10 Best Tesla Interior Cleaners in 2023

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/07/22 •  10 min read

Frustrated by your Tesla’s messed-up interior? Or thinking of ways to keep your Tesla’s interior clean, especially if it’s white?

No matter how careful you are, your car’s interior will always find a way to get dirty.

To help you solve this issue, I went on a research journey, went through long forum threads, checked out community posts, and navigated through YouTube videos and comments…

Luckily, I found enough solutions that worked for your fellow Tesla owners and most certainly will work for you too.

If that sounds interesting, let’s start the guide to the best Tesla interior cleaners and other cleaning solutions.


Other "bloggers" and "influencers" will push the product that pays the most, not the one that help you the most. We find what has worked best for the Tesla community -- and recommend it. We may get compensated (and that keeps the lights on)... but if we don't, WHO CARES? If every Tesla owner is recommending it, we will too!

How to Clean Tesla Interior: 5 Best Solutions

Sure, most websites will link to a gazillion products to get you to purchase something right away.

But let’s be real:

You may already have a cleaning solution on your hands.

That’s why I encourage you to try the first few mild solutions on this list — and move down if you find that they don’t fit your cleaning needs:

  1. Water and soap: As revolutionary as it sounds *ahem*, simply damping a microfiber cloth with water and a few drops of soap may wipe off more dirt than you think.
  2. Wipes: Yup, automotive wipes exist, and they’re cheap. Even baby wipes may do the trick for the Model 3’s vegan leather seats and sensitive dashboards.
  3. Interior cleaners: With more than just cleaning properties, they remove grime and stains, protect your interior from the sun, and leave your car smelling fresh. You’ll compare three products below.
  4. Alcohol: Rub the cotton with 70% isopropyl alcohol thoroughly. Then clean the alcohol off with warm water and dish soap. You’ll also get to disinfect your interior — COVID won’t have a chance!
  5. If all the above fails to remove any dirt or stains, then give a shot to a diluted degreaser (1 oz of degreaser for every 5 oz of water). That may help.

With this in mind, here are the products many Tesla owners like you had an amazing experience with and recommended:

Be careful with leather conditioners if your vehicle has “vegan leather” seats (every Model 3/Y produced after mid-2019 and every Model S or X after mid-2017).

Also, take into account that the dashboard is extremely scratch sensitive.

Many owners recommend using cotton or a duster rather than a microfiber cloth to rub the dashboard trims.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for Tesla Model 3 Interior Cleaners
  • Bestseller with 16,000+ ratings
  • No harsh chemicals (or so the company claims)
  • Nice scent
  • Extremely affordable
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Clean every interior surface on the go
Tesbros Starter Bundle
  • Natural ingredients (transparent list)
  • Leaves no streaks
  • Essential oil, neutral scent
The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • It keeps your white seats shining
  • Known as a heavy-hitting cleaning sponge
  • Cleans effectively with only water
Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner & Protectant
  • Reasonable price
  • More on holistic Tesla Model 3 interior cleaner
  • Has UV protectant for the interior surfaces
Invisible Glass
  • Void of any streaky scents, dyes, or soaps
  • Convenient squeeze bottle
  • Doesn't contain ammonia
Optimum No-Rinse
  • Efficient and secure no-rinse car wash
  • Possesses polymers that enhance encapsulation
  • Can clean numerous automobiles and surfaces
Longest-Lasting Tesla Model 3 Air Freshener
  • It kill odors from pets, food, cigarettes and more
  • It last more than a year
  • There are no chemicals, plastics, or fragrances present
Lint-Free Super Absorber
  • It readily takes in and holds a lot of water
  • It's durable lint-free fabric
  • Convenient-sized chams for cars
Duster for Tesla’s Scratch-Sensitive Dashboard
  • Can reach further
  • Dust and pollen are perfectly contained
  • Outside & inside use

What Is the Best Tesla Interior Cleaner?

The Tesla interior cleaner from CarGuys won the best overall position because of its incredible reputation and proven results.

