What Charging Cables Come With Tesla Model 3 UK?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 09/14/22 •  4 min read

Well . . . none! The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with any charging cables anymore, whether in the UK, the United States, or someplace else. You’ll have to order them separately.

There you have it . . . the answer . . . Ciao!

Still here? Want to know what’s the deal with Tesla going all Apple by removing charging cables from the package?

I was intrigued too. Let’s get into the details then.

When and Why Tesla Stopped Including Cables

Let’s first discuss why Tesla, out of the blue, decided to stop including charging cables with the Model 3.

Let’s hear it from the CEO, Elon Musk, himself:

Apparently, Elon Musk thinks that his customers hardly use mobile connectors and rely mostly on wall connectors and superchargers, so including them is just a waste of money.

However, not everyone agrees with his stance. A survey conducted by Teslacope, a Tesla driving software provider, found that mobile connectors were used for 61% of the charging sessions, while the other 31% of the sessions employed wall connectors.

After receiving backlash, Elon Musk decided to include the charging cables again . . . kidding . . . reduce the mobile connectors price by $200 so customers can buy them directly while ordering the vehicle.

Now coming to the question, when did this happen? 

According to a Redditor’s conversation with Tesla customer support, all the cars ordered after April 17, 2022, would not have the charging bundle included.

I suppose if you’re reading this article, you’re yet to order a Tesla Model 3 in the UK, so yes, you’re not getting any charging bundle from Tesla for free.

Types of Charging Cables That Tesla Used to Include With Tesla Model 3 [UK]

Now the question remains: What was included in the charging bundle before Tesla got inspired by Apple?

Here’s what an actual owner on Tesla Motors Club said:

You get what’s known as the UMC (Universal Mobile connector). I think that’s what you are describing as a “normal Tesla wall plug”. The UMC can have a range of different adapters attached to it. You now just get the 13amp plug adapter for the UMC supplied free (charges at 10 amps). The Type 2 cable may be any color (normally grey or blue and usually 4 meters)


Similar comments were made by another Tesla owner on the SpeakEV forum:

A Gen2 UMC with UK 3-pin and 16A commando pigtails, and a 7m 3-phase Type 2 cable are included with the car.


These Are the Charging Cables You’ll Need to Buy Separately

As mentioned earlier, the Tesla Model 3 used to come with the following charging utilities:

  1. UMC (universal mobile connector)
  2. Type 2 cable

These are exactly what you’ll have to buy separately for your electric car. UMC can be bought quite easily.


While ordering for the vehicle, the Tesla UK website will ask you to select either the mobile connector or the wall connector for your charging needs. You can order both too.

Credit to Tesla UK

If you have enough budget, I’d recommend you to order both, as the wall connector will help you charge your vehicle quickly at home while the mobile connector will help you get some extra miles in between trip stops.

Type 2 Cable

what charging cables come with tesla model 3 uk
Credit to Tesla UK shop

For the type 2 cable that allows you to charge your vehicle at any three-phase charging location across Europe, you’ll have to head to the Tesla shop.

The maximum charge rate achievable with this cable is 11 kW, and the resulting range added per hour is up to 65 kms for the Model 3.

Final Thoughts: What Charging Cables Come With Tesla Model 3 UK?

A little disappointing . . . yes . . . Tesla, being an EV, must have come with the charging cables included as charging electric vehicles is still a challenge for many aspiring customers.

This move is reminiscent of Apple removing charging assemblies from the package, but their move was based on the premise that almost all Apple customers already had the charging adapters and wires.

But in the case of Tesla, the situation isn’t the same. Teslas haven’t gotten as common as Apple products yet, so the community getting uncomfortable with this decision is just natural.

To summarize though, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with charging cables in the UK or anywhere else, so you’ll have to buy them separately. 

That’s how it is!

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