility, you can keep your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch charged all the time.

If you’re not an Apple user, don’t worry; this console is compatible with non-Apple devices too.

What people liked in particular about this product is its premium look. Its beautiful design sits perfectly with Tesla’s minimalist design.

It features a 2-tiered storage solution with a secure lower access area for you to store your valuables that are better out of sight.

It’s available for both the pre-refresh and the refresh console of the Model 3/Y. If you love premium, don’t think twice. This is definitely the product to get.


Fits: Tesla Model 3/Y with the pre-refresh or the refresh console

✅ Look Premium
✅ Has a minimalist design
✅ Has enough storage space
✅ Best to keep your or your family member’s devices charged during road trips


❌ Expensive

Best Budget: DIBMS

Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer

DIBMS sells the most budget-friendly center console organizer for Model 3/Y owners that fits the refreshed console.

For very cheap, you’ll get an awesome product that does its job.

As this console has more dividers, it’s more suited to people who keep many small things like coins, keys, etc.

People pointed out that this console is deeper than the Tesla one; hence, it can store extra things easily without creating a mess.

However, being cheaper, this product definitely has some flaws.

In the quality department, it’s average. It may also slide back and forth through hard braking or acceleration, which can become annoying in the long term. 

Apart from this, the overall experience of customers with this product has been quite positive. At an economical price, it’s a steal.


✅ Economical price, best for people on a budget
✅ Deeper than the Tesla one, hence offers more storage space
✅ Has more dividers for better organization of small things


❌ Average Quality
❌ May slide back and forth through hard braking/acceleration

Notable Mentions

Etsy’s RexRoi

Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer

The fact that Etsy runs on 100% renewable energy instantly makes this product a notable option.

The manufacturers produce this product in the US using 3D printing technology.

The unique proposition here is the different designs you can choose from in different colors.

There are different compartment divisions, including one suited for multiple sunglasses (better if your family or friends wear sunglasses too).

An interesting additional product is a bin that helps tremendously in organizing what’s beneath the organizer tray. Customers loved how it splits up the lower compartment a little to increase functionality.

Overall, it is a much more specified solution for your pre-refresh consoles that you will not find on Amazon (customers actually said this). 

I liked this option more than the ones I saw on Amazon bc I needed one for 2 sunglasses, where most of the ones on Amazon had room for one pair of sunglasses and coins (which I store elsewhere).


Abstract Ocean

Abstract Ocean is itself a notable brand whose products are largely trusted in the Tesla community.

They offer a center console organizer both for the pre-refreshed and the refreshed console of the Model 3/Y.

What I found unique is that they emphasize the sliding benefit, which Tesla does not. Though the Tesla one also slides, as shown earlier. 

This shows how seriously they take the satisfaction of their customers.

The only catch is that they are often out of stock. But this also shows the positive side of this brand, that as soon as they restock, people go bananas over their products.

So keep an eye on their website to not miss your chance on this product.


Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer

With an overall 92% positive rating, it’s safe to consider this center console organizer is worth the money.

The manufacturer has made this product a bit deeper to better accommodate your accessories like sunglasses and small things like coins or keys.

Carwiner is selling it for the refreshed console (2021) only. Though not many people complained about this product, I still found a few concerns regarding the sliding issue.

Apart from that, if you want to save some bucks but still want an organizer that does its job, you can go for this one.

Frequent Buyer Concerns

With the tray in place, are you able to freely open and close the lid?

Yes, you can easily open and close the lid with the aftermarket organizer tray in place.

Is there still space underneath the tray?

Yes, there is some space left beneath the tray. Most of the aftermarket trays slide back and forth, making that extra space beneath usable for storage purposes.

Our Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer of Choice

Ultimately, the Tesla OEM organizer tray emerges as the definitive winner based on my extensive community research.

While it’s a common sentiment among Model 3/Y owners that they should’ve been a part of the car from the factory, Tesla hasn’t taken any notice of it.

They continue to sell it as an extra OEM product. But considering its reasonable price, it wouldn’t hurt to buy one separately.

However, if you want to go for a budget aftermarket product, Basenor seems to be a smart option.

Aside from being high quality, their tray is practical, fits the older console, and blends well with Tesla’s minimalist design.

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