6 Best Air Fresheners for Tesla Model 3 That Smell Like Perfume

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 03/04/22 •  1 min read

Whether due to sweat, pets, or that unbelievable hamburger you enjoyed guilt-free,

That “new Tesla” smell you experienced when you first bought it quickly disappears.

And without traditional front air vents, how are you supposed to find a Tesla Model 3 air freshener to solve the problem?

You’re in luck. I researched dozens of products, reviews, and forum discussions for DAYS to find out.

Here are the best Model 3-compatible air fresheners, starting with the one that lasts 10 times longer than most:

Most Durable
PURGGO (Longest-Lasting, Eco-Friendly)
PURGGO (Longest-Lasting, Eco-Friendly)
  • Lasts 12+ months.
  • Odor neutralizer.
  • Suitable for smokers & pet owners.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Recyclable.
Most Popular
Febreze Unstopables (Vent Clips)
Febreze Unstopables (Vent Clips)
  • #1 Bestseller.
  • Universal fit.
  • Better fit for Model 3’s rear air vents.
  • One unit may only last 30 days.
  • Sold in 4-unit packages.
Best Budget
Little Trees' Black Ice (Hanging)
Little Trees’ Black Ice (Hanging)
  • Classic product & renowned brand.
  • Very affordable
  • Lasts up to 7 weeks.
  • Available in 10-unit packages. 

Longest-Lasting Tesla Model 3 Air Freshener: PURGGO’s Eco-Purifier

Tesla Model 3 air freshener by PURGGO (hangs off of car seat)

Most fresheners fade after 15–45 days. PURGOO will continue to clean your cabin’s air for 12 months or more.

It becomes the lowest cost alternative over the long term because it lasts 10 times more.

If you’re looking for a freshener that kills odors (from pets, cigarettes, etc.), lasts long, and offers great value for money, look no further.

The reason for its odor-neutralizing effect is its natural bamboo charcoal ingredient.

Bamboo charcoal isn’t just a scent. It has a porous microscopic structure that absorbs and “traps” odor from the air.

Overall, PURGGO is the air freshener that received the most praise from the Tesla community.

Its long life, natural ingredients, and recyclability make it a compelling product for eco-conscious consumers.

And since it hangs from the seats, it fits any Tesla—or any car for that matter—making it a great gift for your spouse’s or children’s car.


Fits: Universal fit. Any car with a seat? 😬

✅ Natural and recyclable
✅ Lasts a year or more
✅ Hangs from seat headrest
✅ Neutralizing properties. Not only a scent.


❌ Slightly higher up-front price tag
❌ It requires sunlight exposure to maintain its properties for long.

Tesla model 3 air freshener by Febreze.

If you’re looking for a conventional clip freshener, here’s a quick reminder of its drawbacks for your Tesla:

Despite that, this 4-unit package is the best-selling product in its category, with more than 3,700 ratings and a 4.6-star average score.

After all, Febreze has been known for its odor eliminators for homes since the 1990s. It borrowed credibility to create a similar product for cars.

I found many Tesla owners satisfied with this product.

Some complained that the product evaporated in a few weeks (not even reaching its advertised 30-day life span).

This is particularly common in sunny climates.

Fortunately, the latest version of the freshener comes with an adjustable scent level.

My suggestion is to set it as low as you’re comfortable with to make it last a little bit longer.


Fits: Traditional air vents

✅ Brand with a record of quality odor-neutralizing products
✅ Adjust the scent intensity to your liking
✅ Strong fragrance


❌ May only lasts 2-4 weeks, depending on scent intensity
❌ May cause headaches and dizziness to chemical-sensitive people

Best Hanging Air Freshener: 10-Pack Little Trees Black Ice

Such a classic product…

That it has Marilyn Monroe featured on its packaging.

Tesla Model 3 air freshener by Little Trees
Wait… is that Monroe? Who cares… it looks old anyways. Credit to Motorpunk.

It’s truly amazing that the business exists after 50+ years—and still does so well.

Many people swear by their Black Ice aroma, comparing it to a “new car” smell or even expensive Italian perfumes.

At a low price point, you’ll be getting not only plenty of compliments but a lot of value for your money as well.

