Attractive Tesla Model 3 Dead Pedal Covers to Match Your Performance Pedals

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 03/28/21 •  6 min read

By late 2019, in an aggressive cost-cutting effort, Tesla removed the Model 3 dead pedal.

Only Model 3 Performance owners have been receiving their vehicles with factory aluminum pedals.

The rest are left with this:

Plastic everywhere… Credit to Lucanut.

To prevent your car from looking so cheap and avoid carpet wear,

I read 7 forum threads on the subject — and reviewed 15 products to find the best Tesla Model 3 dead pedal cover on the market.

Below are the products that made it to the top of the list:

Installing a Tesla Model 3 Dead Pedal Cover The Right Way

There’s an obvious improvement dead pedal manufacturers have been ignoring.

To understand what this is, consider the following:

There are three ways in which a dead pedal cover can be attached to the corresponding surface:

  1. Adhesive. With carpet material on some models, however, this has proven unreliable.
  2. Mechanically fastened. A riskier proposition is to fasten the pedal by cutting the carpet in the dead pedal area — according to owners, the mounting holes are still there. (Try this method at your own risk as it’s hard to tell what models have or don’t have mounting holes.)
  3. Velcro. A better way to attach your dead pedal to the carpet material.

Velcro is the obvious recommendation.

Since I was unable to find a product that comes with velcro out of the box, however, I’d suggest you fill this gap by purchasing a pack of velcro strips.

Knowing What Dead Pedal to Look For

Your Tesla may have plastic ribs or pure carpet in the dead pedal area.

Plastic ribs on a Model 3 2019.
Pure carpet on Model 3’s built on 2020 and beyond.

Whenever you see a dead pedal cover with gaps to allow for the rubber ribs, know it’s a better fit for model years 2017 – 2019.

On the flip side, if your dead pedal area is pure carpet (models 2020 and beyond), products with a flat back will naturally be a better fit.

Best Tesla Model 3 Dead Pedal Cover Overall: Topfit

Tesla Model 3 Dead Pedal Cover by Topfit

With a thicker, more robust design and its own rubber strips,

Topfit offers a beautiful stainless steel dead pedal cover that will make a huge difference to your interior’s aesthethics.

This product matches both OEM and aftermarket performance pedals perfectly — and the seller itself sells a performance pedal set separately.

If you’re looking a beautiful, affordable dead pedal cover that will get you nothing but compliments, this is the one you should get.

As warned earlier, though, the product comes with adhesive.

Customers complain about the adhesive’s inability to stick to the carpet for the long term.

Velcro strips solve that problem in 10 minutes, though.

With an aesthetically pleasing design and a 1-year warranty to back customers up, this should be the first dead pedal in your shopping list.

The seller also offer an aftermarket performance pedal set.

Surprisingly, it’s been rated nearly 1,000 times and is currently the #1 best-selling pedal set on Amazon.


Fits: All Model 3’s, ideal for 2020+ years.

✅ Aesthetically pleasing design
✅ Perfect match for Performance Pedals
✅ Established brand. Sellers of the best-selling pedals on Amazon.
✅ 1-year warranty


❌ Adhesive quality may be subpar

Runner-Up Model 3 Dead Pedal Cover: Taptes

Tesla Model 3 dead pedal cover by Taptes

Designed for Model 3, this dead pedal cover comes available in aluminum or stainless steel — for you to choose your preference.

EveryAmp (previously LivingTesla) quickly reviewed the product after its release —

The product is so good that it seems to be what he’s still using to this very day:

EveryAmp also admits it isn’t a perfect fit although it’s 95% there.

One drawback is that, being manufactured overseas, you may have to wait for weeks to get these on your hands: 9-35 business days is what the seller suggests.

As of this writing, the product isn’t available on Amazon either for Prime customers to take advantage of.

If you want an affordable product that takes 1 minute to install (and has an hard-to-ignore impact on the look of your interior), I’d check this one out ASAP.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.
2017-2019 & 2020+ versions available.

✅ Aesthetically pleasing design
✅ Perfect match for Performance Pedals
✅ Available in aluminum & stainless steel


❌ Manufactured overseas. Long shipping times.

Budget 3-Piece Pedal Set for Model 3: POZEL

Looking for the complete performance pedal set — accelerator, brakes, and dead pedals?

If so, this affordable 3-piece set may sound too good to be true.

POZEL offers this aluminum pedal replacement set for just a little over $20.

Despite its affordability, customers confirm it has the “same quality as other expensive sellers.”

A fair complaint from customers is that the product doesn’t include instructions — they had to find YouTube videos on their own.

But for such a relatively easy installation process (and good price), it’s a drawback we’re all willing to forgive.

The product also has a great fit — so much so that it may be counterproductive as some customers say it proves hard to slide on at first.

Although a fairly new product, it’s had no negative reviews so far.

As far as I know, this is a most affordable, no-compromises pedal set availiable.


Fits: All Model 3’s, ideal for 2017-2019 years.

✅ Very reasonably priced
✅ Includes all 3 pedals (accelerator, brakes & foot rest pedal)
✅ Rubber strips to avoid slippage


❌ Fairly new, untested product

Notable Foot Rest Pedal: RPMTesla

This is another product mentioned throughout forum conservations that seems to be of similar quality.

Although seemingly more expensive at first glance, adding the product to the cart will lower the price by 20% —

And you get and even bigger discount by getting a 3-pedal set and using the ‘PEDALS’ coupon code at checkout.

Don’t panic about the price. RPMtesla tends to pull those confusing logistics on you but their products end up being very competitively priced most of the time.

Notable Pedal Set: Dixuan

Tesla Model 3 dead pedal cover by Dixuan

Available in both 1-pc (dead pedal) and in a 3-piece set (brake, acceleration, and dead pedal),

This set offers a slightly different aesthethic:

As you can see, it’s mostly made of rubber made with an aluminum piece in the center.

It may or may not fit your tastes better.

To me, the product looks funny and not appealing.

Thee price is the appealing aspect of the product, though, as you’re getting a top-notch quality product for much less money.

Our Tesla Model 3 Dead Pedal Cover of Choice

With a 1-year warranty and the track record built by selling the #1 best-selling pedal set on Amazon, Topfit offers the best value.

They’re superior in terms of design & prestige — and I don’t see that changing in the next few years.

If you own a 2017 – 2019 Model 3, though, consider looking into Taptes next.

With their stainless steel and aluminum dead pedals, you’ll never have to worry about rust again.

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