Best Tesla Model 3 Power Liftgate Kits for Hassle-Free Shopping & Travel

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/09/22 •  10 min read

Ever found yourself with hands so full after shopping or doing groceries that you may a break Record Guinness —

Just to have to drop everything to lift your trunk?

Fully access your cargo area at the touch of a finger (or the detection of a kick) with a reliable, lasting Tesla Model 3 power liftgate.

After researching for DAYS to find out what the best products are according to Model 3 owners like you, only three winners emerged.

And they’re included below, in the order in which you may want to consider them.

If You Own (or Will Upgrade to) a Model 3 2021-…

No trunk power liftgate is needed.

Tesla finally introduced a power liftgate on their refreshed, 2021 design (models produced after late 2020).

It’s also available in all Model Y’s ever since it started production:

This isn’t a blatant recommendation to upgrade (although, admittedly, that’d be fun).

Just know that a power liftgate is a somewhat costly modification —

You may want to consider delaying it if you had plans to upgrade soon anyway.

UPDATE: Here is some good news if you own an older model…

In early 2022, Tesla service centers in China started to offer electric tailgates for around $650 USD.

This upgrade is expected to become available in the U.S. and other markets soon — but the timeline, as it’s usual with Tesla, remains uncertain.

In the meantime, aftermarket products are still a good choice — and we’ll cover the best of them down below.

Power Liftgates vs. Pneumatic Struts

On a budget?

While power liftgates (also known as electric tailgates) are electronically-controlled and enable you to open and close your trunk through various means:

Struts are cheaper, mechanical devices that open your trunk (or frunk) but won’t close them automatically,

We’ll discuss both, but know that struts make for an easier DIY project given that no wiring job is required.

Also, there aren’t frunk//hood power liftgates worth discussing as of this writing.

Best Tesla Model 3 Power Liftgate Overall: Taptes

This is the most positively reviewed power liftgate available.

You conveniently get instant cargo access (plus automatic closing) by waving your foot below the Model 3.

(Though you can opt not to purchase the foot sensor and stick to the Tesla app, key fob, or touch screen.)

If you want a power liftgate that will just work reliably and won’t be a huge hassle to install, this is the one for you.

The product includes detailed instructions to install the liftgate yourself — although the seller suggests hiring professional help.

Customers admit “it isn’t the easier mod” to DIY, but “it’s worth the effort” in the end.

Expect to dedicate at least 3 hours of work if you’ve never done something similar.

Tell a knowledgeable friend or family member to help you and you might cut that time in half.

Taptes’ customer service is outstanding according to buyers. If anything goes wrong, you won’t be left on your own.

The major downside is that the brand ships from overseas —

Although some customers say their product arrived in as little as 5 days, the shipping time the brand advertises is 9 to 35 days.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.

✅ Most reviewed Model 3 power liftgate
✅ Includes foot sensor as option
✅ In-depth installation guide for DIYers
✅ Good customer service


❌ Shipping from overseas

Runner-Up Model 3 Power Liftgate: EV Offer (previously Tesla Offer)

With half as many buyer reviews, but with plenty of YouTubers recommending it —

Ben Sullins installing a power liftgate on his wife’s Model 3. Kids can do it! @6.19.

EV Offer offers an equally attractive proposition (100% pun intended).

Personally, I prefer seeing customers rather than YouTubers (who may or may not be incentivized) talking positively about the product.

But it seems EV Offer customers are very satisfied — even after many months of use.

If you want to know the “how” before ordering, the manual and an installation video can be found on their product page —

Though a particular customer complained of a risk of crushing the rear lamp’s wiring if you follow the seller’s 2018 instructions.

Note that you’ll have to order a different version if you own 2018 vs. a 2019 (or later) Model 3 due to a wiring improvement the seller made.

The product is also available for the Model Y if you — or someone you know — own one.

Something their customers appreciated is their very responsive support via Whatsapp. Speak up if you have any further questions.


Fits: 2018 Model 3 (v1), 2019- Model 3 (v2, v2.5)
Also available for Model Y.

✅ Adjustable opening / closing speed & force
✅ Includes foot sensor as option
✅ Video instructions for inexperienced DIYers
✅ Good customer service


❌ Risk of messing up OEM wiring

Best Electric Tailgate on a Budget: The EV Shop

Don’t really have the $500 – $700 major brands charge for their electric tailgates?

This kit undercuts the price by more than half — while still providing decent quality.

Just like the rest, it includes a kick foot sensor for convenience.