It is known to clean the toughest of stains easily. It also leaves a delicious scent in the car after cleaning the interior. Best of all, this interior cleaner doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in its solution that may damage your vegan interior.

The cleaning wipes from Meguiar’s are another great option for cleaning the dashboard and windows of your car without leaving any stains or dirt behind.

How I Picked the Best Products

I carefully analyzed each interior cleaner before giving them a place in this buying guide. My evaluation parameters included effectiveness, usability, and no harsh ingredients. 

I’ve ranked and reviewed each Tesla interior cleaner based on these parameters. Let’s dive into the detailed review of each product below.

Best All-Purpose Tesla Model 3 Interior Cleaner: CarGuys

Tesla Model 3 interior cleaner by CarGuys

Everybody is going crazy about this product in Tesla forums.

It’s a multipurpose cleaner that Tesla owners use in everything but the glass and display screen.

The before and after pictures from Amazon reviews are outstanding, showcasing the product consistently cleaning even 12+ years of accumulated dirt in one fell swoop.

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective interior cleaner that works with little effort and doesn’t have harsh chemicals, this is it.

Talking about “no harsh chemicals,” I find the lack of ingredient transparency particularly suspicious.

Ask about the product ingredients and the seller responds with “it has no harsh chemicals” but doesn’t disclose what the product has.


On another note, a few people complained about the spray bottle not working for that long.

Regardless, the product has shown to be effective and harmless to the Model 3’s interior and has a nice scent Tesla owners love.

I added this one to my shopping list without even finishing my research process given the remarkable word of mouth. 😬

Look into the product reviews and you’ll be equally tempted.


Useful for: Dashboard, seats, door panels, and floor mats. Not for glass or screens.

✅ Bestseller with 16,000+ ratings
✅ No harsh chemicals (or so the company claims)
✅ Nice scent
✅ Remarkable word of mouth in the Tesla community


❌ No transparent ingredient list
❌ Spray bottle may malfunction prematurely

Best Wipes for Tesla Interior: Meguiar’s

If you want a Tesla interior cleaner that rejuvenates your car without leaving it overly shiny (and without breaking the bank) and if you’d rather clean things off right away, not allowing dirt to accumulate, keep a pack of Meguiar’s wipes inside your glovebox.

Unlike others, many customers confirm these wipes keep the interior looking clean for days rather than hours and retain their humidity and effectiveness for months rather than weeks.

The product seems to have a strong scent you may not be comfortable with, though.

And although the seller claims it works for every surface, I’d expect it to get rid of fingerprints and dirt but leave streaks on the glass.

Still, these are a must-have to maintain your car’s interior clean no matter what your family throws at it.

At a such low price, these are worth a shot at the very least.


Useful for: All interior surfaces, including screens and glass

✅ Extremely affordable
✅ Long-lasting effect
✅ Clean every interior surface on the go


❌ May leave streaks in glass
❌ Too strong of a scent for many

Best Tesla Cleaning Kit: Tesbros Starter Bundle

Tesla Model 3 Interior Cleaner, Shampoo Waterless, & Glass Cleaner

If you’re skeptical about all-in-one products that do everything “good enough” but nothing exceptionally well, Tesbros offers the kind of custom-made products that will make cleaning your Tesla easy and fun — inside and out:

Frugal Tesla Guy, a popular Tesla channel, discusses this Tesbros cleaning kit in extreme detail, product by product.

Here’s the review about the interior cleaner and how Tesbros compares to his previous favorite product.

His conclusions on the product start at 4:43.

(Spoiler alert: Tesbros is now his favorite. He used the CarGuys cleaner I mentioned above.)

His only complaint about Tesbros’ interior cleaner is that it dries off and leaves residue if you wait too long to wipe it off.

That can be solved by spraying some more and wiping it off again though.

You can buy the interior cleaner separately — or grab the entire bundle and save yourself ~10%.


Useful for: Entire car (interior and exterior)

✅ Natural ingredients (transparent list)
✅ Leaves no streaks
✅ Essential oil, neutral scent


❌ May dry if not wiped quickly

Notable Mentions:

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser »

As you can imagine, the black Tesla seats are a lot easier to maintain than the white. 