Used correctly, each tree can last up to seven weeks.

(Don’t open the packaging completely and hang the tree. Tear a tiny triangle first and pull the tree out slowly as the weeks go by.)

With their popular 10-pack, you’ll be getting one year or more worth of fresh air.

Looking for a smaller dose?

Consider a 3-pack to “test” things out first.

Or check out their 2-pack spray combo to use it for special Tesla pizza parties and occasions of that nature.


Fits: Universal

✅ Established automotive fresheners brand
✅ Strong fragrance
✅ Trees last up to 7 weeks if used correctly
✅ Also available in spray


❌ May cause headaches and dizziness to chemical-sensitive people

Made-for-Tesla Notable Mentions:

TEMAI (Up-and-coming Best Air Freshener for Model 3 / Model Y):

I was able to get my hands on this air freshener.

They are currently offering two scent variants. I ordered Blossom Berry — but the scent was a bit too detergent-like for my personal taste.

Sunset Vallet is my favorite by far. To me, it smells like a male’s perfume with a nature-like freshness in it.

And it’s many other people’s favorite as well!

The sunset valley smells like grass and is so pure and fresh! It is like my garden in my dream. The design is also great, it looks classy and neat on my nightstand.

Dylan D., verified reviewer

If there’s something that always impresses me about TEMAI is the packaging: simple, minimal, captivating.

Quite honestly, TEMAI may very well become the best overall pick of this article. It just needs a little more time to be validated by the Tesla community, not only by myself.

100% worth a shot.

Elon’s Musk Air Freshener:

Yup, that’s right, an air freshener with Elon’s face and, supposedly, his smell.

With a somewhat ridiculous but fun design, this is guaranteed to be a conversation starter at Superchargers.

Purchase it as a gift for any Tesla owner and they’ll love you for it.

If you’re an Elon fan yourself, you’ll love it just as much.

Plus, Elon will be looking at you closely every time you lift your hands off the steering wheel when using Autopilot.

An underrated benefit for sure.

ScentWedge All-Natural Air Freshener:

Here’s another air freshener that popped up… often favorably, but sometimes not so much.

With a subscription model, it’s obvious many people love and believe in the product enough to pay for it every month.

Others, however, think it’s just a piece of wood that fails to stay in the air vent when turning corners and dries off so quickly that “firing up a $20 bill would’ve lasted longer.”

Harsh, but that’s what some say.

With such strong stances on both sides, it’s up to you to take a look at their website and decide if you want to test it out.

Fresh3Y (Reusable):

The third made-for-Tesla product is a “pod” that can be placed in the front air vents of your Tesla Model 3 or Y—and actually stay there.

It acts as a diffuser.

Drop some essential or fragrance oils and the scent will last as long as you continue to drop oils on the product.

That makes it reusable and more environmentally friendly than other alternatives—quite appealing for Tesla owners.

As of this writing, the product was recently launched (you could say it’s as “fresh” as its name), so not many comments have appeared online.

Fellow Tesla owner Candance commented on this post to let us know she’s had a great experience with the product so far.

[Fresh3Y] works great. The scent lasts super long and I use an essential oil I bought off Amazon that smells great,” she said.

If you want to pick and switch scents to your heart’s desires, this is definitely a promising product.

Guess we’ll have to wait to see if the product takes off. If it does, I might end up updating this article to include it in our top picks.

How to Keep Your Car Smelling Well 24/7/365

Beyond vacuuming and washing your interior often, what else can you do to keep your Tesla smelling like new?

Here are a few tips to continue receiving compliments for your car’s smell as it ages:

Our Tesla Model 3 Air Freshener of Choice:

To avoid headaches, dizziness, or simply discomfort from strong chemicals, I strongly recommend PURGGO’s Eco-Purifier.

It’s the longest-lasting alternative I could find, and surprisingly, it isn’t that much expensive. It gives the best bang for your buck.

If you are not as sensitive to strong scents, though, and want to save a few bucks, I encourage you to try Little Trees’s Black Ice.

It’s the second longest-lasting choice if you tear the packaging off slowly, and it’s the most affordable quality product of all.

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