But from what I can see, there’s a longer-than-usual delay between the kick and the opening.

The faster shipping (5-7 days) also places it over the competitors we discussed above.

This is somewhat of a new product, though.

The EV Shop is a trusted store I’m familiar with — but their prices are usually equal or higher than the competition.

I was pleasantly surprised to find their tailgate was much, much cheaper.

Looks like they’ve been changing their strategy lately.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.

✅ Half the price
✅ Faster shipping
✅ Includes foot sensor


❌ Fairly new, untested product.

Notable Mention: Hansshow Model 3 Power Frunk and Trunk

Another interesting brand that popped up favorably in several forum threads and YouTube videos is Hansshow.

With installers all over the U.S. and Europe (click here to see the full list of cities).

The list includes major Tesla hubs like San Francisco, San Jose, and San Diego — but also many capitals around the world like Sydney, Paris, London, and more.

I did notice some basic English mistakes throughout their website — but this is pretty standard when a Chinese manufacturer sells directly to consumers.

Regardless, they’re very clear when it comes to compatibility — and they have a wide variety of versions for virtually all Model 3 years (including a foot sensor for the newer models).

Worth checking out for sure.

Tesla Model 3 Power Liftgate Installation: Is It Doable?

I get it: an automatic trunk opener and closer is a pricey upgrade.

Which makes many people wonder: Could I do the installation myself? Can I save precious dollars on installation?

The answer, like most things in life, is: it depends.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t an upgrade I’d try myself (though pneumatic struts are much easier to install — and we’ll discuss those below).

If you’re up for the DIY challenge, I’ll leave the most helpful power liftgate installation video I found throughout my research — with its main timelines for you to jump to thee section that interests you most.

Note that this video is most helpful for older models — but 2021+ owners can focus on the kick sensor portion exclusively.

Best Pneumatic Struts

Want to get the job done for even less?

Considering that more installation work is required — and provided that you’re fine with a solution that just opens the trunk or hood,

Struts are the most cost-effective solution.

You’ll be changing the OEM struts, therefore causing an additional stress Model 3 wasn’t designed for — so don’t expect perfection.

But if you can’t justify the budget liftgate alternative discussed, here are the best Model 3 struts available.

Trunk Struts for Model 3: BASENOR

Tesla Model 3 power liftgate alternative by BASENOR

In less than 30 minutes, with just a flathead screwdriver, you can remove the OEM struts & replace them with these beauties.

Since no wiring is required, you’ll spend nowhere near the 3+ hours it takes to install an electric tailgate.

The opening, though, seems sudden and forceful to me, which may put strain on Model 3’s trunk over the long term.

Also, you’ll need to apply more force to close the trunk. Possibly 10-20% more. Nothing dramatic.

Given its price, people have bought this way more than any power liftgate —

As such, it has been proven to work without a shadow of a doubt by more than 500 positive buyer reviews.

Find yourself a second set of hands to hold the trunk — and you’ll have these installed in as little as 10 minutes.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.

✅ Easy, <30-min install
✅ Cost-effective solution
✅ Save 90% compared to electric tailgates.


❌ No automatic closing.
❌ May put strain on the trunk over the long term.

Frunk / Hood Struts: Motrobe

Tesla Model 3 power liftgate alternative by Motrobe

With a lifetime warranty — as well as a 30-day refund period,

It’s no surprise this product works as advertised and is easy to install — even for the untrained.

Seemingly less forceful than BASENOR, Motrobe removes my concerns of putting long-term strain on the attachment area.

However, two customers out of 50 reported an intermittent reliability issue: the hood didn’t open fully under very cold climates.

Whether the lack of power was the issue (or these were defective products from the start) is anyone’s guess.

Make sure to test yours multiple times once you get it — and consider ordering in winter just to be safe.

All in all, Motrobe is the best choice for frunk struts I found —

It makes for a great complementary product if you want to auto-open both cargo areas.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.

✅ Easy, <30-min install
✅ Cost-effective solution
✅ Lifetime warranty & 30-day refund


❌ No automatic closing.
❌ May work intermittently under cold climates

Our Tesla Model 3 Power Liftgate Of Choice:

The more buyers are satisfied with the product, the more I lean towards recommending it. I don’t rely on “influencers.”

That’s why Taptes won the crown — their customers love the product and it just works reliably month after month.

If you’re on a budget, though, the power liftgate from the EV Shop will get the job done (although durability and whether it has detailed enough instructions remains to be seen).

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