Best Tesla Model 3 Performance Pedals (And How to Install Them)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 03/01/22 •  9 min read

What. Are. Those?!

tesla model 3 performance pedals
Credit to ilikethefinerthings on Reddit.

Sure, the Tesla Model 3 goes from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds and can keep you on the road for 375 miles after one charge, but despite all the bells and whistles, its pedals are mediocre, to say the least.

There, I said it (Elon, if you’re reading this, no hard feelings).

From forum threads (shout-out to these fellas) and videos to Amazon listings and everything in between, I’ve done a deep dive on all things pedal related to find you the best replacements.

At the top of our list are these anti-slip foot pedals from Carwiner, but scroll down as we discuss these and alternatives that will make your pedals go from “ew” to “ooh!”  

Top Tesla Model 3 Performance Pedals (And Why They Made This List)

Best Overall: Carwiner Foot Pedal Pads  

✅ Gives your Tesla that sporty oomph
✅ Non-slip for extra comfort
✅ Adapts the original vehicle data for a perfect fit
✅ Made of high-quality aluminum
✅ Light and easy to install

Best for Anti-Slip: SUPAREE Model 3 Anti-Slip Foot Pedal Pads

✅ Non-slip design
✅ High-quality
✅ Easy installation
✅ Customized for the Tesla Model 3
✅ Strengthens friction coefficient

Best for the Sport Fanatic: Topfit Auto Aluminum Pedal Covers

✅ Enhances style and design
✅ Non-slip surface
✅ Suitable for Tesla Models 3 and Y
✅ Easy to install
✅ Made of high-quality aluminum

Best for Something Light and Non-Slip: TopLight Performance Foot Pedals

✅ Made to fit the Tesla Model 3 like a glove
✅ Made with a specific non-slip design
✅ 24/7 sales service (for when you’re doing installations at midnight)
✅ Stays cleaner for longer

Best for a Tight Budget: Chompoo Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedals Pads

✅ Sleek design that won’t break the bank
✅ Reduces foot fatigue (for all those miles you’ll be driving)
✅ Simple to install
✅ Fits the the Tesla Model 3

Now let’s step on the gas and look at these pedals a bit more closely.

Best Overall: Carwiner Foot Pedal Pads

By far superior to the pedals that Tesla provides with the Model 3 (according to hundreds of reviews), these non-slip pedals adapt to the technology of your car, which is why they earn the top spot on this list.

The back of these bad boys (the pedals, not Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in an EXCELLENT movie) is made of rubber, which makes them easier to install and remove. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Who has time to struggle? 

Plus, these pedals are made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. For those who are not well-read on the subject of materials (again, who has the time?), the bottom line is that it’s better than stainless steel. 

The pedals are available in silver, red, black, and blue, so you can mix and match pedals as your heart desires. They’re easy to assemble and easy on the eye. I’m thinkin’ a Captain America-themed look or maybe just a sleek and simple black. 

Add these to your Tesla arsenal.

Fits: Model 3/Y (except 2022 model)


✅ Easy to install. Some got the job done in 8 minutes or less.
✅ Aesthetically pleasing
✅ Feels great to use
✅ Won’t shift or fall


❌ Some users claimed that these pedals didn’t look like they’ll last long.

Runner-Up: SUPAREE Model 3 Anti-Slip Foot Pedal Pads

If you’re looking for anti-slip pedals (shout-out to drivers in rainy and snowy regions), these pedal pads come in at a close second to Carwiner.

Buyer Howard Liebowits gave these great-fitting pedals a 5-star review, saying that they were made from “heavy duty material that perfectly fit [his] car.” Now if there’s something I like, it’s a hardworking product!

What I love about this product is that it’s made of anti-corrosion aluminum alloy and non-slip rubber that protect your accelerator and brake pedal.

Plus, it’s super easy to install. So bonus points for that. 

I do keep things real, so it’s important to mention that some users reported that the tape that came with the pedals wasn’t strong enough to secure it. Now that sounds like a sticky situation.

If a tough-as-nails pair of pedals is what you’re looking for, go for these. 

These pedals were customized for Tesla Model 3, but note that they only fit a left-hand drive, not a right-hand drive. 

Fits: All Model 3 years and trims


✅ Easy to install (because who has the time to struggle?)
✅ Long-lasting and won’t succumb to the elements
✅ Fits the Tesla Model 3 perfectly


❌ Tape may not be strong enough to secure pedals.

For The Hamiltons At Heart: Auto Aluminum Foot Pedals

Look, if you’re driving a Tesla, you likely won’t be making any F1-worthy left turns any time soon, but at least these pedals add a sporty feel to an otherwise suburban vehicle.

