[REVIEWED] 3 Best All-Weather Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats in 2022

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/06/22 •  12 min read

The first accessory Tesla owners talk about the moment they get their cars are floor mats. They are one of the most important accessories every car owner should own.


Other "bloggers" and "influencers" will push the product that pays the most, not the one that help you the most. We find what has worked best for the Tesla community -- and recommend it. We may get compensated (and that keeps the lights on)... but if we don't, WHO CARES? If every Model 3/Y owner is recommending it, we will too!

For this article, I analyzed 16 Tesla Model 3 floor mat products and ranked the six that Tesla owners love the most.


Three main winners emerged at the top, and we’ll be covering them in greater detail below.

To know which ones are the easiest to clean, are the most durable, or provide the most coverage, continue reading.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for All-Weather Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats
3D MAXpider
  • Established track record in the Tesla community
  • Very good coverage
  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Often called 3D MAXpider’s clone
  • Equally good coverage without the intrusive logo
  • 100% maximum coverage (including walls and door seat space)
  • Lowest maintenance due to softer, easier-to-clean materials
  • Likely to be the most durable choice
OEM All-Weather Floor Liners by Tesla
  • Made from thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Easy to clean
  • Exclusive grid pattern crafted by Tesla's Design Studio
  • Very good coverage
  • Best-looking Tesla Model 3 floor mats available
  • Odorless

Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Overall: 3D MAXpider

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes researching Tesla Model 3 floor mats, you’ve probably heard about 3D MAXpider.

They are THE tried-and-true solution for interior floor edge-to-edge protection.

If you want a high-quality floor mat that survives all the slops you throw at it and gets cleaned in seconds, look no further.

3D MAXpider was one of the first mats available after the first Model 3 deliveries, and today, they benefit from a long track record of quality.

A valid complaint I’ve heard about the product is its backing material.

Although it’s meant to avoid slippage (and it does so pretty well), it also makes an annoying, scratchy sound whenever you step on it.

But this is a minor aspect in the grand scheme of things.

So deep they can hold more than a gallon of water, snow, or mud. Go to 1:43 for the actual review.

Overall, these are the floor mats the Tesla community recommends first and the ones YouTubers have raved about for years.

I like the fact that they have variants for 2021, 2020, and 2017–2019 models, proof that they do make these mats fit as tight as possible.

Coverage isn’t the greatest, but it’s safe to say the mats cover 95%+ of the interior carpet and subjacent walls.

There are variants available for the 2017–2019 and 2020–2022 models on Amazon.

The brand also sells trunk and cargo mats separately. These mats fit all Model 3 years.

The company offers the same high-quality floor mats for the Tesla Model Y and the rest of the lineup.



✅ Established track record in the Tesla community
✅ Very good coverage
✅ Designed to fit perfectly
✅ Anti-skid backing
✅ Trunk and frunk mats available


❌ Includes “3D” logo
❌ Noisy back material when you step on it

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats: TAPTES

Several months after 3D MAXpider was introduced, many Chinese manufacturers started to produce similar Tesla Model 3 floor mats.

TAPTES is one of those brands (and it happens to be one already established in the Tesla accessories space).

Despite its lower cost, customers say it feels very similar in quality and thickness.

Not only that, but also it has added benefits going for it:

In fact, the same YouTubers who bought 3D MAXpider admit they would have bought TAPTES floor mats in a heartbeat had they been available at the time they purchased.

“TAPTES came out with a clone of the MAXpider… and spoiler alert: I like them better.”

The biggest drawback about these floor mats is the long shipping times (2 to 7 weeks) when ordering from the TAPTES website.

To address this, TAPTES has made its products available on Amazon, though you may find them out of stock from time to time.

Check out TAPTES Model 3 floor mats on Amazon and order yours right away if they’re available.

Though not as popular, they also sell Model 3 frunk mats and Model Y variants.

