Easy Tesla Model 3 Trunk Rain Fix [SOLVED]

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Are you tired of rainwater rushing through your car’s trunk? You’re not alone, so continue reading.

I put together the best advice from 11 forum threads and community posts and 7 YouTube videos of Model 3 owners dealing with the same problem.

By the end of the article, you’ll know:

Let’s get started.

The Problem: Model 3’s Trunk Design Flaw—and Its Implication

Many Model 3 owners have long complained about what seems to be an obvious design flaw in the car’s trunk. 

Apparently, when you open the trunk in the rain, the water that gushes through the back glass can enter the trunk. Bjørn Nyland better explains this in the video below:

YouTuber Tesla Tom of Ludicrous Feed also demonstrates how rainwater enters the trunk when it’s raining. The water bypasses the rubber seal and goes straight into the trunk. 

Reddit user NotoriousTD also shared his experience on his 2021 Model 3 and said the bottom of his trunk was completely soaked. He thought the well-known problem was already solved, but other owners shared the same experience.

TMC user Talax74 admitted, “the water is not coming only from the lid but also sliding through the rear glass when I open the trunk.” 

If you are living in a rainy area, this is a serious problem.

Model 3 owners have been trying different solutions; some worked, but others didn’t. In this article, we’ll outline the solutions with the highest rates of success.

But before we dive into the solutions, let’s first take a look at the root cause of the problem.

What Causes the Rain to Enter the Trunk?

There are several reasons why rainwater enters the Model 3’s trunk—and it’s not just about its design. Here are some of the main contributors:

  1. How fast you open the trunk – Reddit user demonlag said water becomes a problem when people open the wet trunk lid and hurl it up super fast. Therefore, the water sitting on the lid will be thrown to the rear glass and then splashed down inside the trunk quickly, bypassing the rubber seal. 

Regardless of the model of your car, if this is how you open the trunk, you will likely have the same problem.

  1. The rubber seal is not properly installed – In the following video, YouTuber VAXHeadroom is fixing the rubber seal by pulling it outside. 

This video attracted some arguments about whether what he is doing is right or wrong. Other owners noticed the same issue and called for Tesla mobile support to fix or replace the rubber seal. They concluded that he was right.

I just went to a Tesla showroom/service center and looked at the trunk . . . Speaking to service, that is the correct way. I am going to pull the flange out so it’s seated correctly. Guess it wasn’t installed correctly from the factory and then mobile service replaced it and did the same thing.

cherrybomb of New York
Tesla model 3 trunk rain fix issue
Credit to VAXHeadroom

Although the water usually enters the trunk by sliding through the glass, it can also enter from the rear if the rubber seal is not fixed.

Here are photos from Danix of Alamo, CA, post-repair (notice the edge of the rubber is visible outside).

tesla model 3 trunk rain fix: edge rubber
tesla model 3 trunk rain fix: edge rubber
Credits to Danix
  1. The car’s ceramic coatings make the water run fast on the surface – Model 3 owner EchoDelta from Seattle said the velocity of water rushing to the trunk is made worse by the car’s ceramic coatings. 

Since ceramic coatings are super slick and hydrophobic, water and soap slip right through the surface. This is something to keep in mind if you ceramic coated your Model 3.

Did Tesla Make a Move to Fix This Problem?

In November 2020, Tesla reportedly made some big and small changes for the 2021 Model 3, and apparently, the trunk water leakage was solved…

Or so people thought. 

At 1:24 in the following video, YouTuber Tesla Model 3 Eh! explains how the holes on the weather strips of the 2021 refreshed Model 3 let the water drain. These holes were not present in older models. 

New weather strips explanation starts @ 1:24.

However, concerns remain among some owners. Even with this fix implemented, water continues to overflow to the trunk when there’s a lot of it (e.g., when rain is intense).

Every Tesla Model 3 Trunk Rain Fix Owners Have Come Up With

If you own a 2020 Model 3 or older (those with the piano center console), consider the recommendations below.

If you own a refreshed Model 3 though, the jury is still out on whether you’ll need these fixed. I’d encourage you to get a glass of water and test it for yourself to verify.

A) Fixes

  1. Replace the rubber seal – Model 3 owner Michael Bodner had his car fixed by replacing the stock weather stripping (rubber seal) with a thicker version. According to him, his car was under warranty and the repair was done by Tesla Mobile Service. This is just a partial fix as a bit of water still gets into the trunk.
  1. Install a trunk rain deflector or mini-spoiler – This is the ultimate aftermarket fix most Model 3 owners recommend. It works like a spoiler, looks decent, and can be installed in 2–5 minutes. This product from RPMTesla is one you may want to consider.

Made of ABS plastic carbon fiber, this deflector is placed on the bottom edge of the back glass, and it works by slowing the water that drains down the glass.

It can be installed without any technical knowledge or complicated tools. Check out the installation video below.

Credit to Basenor Auto.

However, because Basenor is very popular, the product is often out of stock. You can opt for unbranded options on eBay that work the same, like this carbon fiber Model 3 water retaining wing.

  1. Use a waterproof cargo liner – Adding a waterproof layer of protection on top of the trunk floor protects it from corrosion. There are many cargo liners available on the market. Some of the favorite ones in the Tesla community are Mixsuper and Basenor themselves.
Mixsuper Custom Fit Mats for Tesla Model 3’s Trunk
Basenor Tesla Model 3 3D Mats for Trunk Cargo
  1. Cover the cargo bay – Cargo bay covers not only protect your cargo from rainwater but also make your cargo space more practical. It provides an additional compartment and keeps the cargo below away from everyone’s view.  

Though only available for the Model Y as of this writing, one of the most popular trunk cargo covers is sold by Hansshow.

Tesla Model 3 trunk rain fix: cargo coovers

I asked the seller whether this also fits the Model 3. Check the question section on the product page to see if the seller or other customers have provided an answer.

B) Proper Usage

If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend extra dollars for the above fixes, follow these simple steps on how to keep your car’s trunk dry.

  1. As much as possible, avoid opening your car’s trunk when it’s raining. 
  1. If there’s water stuck on the lid of the trunk, wipe it first before opening. Some owners suggest always having a rag or a towel in your car to wipe off the water from the top of the trunk for rainy days.
  1. Open the trunk carefully while supporting it with your hands and don’t let it hurl upward. If there is water on top of the lid, it will splash on the rear glass and eventually rush inside the trunk.

Final Thoughts: Easy Tesla Model 3 Trunk Rain Fix [SOLVED]

Rainwater pouring into your trunk and soaking your valuables is a major inconvenience, especially if you live in a rainy state. 

Don’t wait until the weather changes to your disadvantage.

Consider scheduling a service appointment with Tesla to get an improved weather stripping or purchasing a trunk rain deflector that stops the water dead in its tracks.

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