For a sleek and sporty look and feel, these pedals are a go-to.

Their sporty fashion design enhances the style of your pedals. And you’ve seen the OG pedals—it’s on top of the it’s-got-to-go list. 

The next reason why I love them is because they’re made of top-quality anti-corrosion aluminum alloy and non-slip rubber. This protects the accelerator and brake pedal, which helps keep your pedal shiny and new for longer. 

Next, you better know I’ll be chatting about how easy it is to install. Look, no one has time to waste! These pedals were made especially for the Tesla Model 3, which means that no drilling or welding will be required. Good, because I have no idea how to do either of those things.

Again, these pedals will only fit a left-hand drive, so just keep that in mind. 

Fits: All Model 3 years and trims


✅ Sleek and stylish without breaking the bank
✅ Easy to install
✅ Built to be non-slip


❌ One buyer reported in 2018 that the brake pedal was defective (now that’s a situation we wouldn’t want to be in)

Great Quality At A Great Price: TopLight Pedals

Look, no one needs to break the bank to have a nice pair of pedals—which is why the TopLight Pedals are a great buy.

Fits: 2016–2022 Model 3/Y


✅ High quality but still budget-friendly
✅ Non-slip
✅ Don’t get dirty as fast as other pedals


❌ Multiple previous buyers reported that these pedals were challenging to install, but it wasn’t anything a little elbow grease (and YouTube videos like this one) couldn’t fix.

Lowest Price: Chompoo Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedal Pads

Just because you’re saving money on gas doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg (and a kidney) for nice-looking pedals.

The Chompoo Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedals give you everything you’re looking for in a pedal, but at a price that you might as well buy a pair for your neighbor as well.

But don’t worry, this affordable set of pedals doesn’t compromise quality. It still has a non-slip design, which is more comfortable to drive with. It also enlarges the original food pedal size for extra comfort. 

No drilling or welding is required to install these pedals, which you know is something I appreciate. 

Fits: Model 3


✅ Low-cost but still good quality
✅ Easy to install
✅ Reduces foot fatigue (now that’s what I’m talking about!)


❌ Although quite easy to install, one buyer did struggle with installing the accelerator pad.

How to Install Your Brand-New Pedals

For pedals made of aluminum, here is a YouTube video of the installation process: 

Go ahead and skip to the one-minute mark where the actual replacement process starts.

Meanwhile, for those who bought rubber pedals, follow these steps (congrats on your purchase, by the way!):

  1. Leave your new pedals in the sun (some buyers even reported putting them in hot water). Rubber is a tough ol’ material, and the heat will help you manipulate it.
  1. Now it’s time to remove the rubber pedal cover that your Tesla came with. Remove it by reaching behind the pedal and folding the rubber around the edges. Don’t see a cover on the accelerator? That’s because it doesn’t come with one, so no stress.
  2. Fit your new pedal covers by sliding them over the pedals from the bottom. Struggling to see behind the pedal? Use a small mirror or your phone’s camera to see that everything is in place.
  1. Repeat this step for all your other pedals.
  2. For stick-on covers, make sure to clean your current pedals thoroughly to prevent the adhesive from not sticking. Use the grooves of the pedals to ensure that everything is aligned well and apply more pressure once you’re happy with the positioning.

  There you have it, your brand-new pedals are ready to gooo!

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Will my aftermarket pedals come loose?

I hope not! That’s where the research part comes in and ensuring that you buy high-quality pedal covers. To prevent stick-on covers from coming off, it’s advisable to thoroughly clean your original pedals first.

Do these pedals have warranties?

This depends on where you buy your pedals from. Most manufacturers do have a warranty of at least a few months, which is why it is advisable to buy your pedals from a reputable supplier.

So What’s My Final Verdict on the Best Model 3 Performance Pedals?

I’ll repeat: What. Are. Those?!

No way will I see someone driving a Tesla Model 3 and not silently judge them if they’re still using the OG pedals. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing or comfortable. As a Tesla owner, you deserve better!

After tons of research, my favorites would have to be the Carwiner Foot Pedal Pads and the Chompoo Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedals.

The Carwiner has everything you’re looking for in a pair of pedals: easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and non-slip for road trip-worthy comfort.

Then there’s the budget-friendly Chompoo non-slip pedals that are equally as nice and won’t leave you feeling guilty for overspending.

In both cases, previous customers loved it—with most buyers giving each product a 5-star rating.

The bottom line? Get yourself some new pedals. You deserve it.

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