5 Beautiful Tesla Model 3 Ambient Lighting Upgrades to Color Your Trips

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/08/22 •  1 min read

Tesla does a great job of making the driving experience effortless: Autopilot, regenerative braking, instant torque.

But to add to the appeal and the soothing experience, many owners look for a Tesla Model 3 ambient lighting upgrade to match its minimalistic interior.

Jump to 3:30 to see a holistic ambient lighting upgrade for Model 3 (white interior).

Eliminate fatigue, color your trips, and give your car an extra “cool” factor — we reviewed the best Tesla Model 3 ambient lighting upgrades to help you do just that:

Best Overall
KIKIMO Neon Light Tubes
KIKIMO Neon Light Tubes
  • Only fits Model 3 & Y pre-2021 interior
  • Adjustable colors
  • Easy and detailed installation instructions
  • User-friendly app
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great customer service


BASENOR Neon Light Tubes
BASENOR Neon Light Tubes
  • Similar to KIKIMO, but available for all Model 3/Y years (inc. refreshed console)
  • Adjustable colors via app
  • Best-seller in its category
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install



Premium Pick
EVShop's Complete Lighting Kit
EVShop’s Complete Lighting Kit
  • Full premium experience, covering many more interior spots.
  • Includes stripes for dashboard, air vents, seats, doors, and much more.
  • Adjustable colors AND brightness
  • Low-consumption LEDs


Best Overall Tesla Model 3 Ambient Lighting Upgrade: KIKIMO

With strips to light up your center console and dashboard, KIKIMO offers a minimal lighting kit that’s easy to install — with a simple app to manage it all.

If you hate the idea of dismantling interior parts (and would rather insert a strip into small gaps your car already has),

This lighting upgrade fits your needs.

It’s easy to install and has extremely detailed installation instructions on the product page.

The app, used to adjust the light color, also has an interesting “music mode” for your lights to dance along to your favorite song.

With a 1-year warranty and its accessible price point (compared to full kits that may run thousands of dollars), it’s really an unbeatable value.

To top everything off, buyers report great customer service when they needed help, going as far as recommending the brand for its service alone.


Fits: Model 3 & Y (pre-2021 interior)

✅ Adjustable colors

✅ Easy and detailed installation instructions

✅ User-friendly app

✅ 1-year warranty

✅ Great customer service


❌ Only available for center console and dashboard.

❌ Center console strip may not fit refreshed Model 3/Y (mid-2020 and beyond)

Runner-Up Ambient Lighting Upgrade: BASENOR

Runner-Up Ambient Lighting Upgrade: BASENOR

Basenor offers a lighting upgrade with adjustable colors and modes — set through an app many customers classify as “OK” (that is, not the most user-friendly).

The lights go unnoticed during the day — but all your passengers will see and feel the difference at night.

Many customers confirm that the installation process for the center console strips amounts to 10 minutes max —

While the dashboard strips may be a bit more involved.

Complaints of the lights themselves are few and far between but many Model 3 owners have second thoughts on the quality of the installation tools the product comes with.

The lighting kit may not be as durable either, as some customers, although satisfied until that point, report not making it to the 1-year mark.

Still, it’s the best-selling lighting kit with 500 ratings (4.1-star average) and comes at a price tag that any Model 3 owner wanting to give color to their trips will be able to afford.

Whether it fits the refreshed Model 3 center console has yet to be confirmed, but I’d assume it doesn’t as the console changes were significant.


Fits: 2017 – 2020 Model 3 & Y years
May not fit refreshed center console on newer models.

✅ Adjustable colors

✅ Best-seller in its category

✅ Affordable

✅ Easy to install


❌Only available for center console and dashboard.

❌ Lower-quality installation tools.

❌ May not be as durable.

Premium Pick: Full Ambient Lighting Kit by The EV Shop

Tesla <odel 3 ambient lighting upgrade (Full) by TheEvShop.

When looking for a next-level experience, much more than a center console or dashboard strip is needed.

That’s where this Model 3 ambient lighting upgrade comes into play.

Aside from the center lights, The EV Shop’s premium kit covers many more lighting spots:

At first glance, it seems over the top, but once you see the end result…

Full Ambient Lighting Kit by The EV Shop.

It’s tempting, to say the least.

This clean and holistic experience is a perfect match for Model 3’s minimalistic interior — but comes at a price.

The kit is very expensive — and you may consider professional help as the installation is bound to be more involved.

