Tesmat Review: A Bargain or an Obvious No For Tesla Owners?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 09/28/21 •  9 min read

This is an impartial Tesmat review for Tesla Model 3/Y owners.

I did 7+ hours of research, went through dozens of forum threads and videos to know everything about this product—from features to actual customer experiences.

After looking at the evidence, my overall rating for Tesmat is very positive. All things considered, you get your money’s worth many times over with their bed kit.

But, it’s just my opinion. Let’s have a thorough discussion on what it offers so you can make a decision yourself.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing about Tesmat bed kits in this article:

Tesmat Bed Kits for Tesla Overview

What’s Included?

Package IncludesStorage CaseSheetsPillowPrivacy Screen
Tesmat BundleYesYesNoYes

Tesmat offers comfortable bed kits specifically made for Model 3 and Model Y. 

If you occasionally enjoy a quick nap or prefer taking a full night’s rest in your car, Tesmat has got you covered.

They have engineered a practical product that can make nights in your Tesla cozy and enjoyable.

During my hours of research, I didn’t find any major downside to this product. Customers seemed really happy with their purchase. 

Overall, I consider this product the best value in its category.

There are other bed kits (and I discussed them in this article). But if you want a practical & comfortable bed kit that fits in a sub-trunk, leaving room for all your cargo when camping, you’ll be very satisfied with Tesmat. 

If you’re someone who needs proof, however, read on.

To keep things in perspective, know that whatever I share here I took from other Tesla owners — along with my personal take. 

First Thing First—How Comfortable Tesmat Bed Kit Really is?

Tesmat Review

Tesmat’s bed consists of three separate 2” thick memory foam mats that form a twin-size mattress.

Though the company claims 2.6” in thickness, many resources (including reviews from owners) state 2” instead. 

If you’re an avid camper, you’d know this much thickness is more than enough. Many options have less than that.

Especially when you consider the memory foam is firm enough: it doesn’t get uncomfortably compressed by the weight of a person.

Most Tesla owners found the bed thick enough to sleep well — while still being easy to store. Others would’ve preferred a slightly thicker product. 

For a good night’s sleep in your car, the Tesmat bed kit absolutely fits the bill.

Something that might bug you is the separated mats…

“What will keep these mats in place? Will they split up while I sleep? Would it compromise the comfort? Oh, I already have backache!’

The creator of Tesmat himself addressed these concerns in a Tesla Motors Club thread. Here is his response:

1)The fabric that the mat covers are made out of gently clings to the carpet behind the rear seats.

2)The mats are perfectly sized so that they are pressed against each wall of the trunk. When lying down on the memory foam, the separate memory foam mats compress into each other, rather than away from each other, creating one cohesive piece.

3)The fitted bedsheets wrapped around the sub-trunk cover and rear seat headrests help keep everything neat down in place.

In general, in the comfort department, Tesmat’s bed kit is a definitive winner.

Tesmat Setup Process: Swift, Effortless, & Straightforward

Tesmat has kept the setup process quite straightforward. Let’s go through it step by step.

Here’s a helpful video explaining the whole setup procedure from the Tesmat YouTube channel — for you to follow along:


1. Unzip the carrying case, release the magnetic clip, and take your three separate mats out.

2. Fold the back passenger seats in a flat position and lay down your first mat. Be sure to keep the stiff side of the mat towards the head to have extra head support.

3. Similarly, set up the other two mats such that all three mats align properly.

4. Now, apply the bedsheets such that the top is wrapped around the rear seat headrest and the bottom is wrapped around the sub-trunk cover.

5. If you’ve bought the bundle that includes a privacy screen (read on to know more about it), set it up and you’re all set to have a wonderful night in your Model 3/Y.

All in all, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes (if that) to set the bed kit up and go to sleep.

Overall Looks of Tesmat’s Mattress (Before & After the Setup)


Overall Looks of Tesmat’s Mattress (Before the Setup)
Your next night’s sleep… stored in your car’s sub-trunk.

Aesthetically, the Tesmat bed kit stored in its carrying case looks luxurious. The whole package is pretty compact and lightweight. 

When stored, the package measures 22” x 14” x 10”. This means it can easily be stored in the sub-trunk.

The carrying case is made up of an insulated and waterproof material so it can double as a cooler—to keep your favorite beverages cool all night.

Tesmat’s storage case being used as a cooler. #BlueMoonFTW

Place your case in the sub-trunk with all your goodies. Then forget it’s there until you wake up thirsty the next day, eager to enjoy a refreshing drink.


Overall Looks of Tesmat’s Mattress (After the Setup)

Undoubtedly, after the whole setup, this bed kit looks sleek. 

