Best Car Wash Soap for Tesla Model 3

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No matter how cautious you are when driving, nasty stuff like filth, insect splatter, and bird droppings will eventually cling to your Tesla, reducing its charm and appeal! 

Thus forcing you to choose the only boring option, i.e. CLEANING!

But it ain’t that simple either… Washing off your Tesla has certain technicalities! 

For instance, if you are all set to clean up your Tesla but chose a substandard car wash soap, you may end up scuffing or scratching the whole exterior, thus damaging your Tesla’s paint.

So to prevent you from all these grave circumstances, I dug deep into more than 25 Tesla forum threads and community posts and formulated this exquisite article.

We’ll be going through each and every necessary detail to choose the best Tesla Model 3 car wash soap and help you keep your Tesla scratch-free, shiny, and clean! 

If that sounds compelling, let’s hop into it.

Best Car Wash Soap Overall: Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap

Everybody in Tesla forums is buzzing about Chemical Guys car wash soap products, specifically the Mr. Pink Foaming soap for its incredible results.

This is the right car wash soap to create tons of foam and suds for a beautiful wash, whether you wash your Tesla using the two-bucket method or prefer using a foam cannon for a pressure wash.

The best thing about this car wash soap is that it’s a pH-neutral, non-alkaline cleaning solution. 

You can apply it to any external elements of your Tesla Model 3, including its paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and plastic trim.

It’s also ideal for use on waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. Not only does this car wash soap make your Tesla clean, shiny, and elegant, but also it gives it a candy scent that surely adds value to the whole washing experience.

A few owners, however, complained about some leaked content due to bad handling, so you might receive a sticky packaging from the liquid soap. That’s indeed one small con as of this writing.

But if you’re searching for an economical and effective car wash soap that works quickly, is pH neutral, and makes your Tesla appear like it just rolled out of the showroom, this is surely for you!

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink has ruled the car wash market since 2012 and holds a legacy of almost 10 years, with a whopping 41K+ reviews and still counting. You can’t stop me from saying this: “It’s the Chemical Guys’s unthroned king.”

Upvotes for the chemical guys. Mr pink or the snow foam both used with a foam cannon will get it right.


Another tempting recommendation:

I use Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap with an electrical pressure, works very well so far. 


Useful for:

All external parts (paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, plastic trim, etc.) of Tesla Model 3


✅ Bestseller with 41,000+ ratings
✅ Non-alkaline solution (pH neutral)
✅ Nice scent
✅ Feels good, looks great
✅ Remarkable word of mouth in the Tesla community


❌ Not well-packaged

Best for Foam Cannons: Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Soap

Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash is undoubtedly one of the most popular and trusted car wash soaps in the car cleaners market.

This rich and exquisite vehicle wash soap offers a two-in-one benefit of cleaning and conditioning the exterior of your Tesla.

Its superb composition gives you lashings of rich foaming and sudsing action to wash away difficult dirt, road grime, and pollutants with ease and elegance while not degrading the wax protection.

The color, purity, and stunning shine that your Tesla acquires after using it is unparalleled.

Because it’s a pH-neutralized solution, you may safely use it on all paint types and clear coatings. 

It offers versatile workability that allows you to use it in any wash method, but this car wash soap provides you many extravagant results with the foam cannon, making it the best for pressure washing.

While the pricing may appear to be a little exorbitant when compared to other less expensive over-the-counter car washes, Meguiar’s Gold Class’s great sudsiness and rich foaming ability make it well worth the few more dollars.

It also comes with fairly good word of mouth in the Tesla community:

I just bought some Meguiar’s Gold Class car wash and have used it a few times. Like the way it suds up. Will be having the car ceramic coated in August. Rep at the shop recommended their “pH friendly” car wash (to protect the ceramic coating). I did a little research and it seems that Meguiar’s product is considered pH friendly.


Meguiar’s Gold Class for me – cheap easy to find everywhere, works great in a foam cannon. $23 for a gallon on amazon. When 2 bucket washing I add an ounce or two of ONR.


If your car is super dirty, then a traditional 2-bucket car wash using something like Meguiars Gold Class soap is the safest way to go…



✅ pH neutralized
✅ 2-in-1 formula
✅ Best for foam cannons
✅ Fairly good word of mouth


A little overpriced
❌ Too sudsy than required

Best for Hand Wash: Adam’s Car Wash Soap

Adam’s Polishes are known for their overpriced car care products and cleaners, and this car wash soap is no different.