There’s currently a 10% off offer when you purchase an LED door strip and a 2-piece USB light to complete the appeal and relaxing aura.

That should sweeten its price for those looking for the ultimate in cabin ambiance.


Fits: All Model 3 & Y years

✅ Full premium experience, covering many more interior spots.

✅ Includes stripes for dashboard, air vents, seats, doors, and much more.

✅ Adjustable colors

✅ Adjustable brightness

✅ Low-consumption LEDs


❌ Expensive

❌ May require professional help

Brightest Lighting Upgrade (OEM Replacement): Ultra-Bright LEDs

Tesla Model 3 Ambient Lighting Upgrade by Abstract Ocean
Kit for puddle lights, trunk, and interior lighting.

Teslas don’t have the brightest OEM interior lights by any means.

Many Model 3 owners have had to turn their phone’s flashlight on to see clearly at night.

This kit solves this problem by lighting up your vehicle much more than the stock lights (16x brighter, the company claims).

Choosing not to prioritize the aesthetic and ambient aspect of lighting, they opt instead for the practicality of ultra-bright lights.

Bjorn, a Norwegian YouTuber, upgraded his Model X lights — and was happy enough with the results to also upgrade his Model 3:

You can see the installation process and the before-and-after result @ 5:39.

The difference is literally night and day.

And although the installation process may differ slightly, reviews suggest this kit fits all Model 3 years, including the refreshed model (2020-2022 and beyond).

Unlike the alternatives above, this ultra-bright lighting kit isn’t flexible as it comes in white for maximum brightness.

Certainly worth considering if brightness is at the top of your priorities.


Fits: All Model 3 years & trims.
Also available for Model Y.

✅ Ultra-bright, low-consumption LEDs

✅ Quality product and installation tools

✅ OEM upgrade

✅ Fits refreshed Model 3 (mid-2020 and beyond)


❌ Not truly for ambiance or aesthetics

❌ Set color

❌ Somewhat expensive

Best Budget OEM Lighting Upgrade: LECART

LECART offers the only Model 3 lighting upgrade with a mix of aesthetics and practicality.

The lights are brighter than OEM lights while looking much better — and being customizable.

For instance, if you only want to change the puddle or trunk lights, LECART offers 4-piece lighting kits that can replace the specific OEM lights you desire.

Be careful if you intend to change the footwell lights for a Model 3 Standard Range, however, as Tesla has those lights disabled as part of its partial premium interior.

Also, keep in mind that there aren’t OEM frunk, rear footwell, or 3rd centered trunk lights, as the diagram suggests.

Note that a rather small number of customers report one faulty light (out of the 4-piece kit they purchased),

But this isn’t common as most buyers are extremely satisfied with the product (nearly 80% of buyers rating it 5 stars).


Fits: All Model 3/Y years & trims.
May also fit Model S & X.

✅ Customizable

✅ Very affordable

✅ OEM upgrade

✅ Available in Red, Blue, and Purple

✅ Fits refreshed Model 3 (mid-2020 and beyond)


❌ Misinformation on lighting points that don’t exist

❌ 1 out of the 4 lights may come faulty

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Wiring is tight in Teslas.

For that reason, when dealing with OEM upgrades and holistic kits, the installation will take time and effort.

Depending on your skills, it may take one or even several hours.

However, all the products on this list come with some form of installation instructions (either text, images, or video).

And many reviews suggest less than 10 minutes of installation for the center console+dashboard strips by KIKIMO and BASENOR.

Lighting requires very little energy.

Even if you replace all OEM lights with much brighter ones and order a full ambient lighting upgrade, the range difference (if any) won’t be noticeable.

The refreshed Model 3 Tesla introduced in mid-2020 has a different center console. Lighting kits that fit pre-2020 models won’t fit the refreshed Model 3 (2021 and beyond).

Also, footwell lights are software disabled on trims with no premium interior (Standard Range or Standard Range Plus).

Consider this when ordering your lighting kits.

Our Tesla Model 3 Ambient Lighting Upgrade of Choice:

When evaluating all the options, KIKIMO lighting introduces a pleasant aura without being over the top or complex to install — and at a very affordable price.

You’ll feel less tired after trips and the people you travel with will want to ride in your Model 3 more than ever.

For that reason, KIKIMO is our Tesla Model 3 ambient lighting upgrade of choice.

It’s at least an entry-level product to determine if lighting upgrades are for you — and if you end up wanting more, you may consider adding on complete lighting kits later on.

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