Another major complaint from this brand is the below-average customer service. Don’t expect proactive communication or quick responses from their team if you face any issues.

Inconveniences like this come with their territory when purchasing from a lower-cost manufacturer.

Still, getting a 3D MAXpider clone for nearly half the price is worth the risk for many.



✅ Best bang for your buck
✅ Often called 3D MAXpider’s clone
✅ Equally good coverage without the intrusive logo
✅ Better and quieter back material


❌ Frequently out of stock on Amazon
❌ Ships from overseas when ordered through their website

Most Durable & Protective Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3: TuxMat

Let’s address the drawbacks Tesla owners face when considering TuxMat:

#1 – They’re ugly. Let’s be honest on that one.

#2 – Like 3D MAXpider, these mats include a logo. This time, though, most people find it tasteful and not as obnoxious.

If you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics, however, TuxMat provides many benefits other floor mats don’t:

And that’s aside from its more luxurious look and feel.

If TuxMat happens to be out of stock on Amazon, feel free to check out TuxMat’s website (based in Canada).

You can watch a Tesla owner’s first impressions and experience below:

First impressions start at 0:45. Jump to 6:07 to listen to his experience after weeks of use.

If you live in an area with harsh winters or you visit the beach often, you’d definitely lean toward these mats.

Surprisingly, they’re not as expensive as I expected.

Their price is competitive with 3D MAXpider, making them a worthy choice for many Tesla owners.



✅ 100% maximum coverage (including walls and door seat space)
✅ Lowest maintenance due to softer, easier-to-clean materials
✅ Likely to be the most durable choice
✅ Lifetime warranty


❌ Not as visually attractive for many people
❌ Includes logo (though much more subtly)

Notable Mentions: OEM All-Weather Floor Liners by Tesla

The easiest choice to make is to order Tesla’s floor liners and call it a day. This is what many people do.

That doesn’t make it the best choice, though.

When compared with Tesla’s, other aftermarket floor mats almost always come out as superior.

The Kilowatts YouTube channel does a good job comparing the best-selling all-weather mats in the video above.

Their conclusion? Tesla’s floor liners are harder to clean (often requiring deep cleaning rather than just vacuuming) for the same price.

And their coverage is good enough but not complete. Small spots like the upper portion of the dead pedal are left out.

If you want to continue supporting Tesla, consider these mats.

Most people are better off with an aftermarket product, though.

Best Budget 3D Floor Mats Alternative on Amazon: HEA

With an interesting design and an equally compelling price tag, HEA sells a slightly lower-priced 3D alternative with very good coverage.

You won’t have as many supporting third-party reviews and a track record of main competitors, but you’ll have good all-around protection for your car.

These mats fit all model years, but the material isn’t as sturdy, which leads people to believe it won’t hold as well.

People also seem to have trouble getting it cleaned.

If TAPTES floor mats aren’t in stock on Amazon and you just can’t wait seven weeks to protect your Model 3’s interior, these mats may fit your needs.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Model 3 Floor Mats (Essential Questions Answered)

Like any other accessory, buying floor mats for your Tesla Model 3 requires some vigilance. You should at least have some idea of what kind of floor mats are available in the market and what will suit your needs best.

We’ll dive into some important considerations you should do before selecting the ultimate floor mat for your electric vehicle. But before that, let’s discuss why floor mats are a necessity.

Why Most Model 3 Owners Buy Floor Mats

The following are the major reasons why Tesla Model 3 owners decided to buy floor mats:

#1 To Enhance the Looks of Their Car

Let’s be honest, if you know the ABC of cars, you’d know attractive floor mats enhance the aesthetics of your car significantly.

Especially if you’ve custom-styled your car, appropriate floor mats will act like icing on the cake, cherry on top, or whatever you’d like to call it.

#2 To Keep the Floor Clean

You step in the car, and your shoes don’t drag any dirt inside with them…

Yeah, if you live on a planet where the concept of dirt, mud, and such things is nonexistent!