But if you pay a premium, you’ll surely receive a premium service. This car wash soap is developed with a blend of contemporary cleansers and polymers to generate a rich foam and improve your entire cleaning experience.

It provides a strong, clinging lather when washing, making it highly suitable for handwashing. 

Like every other great car wash soap, it’s also PH neutralized, so it’s gentle enough to be used on almost any material without drying out rubber trims and plastic components or peeling away existing car waxes and coatings.

Adam’s car wash soap is also strongly fruit scented. It comes with a strong wild berry scent that may tempt you to drink up the whole bottle as the company claims.

So if you have extra cash to burn on a good product, I’d recommend you to go for this one.


✅ pH neutralized
✅ Premium-quality foam and lather
✅ Best for handwashing your Tesla
✅ 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly


❌ Too expensive

Best for Rinseless Car Wash: Optimum No-Rinse Car Wash Soap

If you’re an environmentalist who wants to save water or if you live in a vicinity with no easy access to a hose hookup, Optimum’s No Rinse Car Wash Soap is perfect for you. 

It isn’t that cheap, but you’ll surely save gallons of water!

The innovative substance contains substantial polymers that stick to the paint, thus protecting the car’s body from scuffing and scratching throughout the wash while providing more lubrication than traditional car washes.

And since it uses just two gallons of water and cuts off the wash time by half an hour or even less, it makes the usual car wash techniques even less enticing to eco-conscious consumers.

It’s Tesla’s hot favorite car wash soap! 

Do a little hustle and simply enter “Tesla” in Amazon’s Q&A search bar, and you’ll see some tempting favorable ratings from genuine Tesla owners advocating the likeability of this product in the community.

The only downside of using this product is that you’ll be required to apply another layer of your favorite wax on top of it, and yes, it’s way more expensive than conventional car wash soaps.


✅Consumes a very less amount of water
✅ pH neutralized
✅ Saves plenty of time
✅ Eco-friendly


❌Too expensive
❌Strips away the protective car wax coating on paint

Alternative Car Wash Products for Tesla Model 3

TESBROS Starter Bundle

best car wash soap for tesla model 3

If you prefer all-in-one products that handle everything extraordinarily well, then you must give this superb cleaning kit by TESBROS a shot at least once. 

These types of custom-made solutions surely enhance the overall cleaning experience by making them simpler and more enjoyable — both inside and out.

The following are the contents of the TESBROS Starter Bundle for car cleaning:

  1. Interior cleaner
  2. Glass cleaner 
  3. Car wash shampoo
  4. Waterless car wash cleaner 

Chemical Guys Microfiber Car Wash Towels for Tesla

If you want your Tesla to look clean, sexy, and scratch-free after washing, then these microfiber washing towels are a must-have. 

Scuffs and scratches can cause your Tesla to lose its appeal and allure; thus, equipping yourself with the necessary gear before initiating the car wash are of cardinal importance.

So in case you’re looking for one such product, you should surely give these microfiber towels by Chemical Guys a shot because they are thick, plush, and amazing!

The best thing about these towels is that they absorb an ample quantity of water easily and rapidly provide scratch- and scuff-free, perfect steak finish, picking up dirt, grime, and debris properly.

Tesla Model 3 Car Wash Dos And Don’ts

Concerned about scratching your Tesla when cleaning it? Relax and follow these basic dos and don’ts to ensure a scratch-free car wash:

Final Thoughts: Best Car Wash Soap for Tesla Model 3

[a sigh of relief] 

Picking out all these car wash soaps that provide a super clean and glossy finish was one heck of a task! It was as tiring as running on a treadmill! But all’s well that ends well.

The sense of completion and delight that comes from seeing your Tesla wandering the streets with a gleaming appearance is otherworldly, but to ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing feeling, selecting an appropriate car wash soap is critical.

If you’re like me — I mean the lazy one — then buy an all-season car wash soap that’s suitable for every car wash type. I’d recommend you to get yourself a Chemical Guys Mr. Pink without any doubt!

But in case you want a pressure wash specialist, then Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Soap is an absolute choice.

Even though it’s a little on the expensive side, it’s worth every dollar you take out of your pocket.

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