Tesla Model 3 Rimblades Review: Are They Really Worth The $90?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 04/11/21 •  7 min read

This is my honest review of Rimblades’ Rimsavers wheel protector bands for the Tesla Model 3.

I just spent 6 hours figuring out what people like and dislike about the product to determine whether it’s worth purchasing.

In short, the product adds a sharp look to the Model 3 — and is good enough to protect the rims from curb rash damage.

It has its cons but not many alternatives exists on the market that addresses such cons, leaving Rimblades as the leading brand.

I’ll make sure to update this article if better alternatives pop up.

In the meantime, let’s dive deeper into the different aspects of the product most Tesla owners care about:

Let’s get to it.

Tesla Model 3 Rimblades Look & Feel

One of the most compelling offerings from Rimblades is their color availability.

Namely, the wheel protectors come available in 12 different colors:

Tesla Model 3 rimblades review
Colors to fit all tastes...

Regardless of whether you want a color that stands out or one that gives your car a sporty feel, you’ll have options at your disposal.

There are also neutral colors available if you simply want to match your wheels — so the bands go unnoticed.

Looks Are OK, But Does Rimblades Actually Protect The Rims?

Despite being stylish in nature, these wheel bands are also meant to protect your vehicle from curb rash.

They cover up the end of the wheel rims so whenever you hit a curb, a pothole, or other obstructive object, your wheels aren’t damaged.

In the case of an accident or other type of serious damage, however, the bands won’t protect much.

Can they sustain day-to-day abrasion over the longer term?

ShiftingLanes decided to put Rimblades to the test by trying to cut through them:

Jump to 6:52 to see the “weapons” and how the product holds up through slicing and stabbing.

As you can see, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill bands.

They’re tough.

If a random guy with a Swiss army knife couldn’t damage the wheels, curbs will have little chance of doing so.

Installing The Wheel Band Protectors

It may surprise you to find out that neither tire removal nor sensor recalibration is required to install the Rimsavers on your Model 3.

The installation comes down to 5 steps — and customers agree that the process is pretty easy and straightforward.

The packages themselves include the tools and instructions you need to get these installed in no time.

You can watch the video below from Rimblades’ YouTube channel to see the company’s suggestions:

Installation steps start @ 0:50.

You can also see YouTube videos that show Model 3 owners installing these bands, although instructions aren’t as detailed:

Take your time to clean the wheel properly as any dirt, salt, or mud may prevent the adhesive to stick to the surface for the long term.

It takes patience to go through all four wheels but you should be ready to go in less than 10 minutes (after the wheels are properly cleaned).

Aero Wheels or Not, These Can be Used on Your Model 3

Rimblades designed their Rimsavers to fit any wheel up to 24″.

For Model 3 owners this means rim protectors can be installed with or without the Aero Wheels.

The exception to the rule is wheels with recessed features or raised areas that wouldn’t allow the wheel band to adhere to a flat surface.

Unless you have some fancy wheels, you’ll have no problem fitting these bands on your Model 3 — or any other vehicle for that matter.

Dislikes & Complaints

Like any product, customers are bound to find something they dislike.

The major complaints about the Rimsavers fall into one of two categories:

If you envision yourself needing to remove these bands at any point in the short term, I’d honestly suggest you don’t install them in the first place.

Do Customers Rate The Product Positively Overall?

Call me skeptical but seeing Rimblades’ site full of positive reviews makes me wonder if they’re actually accurate.

Amazon reviews are more balanced. 70% of customers have left positive ratings — and the overall product rating is 3.9 stars out of 5.

This is on the low end for my liking.

Unfortunately, however, looking for alternatives, most other brands I found had even worse ratings.

Tesla Model 3 Rimblades Owner Overview

Duf, a 2019 Model 3 owner, went searching for a solution to these already damaged wheels.

He found Rimblades’ Rimsavers, installed them, and gave his thoughts on the video below:

Although he rambles a bit… Unboxing starts @ 4:30.

Price Ranges & Where to Buy

Tesla Model 3 rimblades rimsavers review

You can find them on Rimblades’ website at the same price.

This price tag initially struck me as way too high.

Digging deeper, though, the comparable alternatives (listed below) are actually more expensive —

And the cheaper alternatives have worse ratings across the board.

Product Warranty

Rimblades offers a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

According to their website’s guarantee page, this includes a full refund within 30 days of purchase —

Or a product replacement if your experience any adhesion, fading, or product defect within the first year.

Alternative Products to Consider

As said above, cheaper alternatives exist but Model 3 owners have had such awful experiences that I digress from recommending such products.

(One particular Model 3 owner bought a cheaper set of wheel band protectors and they flew off while driving at 70 mph on the freeway.)

Dangerous stuff.

This isn’t something I want anyone to experience.

Two Tesla-focused brands do offer decent alternatives, however.

Evannex / RimPro-Tec

Although more expensive, it’s interesting to see the guys from Now You Know recommending RimPro-Tec.

The product comes with “base” and “inner ” stripes. Whether this provides extra protection remains unclear — but this setup does seem to offer better adhesion and durability overall.

WheelBands from Abstract Ocean

Currently out of stock but worth checking out if you’re already familiar with the brand.

The video above showcases Abstract Ocean owner abusing the product intentionally — and, actually, it fared very well.

Tesla Model 3 Rimblades / Rimsavers: Final Thoughts

Overall, Rimblades offers the best bang for your buck. Cheaper alternatives will fail prematurely and more expensive options don’t seem to offer any significant advantage.

You can purchase the Rimsavers in pretty much any color — and give your car an instant visual upgrade.

Since I tend not to care about hitting the road with scratched wheels…

Aesthetics is the only reason I’d personally consider buying these for myself.

But if you also care about protecting your wheels as much as possible, then these wheel band protectors suddenly become a smart choice.

Zac Ludicrous

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