On earth, it’s not possible. So what would you prefer? Cleaning just the floor mats or the whole floor of your car? 

The former option makes more sense to me. 

Also, some people have the habit of eating in their car, and sometimes they spill their food or beverage. If a floor mat is in place, you won’t have to deal with a sticky and dirty floor.

#3 To Retain the Resale Value

As discussed in the previous section, stubborn stains from spilled food and beverages or through any other means are very hard to clean. It’s quite possible that you may end up damaging your car’s floor.

As a result, the resale value of your Model 3 will go down. So instead of regretting later, invest in some quality floor mats now.

4 Types of Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

The following are the most common types of floor mats Model 3 owners prefer:

#1 Rubber


✅ Most sturdy and durable out of all other types
✅ Color is mostly black; they will work with any custom-colored interior
✅ Easy to clean
✅ Incredible stain-resistant ability


❌ Tend to be a bit expensive 
❌ Rubber may feel a bit slippery

#2 Fabric


✅ Most affordable than any other type
✅ Offer excellent variety in style and color
✅ Rubber back makes sure the mat doesn’t slip out of place
✅ Excellent water absorber


❌ Discoloration occurs after some time
❌ Not durable

#3 Nomad


✅ Most stylish
✅ Easily customizable
✅ Excellent at soaking up spilled water and beverages 
✅ Trap mud or debris easily


❌ Not minimalist aesthetically

#4 3D


✅ High-end
✅ Come in stylish designs
✅ Anti-skid feature makes sure they don’t slip out of place
✅ Furrowed surface traps dirt, mud, and debris perfectly


❌ Require cleaning more often
❌ Don’t absorb liquid

What to Look for When Buying Floor Mats for Your Model 3

The following are the most important factors you should consider before selecting the ultimate floor mat for your Model 3:

#1 Mat’s Material

The material used to make your Tesla Model 3’s floor mats determines how long they last and how frequently you must clean them. 

For example:

I could go on, but you got the drift, right? Everything comes down to your utility. Knowing how you’ll use them can help you choose the right material for your floor mats.

#2 Thickness

Another very important factor you should keep in mind.

Thicker carpets are nicer for your feet than thin ones. They also don’t slip as much since they’re heavier. Thicker mats often survive longer because they are less prone to cracking or curling. 

#3 2D or 3D

3D mats are more effective in trapping dirt, mud, or debris. Also, the furrowy surface directs the water away from your feet. 

But 3D mats require cleaning more often than 2D mats. Based on your everyday use, you will have to make an appropriate decision if 2D mats will suit you better or 3D.

How to Install the Floor Mats Appropriately

Follow the following steps:

  1. Clean the floor; either vacuum it or wipe it down. Make sure there is no dirt or debris left on the floor of your car.
  2. Place each mat in its correct spot. Front mats are usually longer, while back mats are usually shorter.
  3. Make sure all mats lay flat. Specifically, check the driver’s side mat and make sure it doesn’t mess with the movement of pedals.

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Can aftermarket mats be placed on top of factory ones?

You could (and the backing material won’t damage the factory mats).

However, removing any floor mats to install your aftermarket product directly to the car’s floor will ensure a more precise fit.

Do these floor mats fit the Model Y?

No, Model 3 and Model Y have different dimensions.

However, most manufacturers already have Model Y variants available for sale, including many on this list (like 3D MAXpider and TAPTES).

What’s the Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats After All?

All the mats listed above protect your car’s interior very well. For me, this makes the decision harder, and price becomes an important factor.

If you’re a price-conscious consumer, consider looking into the TAPTES website or its Amazon store first.

If TAPTES is unavailable and you want faster shipping, or you want to feel more confident that customer service will reply if you need to return the product, 3D Maxpider is the floor mat to consider.

I was impressed by their track record of happy customers (700+ positive reviews and counting).

Simply put: you won’t regret it.

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