Dreamcase Model Y/3: A Premium Solution For Tesla Campers

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/27/22 •  9 min read

For Tesla Model Y/3 owners, this is an unbiased Dreamcase bed kit evaluation.

I spent over seven hours researching this product, reading hundreds of forum threads, and watching videos to learn everything there is to know about it, from features to genuine user experiences.

After reviewing the information, I give Dreamcase a strong recommendation. All things considered, their package gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

However, this is just my opinion. Let’s go through everything it has to offer so you can make your own decision.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about in this article on Dreamcase bed kits:

  1. Is the bed set big enough for two people?
  2. Is it comfortable to sleep on for the entire night?
  3. The setup process—easy or an absolute struggle?
  4. Overall looks and feels (before and after the complete setup)
  5. Product downsides you won’t expect
  6. And much more…

Let’s get into it.

Dreamcase Bed Kit Overview

What’s Included?

PackageStorage CaseSheetsPillowWashable CoversPrice
Dreamcase (Sheets included)YesYesYesNo$778
Please note that the prices are converted from euros to US dollars according to the rate as of this writing.

For Model Y campers (and Model 3’s too) who love premium and can’t compromise on comfort, whatever it may cost them, the Dreamcase bed kit is a necessary deal to have.

The included mattress is specifically cut out for the Model Y (same goes for the Model 3), giving you the maximum room for comfortable sleep in your Tesla.

Even after researching the crap out on the internet, I couldn’t find any major con to this product, except that some owners found this bed kit a little too expensive (we’ll talk about this later in the article).

Of course, there are other competitors in the market, but the value provided by Dreamcase is hardly matched by them. 

Almost 95% of the owners seemed utterly satisfied with their purchase. If I were to translate the overall sentiment of customers in two words, I’d say this: “Worth it!”

Let’s get into the details and see how this bed kit can make your Tesla camping more cozy and enjoyable.

Dimensions, Fitment, Room… Practicality Of Dreamcase Bed Kit


As stated earlier, the Dreamcase bed kit is specifically cut out for the Model Y; it covers all the available space to provide as much sleeping room as possible.

Per the community, it’s more than enough space for one person or even two if both are average heighted. A parent and a child can easily sleep, but a couple might face difficulties in sleeping (especially if they are not talking to each other!).

As far as fitment and sleeping room are concerned, Dreamcase presents a very solid case.

Will It Fit the Model 3 Too?

Here’s the situation:

ModelCargo Space (With Seats Down)
343.6 ft³
Y68 ft³

The cargo space in the Model 3 is lower than the Model Y; hence, there is more sleeping room in the Model Y. However, the Dreamcase bed kit’s dimensions for both the Model 3 and the Model Y are the same. So yes, the Model Y’s bed kit will easily fit in the Model 3 and even in the Model S.

Comfortability Analysis Of The Dreamcase Bed Kit

Per the overall sentiment of the Tesla community, this bed kit is quite comfortable for a camping mattress.

If you’re a regular camper, you’d know that 2″ thickness is more than enough, and you wouldn’t mind it.

However, some owners who don’t do camping in their Teslas more often find 2″ thickness a bit less—especially side sleepers.

Moreover, if you’re worried about whether the mattress sleeps hot or not, don’t worry.

Per an avid Dreamcase user, the mattress doesn’t sleep hot. Just pre-cool your car to a temperature of your liking and you’ll be good to go.

If I’m to give the Dreamcase bed kit a rating, I’d say it is 4.5 out of 5 stars when it comes to comfortability.

How To Set Up Dreamcase

Setting up Dreamcase is a breeze. It shouldn’t take an individual person more than two minutes to completely set it up.

Here’s the setup procedure as shown by the Dreamcase YouTube channel:

Easy and straightforward…

Hack for Quick Packing & Unpacking

If you are on the road for several days and don’t want to go through the hassle of packing and unpacking every night, there’s a quicker solution for you.

For multi-day trips and ready to roll convenience: relocate duvet and pillows from a fully set up Dreamcase into the trunk, next fold and collapse the first and second plates towards the trunk over the third plate. Return the rear seats to locked upright position and rear passenger space is ready for passengers.

