5 Best Tesla Key Fob Covers to Keep It Good as New

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Just like your keycard needs a keycard holder, a key fob needs a protective cover to guard against scratches and smudges. 

Tesla key lanyards are a good option to consider for this purpose, but carrying keys around the neck isn’t a very appreciable idea for some owners.

After digging the internet for hours, I was able to pinpoint a whole day of research on 10 different Tesla key fob covers. I’ve shortlisted some of the best in the market that value your money.

But before you choose the best product for yourself, it’s important that you know how to select the best one. Let’s get our facts straight first.

How to Select a Key Fob Cover

The Tesla key fob is prone to scratches, dents, and smudges because of its glossy plastic material, and it’s not completely waterproof, which means, in any unexpected scenario, things can go south.

There are a few things to consider like durability, reliability, and budget before buying a key fob cover. 

Surely, you’d go for a key fob cover that can take care of all the possible hazards to your key fob and doesn’t go off-budget.

Whatever you prioritize, we have got a variety of options for you.

Best Tesla Key Fob Cover Overall: Silicone Key Fob Cover from Sunower or Abstract Ocean

Most recommended in the Tesla community, the Sunower key fob cover is durable, easy to use, and budget-friendly.

It is a high-quality silicone cover that adds an extra layer of protection to your key fob by providing resistance against day-to-day wear and tear, and it is water repellant.

A general concern about the silicone material is that it’s sticky, but this cover has a smooth finish that goes in and out of your pocket easily.

You might have a hard time sticking your key into it as it is precisely designed and doesn’t leave any area visible.

The buttons have a precise position and embossed labels, so you don’t have to search for the key functions, and it can be easily paired to your keys with the help of the keychain that comes with it. 

Abstract Ocean also sells key fob covers with an almost-similar design and with almost the same size. If you buy through Amazon, however, you’ll get more color choices.

As far as the quality is concerned, both are equally good. Here’s a feedback from a Tesla owner who tried this product:

it was otherwise impossible to attach the fob to my keys. Tried the string method which looked terrible and tried some cell phone straps but it would break easily.

This fob cover seems like an elegant solution.


Abstract Ocean ones have a key ring and are silicon in many colors. No range issues of course. Have had no problems with them, recommended.


If you need a sleek key fob cover that would last you forever, this is the way to go.


✅ High-quality silicone, environment-friendly material
✅ Perfect fitting for maximum protection
✅ Water resistance
✅ Embossed labels
✅ Key chain pairing


❌ The button might need a harder press than normal
❌ It’s a bit hard to stick the key inside the cover 

Runner-Up Tesla Key Fob Cover: AziPro

If you’re looking for a protective cover without compromising your key fob looks, I’ve found just the product for you.

This lightweight aluminum-built cover has two sections which are assembled with screws to provide durability and a sleek finish.

Though some portions on the fob are left uncovered, the cover has raised edges so the visible portions remain untouched.

A perk that you’ll have with this key fob cover is that the buttons don’t hide, your reachability remains undisturbed, and it comes with a keychain to pair it to keys.

This could’ve been our best pick, but some Tesla owners and YouTubers have reviewed that the fob rarely shows range issues and also drops signals with this cover. 

You can watch this YouTube video on the range issues with this key fob cover from DÆrik YouTube channel to understand the problem better:

Considering the overall response of the Tesla community to this key fob cover, I’d say it’s worth a shot.


✅ Smart, minimalistic design
✅ Perfect fit for key fobs
✅ Easy Installation
✅ Leather strap to pair with keychain
✅ Available in silver and black


❌ Shows range issues sometimes

Best Minimalist Key Fob Cover: Tesla

Talking about minimalism? Leave that to Tesla.

Tesla itself has made a silicone cover that comes with a smart and minimalist design to provide security with a smooth finish and a great grip.

It covers the head and the back of the fob while the sides remain uncovered.

For more grip, Tesla has added a metal circle buckle to it so you can wear it on your finger.

This is overall a good key fob cover with a decent look, but users have reported that sometimes the keys don’t respond on regular push.

Here’s an in-depth review of this product from Josip Ricov YouTube channel:

From the price point, this key fob cover stands somewhere in the middle of the cheaper silicone covers and the somewhat-premium aluminum covers.

Still, considering its quality, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra for this cover.


✅ Good protection for Tesla key
✅ Smooth touch and minimalistic design
✅ Durable and no fade
✅ Circle buckle to make it anti-drop


❌ Difficult to put on if not fitted perfectly
❌ Requires had push sometimes

Best Leather Key Fob Cover: Abstract Ocean

best tesla key fob cover

Abstract Ocean FobPocket is a leather key fob cover that comes with a smooth leather finish and a unique design.

This key fob cover provides good utility, but don’t expect much from the point of durability because it doesn’t provide enough water resistance and is suspected to wear out.

The cover fits just right with the fob and comes with a metal ring that can be attached to a keychain.

You can choose between a wide range of colors to add personality to your key fob cover.

Here’s what actual customers think about this product:

Abstract Ocean leather pocket

Loved the silicon but the leather slid easier in and out of my pockets.


Only issue I find is that it can be difficult to put in your pants pocket with the TPU cover.


Compared with the other key fob covers that I have discussed, this is a bit pricey. But if you’re a fan of leather accessories, you can go for it.


✅ High-quality leather material
✅ Stylish look
✅ Metal ring for keychain pairing
✅ Perfect fit


❌ Not as durable as other options

Notable Mention: LMZX

Some folks may be seeking for something that protects the key fob without fully concealing the gleaming appearance of the Tesla key.

This key fob cover is made of two aluminum components that, when together, cover the sides and corners of the key fob while leaving the center area free.

Despite the fact that it is visible, the central part is still protected. The raised border of the case protects the exposed area of the key from surfaces where your key may be placed.

The only drawback to this product is that the two metal portions must be bolted together to be secure. Everything needed to assemble it (screws, screwdriver, etc.) is included by the manufacturer.


1. Do Teslas come with a key fob?

 No, Tesla doesn’t come with a key fob, but if you want a keyless entry, then you can purchase one at the Tesla shop for $175.

2. How do Tesla key fobs work?

When the key fob is within a three feet radius of your Tesla, it will automatically lock and unlock the doors and the trunk.

Your key fob must be equipped with Passive Entry for this feature.

3. Is the Tesla key fob waterproof?

The key fob is not waterproof and is susceptible to water damage. It’s recommended to use a protective case to save it from water damage and day-to-day wear and tear.

4. How many key fobs can you use? 

You can use two key fobs if both are registered with your Tesla model.

If one person leaves the car, the other will get a notification on the smartphone through the Tesla app.

5. Can I use the same key fob for multiple Teslas?

You can use the same key fob with multiple Teslas if the model is the same and the key fob is authenticated.

You can only use a specific key fob with one vehicle at a time.

6. What is Passive Entry?

Passive Entry is a keyless entry that allows you to unlock the vehicle without pushing the key fob lock or unlock buttons.

Your model must be equipped with a key fob for Passive Entry.

Final Thoughts: Tesla Key Fob Covers

A key fob cover is a small accessory that can make a big difference.

You can purchase the stylish one to maintain the sleek finish of your Tesla key fob or the durable one to add maximum security, but spending some $10–$30 to protect your key fob would be worth it.

The silicone key fob case from Sunower or Abstract Ocean is the best because of its durability, utility, and economy, but if you want some style, then you can also go for the Tesla Key best tesla key fob coverBand or the AziPro Key Fob Cover.

If you have any other ideas on how to protect the Tesla key fob, hop into the comment section.

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