The wrinkle- & fade-resistant sheets Tesmat includes also ensure everything continues to look neat after an entire thing.

Tesmat Offers a Privacy Screen to Keep the Peering Eyes Away

Tesmat Offers a Privacy Screen to Keep the Peering Eyes Away

Peering eyes are the worst, right? I know you wouldn’t want any weirdo looking at you while you sleep.

Luckily, Tesmat sells a privacy screen that covers the windshield and all four windows, blocking the view from the outside.

It leaves the roof uncovered for stargazing.

This privacy screen nicely complements the mattress and is one of the most practical camping products I’ve seen.

Here is a comprehensive installation guide from Tesmat to help you understand how the whole setup works:

You probably noticed the privacy screen is quite compact. You can even store it along with the Tesmat bed kit in the sub-trunk.

If you camp often in your car, I’d strongly suggest you invest in it to improve your privacy at night.

The Downside to a Perfect Product…

Now, all is not sunshine and rainbows! 

While the product is indeed extraordinary, customers have largely faced problems with the Tesmat customer service and extended delivery time.

More often than not, they had to wait 6-7 weeks to get the delivery — and when they tried to touch customer support for a status update… the company ghosted them:

“I did not get emails within a couple of weeks, I sent webmail through Tesmat.com asking for a status report.

No answer.

I tried again a few days later. Same result. I called the phone number on the website. Voicemail. I left a message.

I understand that some products might be moving more slowly now, but I prefer that companies with my money not ignore me.”

Tom Trigg

However, customers are happy and confirm the product quality when they finally receive their order. 

The extra wait proves worth it in the end for the vast majority of owners.

What Customers Think (Positive or Negative)?

The overall rating for Tesmat’s mattress has been overwhelmingly positive.

With 99% positive reviews for Model Y and 98% positive reviews for Model 3, it’s safe to say customers are very satisfied. Here’s just one example:

“This is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to maximize the benefits of their Model 3/Y.

That huge glass roof + stars + camping mode + TESMAT = terrifically fun experience.”Colin K

Aside from the company’s customer support and delivery time issues (which they’ve been improving lately), I struggled to find major complaints about the product itself.

Third-Party Thoughts Over Tesmat Bed Kit

I scrutinized YouTube for hours to find unbiased reviews of the Tesmat bed kit.

After going through many videos, I found the following ones most honest and straightforward.

Cameron from Tech of Tech Youtube Channel:

1:43: First Impressions | 4:24: Setup procedure | 8:24: How he liked Tesmat after a whole night’s sleep | 12:00: Privacy screen review | 13:25: Final thoughts

Mika from Chase and Mika YouTube Channel:

0:39: Setup Procedure | 3:00: How she liked Tesmat | 6:14: Final thoughts

Price Ranges & Where to Buy

Tesmat Review: Price Ranges & Where to Buy

As of this writing, current prices for both the Model 3 & Model Y are as follows:

Mattress & Carrying Case$269
Privacy Screen$55
Combo (Mattress + Privacy Screen+ Sheets)$324

Though Tesmat isn’t selling through Amazon or other stores yet, you can order through their website. 

You’ll get free shipping if you’re in the U.S. — but they ship anywhere else around the world for a small price.

You can also choose to split your purchase into interest-free installment payments which can make the product easier to afford for many.

Alternative Products to Consider

Swift Delivery & Responsive Customer Service: Tescamp

Tescamp is a very similar product to Tesmat but the benefit here is quicker delivery from Amazon and their responsive customer service. If you’re on the clock and can’t wait for Tesmat to arrive in weeks, give Tescamp a shot.

More Premium Option: DreamCase

More Premium Option: DreamCase

Dreamcase is a more premium option for those who don’t mind paying the dough in exchange for a higher-end product. It includes a whole camper kit that completely fits the bill.

A Cheaper Alternative: Better Habitat

A Cheaper Alternative: Better Habitat
Crediit to TeslaJoy.

Don’t want to spend too much money on a bed kit? Better Habitat is the best solution for you. It includes a comfortable memory foam mattress that can be set in seconds. Unclip, roll out, and you’re all set.

Final Thoughts: Tesmat Bed Kit Review

All things considered, the Tesmat bed kit is a smoking deal if you can wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive.

The product provides incredible value for money — and the product’s reputation within the Tesla community is superb.

If you don’t have any trips planned soon and you can wait, Tesmat is 100% the way to go.

However, if that’s not the case, I’d suggest you try Tescamp’s bed kit instead. It’s virtually just as good — and you can get it on your hands in days through Amazon.

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