Unpacking from Quick-Pack state is straightforward, just reverse the above stated procedure.


Before And After Setup


Image Credits: Dreamcase


dreamcase model y
Image Credits: Dreamcase

Let’s Talk About The Cons

In terms of practicality, there is indeed no con related to this product. It’s comfortable and absolutely worth the investment.

The most common complaints that I found while researching are as follows:

❌ The packed bag of Dreamcase is quite heavy.
❌ It doesn’t fit in the sub-trunk or frunk. Hence take a bit extra space.
❌ It’s hella pricey.

Let’s talk about the third reason (the first two are self-explanatory). 


Price is a subjective matter. What is pricey for you may not be as pricey for someone else. 

It all comes down to the value a product provides. If it fits the bill, I don’t think anyone should mind paying the dough.

If you travel a lot and spend most of the nights on the road, you can’t go wrong with this product.

Two to three saved hotel nights and this product will pay for itself.

Actual Customer Experiences

As stated many times in the article, customer’s experience with Dreamcase has been very positive.

Apart from the price factor, I hardly saw any negative comment or even a slightly negative comment.

Case Study

Ok lets get to length of sleeping. I found my leg positioning to be just right. Not having to sleep sideways or in a ball. I slept right in the middle Nice to have the cooling rear vents right there near the face.

What if you are taller? I still think one would be fine by adjusting the pillow or placing some type of filler or extra gear.

Is it level? Yes. However first make sure where you are parked is level as well. I have first generation seats. Which I hear has less bolsters. Spoke to Dreamcase to get an answer before it was asked by the gallery. They have tested both gen and found them fine for levelness.

Can two people fit? I would say yes and no. I don’t plan on it except for a rare occasion in the Model 3 coming back and not wanting to get a hotel. Parents and a younger child no problem and that would be something I plan on using it for. I would say the S is more suited towards 2 adults than the Model 3 Dreamcase.

Is it soft? Yes it is. Comes complete with freshly killed Alcantara hides and soft yet supporting memory foam.

How did I sleep? Great. The Sheeting and Duvet were nice. I plan on putting a down one in for cooler months.


Third-Party Thoughts On The Dreamcase Bed Kit

The following are the most honest and straightforward reviews of the Dreamcase bed kit that I found on YouTube:

Review of Dreamcase for the Tesla Model Y
Review of Dreamcase for the Tesla Model 3

Price Range And Where To Buy


dreamcase model y

You can directly buy the Dreamcase bed kit for your Model Y from the Dreamcase website.

You can order it with or without sheeting. With sheeting, it’ll cost you around $778, and without sheeting, it’ll be almost $680.

For international shipments, custom duties and taxes will apply. 

This product is not yet available on Amazon or any other third-party platform as of this writing.

Alternative Products To Consider


dreamcase model y

TESMAT’s whole brand is centered on gorgeous, comfy Tesla mattresses. The Model Y is well-suited to three folding mats that unfold to make a twin-sized mattress. 

Individual mats will not separate while sleeping since TESMAT employs velcro to hold each mat in place. 

These mats may be compacted and stored in a carrying bag that fits in the trunk. All things considered, this bed set is a terrific bargain to consider for a very reasonable price.

Learn more about this bed kit here.


There doesn’t appear to be much of a difference between TESCAMP and TESMAT in terms of appearance, feel, or even pricing.

However, the TESCAMP mattress is somewhat thicker (2.6″ versus 2″). This makes it more suited for people who are on the heavy side or have joint problems.

Furthermore, the TESCAMP case matches the shape of the Model Y’s sub-trunk, so you won’t hear any “thud” noises while doing a fast turn.

You may put the case in both the trunk and the frunk, which is a feature that no other manufacturer offers.

To summarize, this comfy bed kit is another excellent choice to explore at a low cost for your Model Y.

Final Thoughts: Dreamcase For Tesla Model Y

All in all, the Dreamcase bed kit is a steal if you’re willing to spend a little more money on your comfort.

The product offers excellent value for money, and it has a stellar reputation within the Tesla community.
However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, I recommend TESMAT’s bed kit. It’s almost as excellent as the original—plus you’ll save a few hundred dollars.

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