Anyone who has ever worn a white shirt while eating spaghetti knows this very well.

The products above will work just as well at keeping your white seats shining, but there’s one more secret weapon in the battle against stained white seats: Mr. Clean.

This product is known as a heavy-hitting cleaning sponge for your dirtiest household chores. 

But with the right technique, it can be used to clean your white Tesla seats if you’ve got a stubborn stain.

The key here is to be very, very gentle as this powerful sponge can really pack a punch.

It is abrasive and can damage your seats quickly if you’re pressing too hard.

Make sure you moisten the sponge with water and use only the gentlest pressure on the vegan leather surface to get out a stain.

Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner & Protectant »

Tesla Model 3 interior cleaner by Chemical Guys

Not related to CarGuys despite their similar name, Chemical Guys’ interior cleaner falls short of our top pick because it doesn’t provide the same results nor it has the track record CarGuys has.

Also, Chemical Guys are criticized in the auto detailing community for their somewhat-fancy marketing.

(They have a dozen products and release a new product every few months, each launch with very little information as to the differences between the rest of the similar products available.)

For instance, they use half a dozen different products on this Tesla. Interior cleaning starts at 21:42.

Still, most customers are happy with their products, and that’s what matters.

Plus, their prices are reasonable enough for me to feel comfortable sharing their products with you.

This particular product is a more holistic Tesla Model 3 interior cleaner.

It has UV protectant for the interior surfaces — and it does work for screens and glass, unlike the CarGuys cleaner.

If you want to purchase as few products as possible, this is a great choice.

It comes in a very affordable 16oz spray bottle for you to test before fully committing to a gallon.

Best Glass Cleaner for Tesla Model 3: Invisible Glass

Best Glass Cleaner for Tesla Model 3: Invisible Glass

Teslas have a lot of glass in them.

Regardless of whether you have your windows tinted or not, Invisible Glass will live up to its name.

Tesla owners that have tried dozens of glass cleaners for many years have found this one to be one of the best — if not THE best.

They guarantee a streak-free glass — and being such a popular product with 3,000+ positive ratings, they have evidence to back that up.

Alternative Interior Cleaning Solutions for Your Tesla

Best Car Wash Shampoo for Teslas: Optimum No-Rinse

Both exterior and Tesla Model 3 interior cleaner by Optimum

“A super cleaner with minimal water and effort,” this product is THE shampoo the Tesla community recommends over anything else.

It requires two gallons of water and cuts wash time in half (45–60 min to 20–30 min), making regular car washes less appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Type “Tesla” in Amazon’s Q&A search bar and you’ll see overwhelmingly positive reviews from actual Tesla owners.

Longest-Lasting Tesla Model 3 Air Freshener »

Tesla Model 3 air freshener by PURGGO (hang off of car seat)

Making your car look clean isn’t enough. It has to feel fresh.

Kill odors from pets, food, cigarettes, and more with this natural, recyclable air freshener.

Lasting more than a year, it’s the lowest-cost alternative over the long term — and it happens to be the most praised freshener in the Tesla community.

See more choices »

Lint-Free Super Absorber »

A great companion to Optimum’s No Rinse shampoo to easily absorb every drop of water from your car and speed up the washing process further.

You won’t want to use towels or old T-shirts ever again.

Duster for Tesla’s Scratch-Sensitive Dashboard »

Even microfiber towels have scratched Tesla’s dashboard.

Play it safe and use a soft duster for these delicate interior pieces — you’ll thank me later.

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Interior Cleaners

Ultimately, I would highly encourage you to first try at-home cleaning solutions. They might be more effective and, not to mention, cheap.

Alternatively, you can consider investing in an interior cleaner.

For me, CarGuys lands in the sweet spot in terms of effectiveness, affordability, and practicality. It’s also an all-purpose cleaner, so you can freely use it on your dashboard, seats, and windows.

Additionally, I’d also consider buying some wipes for on-the-go cleaning since they cost just a few bucks and can prevent harder-to-remove stains later on.

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