The Best Model 3 Phone Mount for Hands-Free Navigation in 2022

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/12/22 •  7 min read

Tesla’s navigation is decent…

But some of us just want to use Waze or Google Maps on our phones.

Through hours of research, I discovered that only a few products allow you to hold your phone in sight safely without cluttering the Model 3’s minimalistic design.

Below are the top four Model 3 phone mounts (and how they offer a superior experience for an affordable price):

Best Overall
TEMAI (Air Vent Mounted)
TEMAI (Air Vent Mounted)
  • Designed for Tesla’s non-traditional, front air vents.
  • Preserves the OEM, minimal design
  • Very easy to install and remove (<10 secs)
  • One-hand use & placement
ThinSGO (Screen Mounted)
ThinSGO (Screen Mounted)
  • Provides extra storage
  • Positioned for safe and easy access while driving
  • Supports portrait & landscape mode
  • Can be placed on driver or passenger side
Best Budget
IPOW (Suction Cup)
IPOW (Suction Cup)
  • Versatile. Can be placed anywhere
  • Universal fit
  • One-hand use & placement
  • Supports portrait & landscape mode

What Type of Model 3 Phone Mount Should You Look For?

Different types of phone holders exist based on how they hold your phone and how they’re installed in the first place.

In general, installing a phone mount on your Model 3 is done through:

Also, these products may hold your phone in place through clamps or magnets, each offering its own benefits.

Let’s dive right into the products that topped Tesla owners’ shopping lists.

Best Model 3 Phone Mount (on Air Vents): TEMAI

Best Model 3 Phone Mount by Temai

According to many Tesla owners, this is the only product that blends in smoothly with Tesla’s simple, OEM design.

Designed to be on one end of the air vents, it won’t interfere with your sight — and thanks to its built-in vent, it won’t restrict airflow either.

Despite using clamps, this mount has a very easy way to grab and release your phone in a snap:

See how the mechanism works @ 7.28. Unboxing starts @ 5.18.

Customers claim they were able to install the mount itself in 10 seconds without reading instructions…

So if you’re looking for a practical, easy-to-use phone mount that can stand the test of time, get yourself one of these while they’re available.

Although the product holds larger phones up to 7″ phones without an issue, it isn’t ideal for small phones (e.g. iPhone 12 mini).

Landscape mode isn’t supported either.

If you use your navigation maps horizontally, this phone mount may not be the right one for you.

If you’re lucky, you may find the product in stock on Amazon — but more often than not, you’ll have to purchase through their website.

Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a 10% discount for TeslaTuneUp readers.

Use the coupon code “TESLATUNEUP” at checkout to claim your 10% off — and shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions!


Fits: All Model 3 & Y years and trims.
Mount Type: Clip-On
Phone Base Type: Clamps

✅ Preserves the OEM, minimal design
✅ Very easy to install and remove
✅ One-hand use & placement


❌ Not ideal for small phones (5.4″ or smaller, like iPhone 12 mini)
❌ Doesn’t support landscape mode

Tesla Model 3 Phone Holder, Attached to Screen: ThinSGO

Tesla Model 3 Phone Holder, Attached to Screen by ThinSGO

Many people love this phone mount for a few reasons:

In my view, this position is the easiest and safest to access while driving.

When the phone is to your left on the dashboard, it’s a bit far ahead to use — and your eyes have to move away from the road considerably.

With this product, you won’t have those problems — although some may say it clutters the interior a bit too much.

One drawback this phone mount has is its inability to hold bigger phones (like the iPhone 12 Pro Max) properly.

I’d recommend it for non-Max iPhones like the 12 Pro — or any phones with 6.3″ screens or less.


Fits: All Model 3 & Y years and trims.
Mount Type: Attached to Screen
Phone Base Type: Clamps

✅ Provides extra storage
✅ Easy to install and remove
✅ Safest and easiest position to access
✅ Supports portrait & landscape mode
✅ Can be placed on driver or passenger side


❌ Not ideal for large phones (e.g. 6.4″ or larger, like iPhone 12 Pro Max)
❌ Some may say it doesn’t match Tesla’s design

Best Suction Cup Tesla Model 3 Magnetic Holder: IPOW

Looking for something much more affordable — yet equally effective?

If so, I’d encourage you to look deeper into this phone mount.

Scott Kubo talks about Tesla’s navigation drawbacks & IPOW’s virtues in this 5-minute video. Watch @1:37 for his setup.

With a suction cup as its mounting mechanism, it can be placed anywhere you want.

While some ride-hailing drivers love the windshield for easy access, Tesla owners opt for the center screen.

You have the flexibility to choose whichever you prefer.

This phone mount has 4 built-in magnets.

With your purchase, you’ll also receive four magnetic plates. Place these in the back of your phone to hold it in place.

There’s a reason this product has 5,000+ position reviews (and growing): this setup just works.

A customer had an accident and flipped his truck 4 times. After the incident, he was surprised to find this phone (as well as the mount) firmly in place.

If you’re looking for the cheapest — yet effective — solution, you just can’t beat this phone holder.


Fits: Universal
Mount Type: Suction Cup
Phone Base Type: Magnet

✅ Preserves the OEM, minimal design
✅ Universal placement
✅ Easy to install and remove
✅ One-hand use & placement
✅ Supports portrait & landscape mode


❌ Phone may fall off if the suction cup isn’t properly mounted
❌ Requires magnetic plate to work properly. Included with purchase.

Alternative & Complementary Products to Consider

There are many wireless chargers available for Model 3’s built before late 2020 (before wireless charging was a standard feature).

If this is something that interests you, here’s the best wireless charger we’ve reviewed — and an article with more details on other worthy chargers to consider.

Best Model 3 Wireless Charger: TAPTES 10W

Tesla Model 3 wireless charger by Taptes

Fits: All Model 3 trims produced before October 2020
✅ Dual charging
✅ Charges up to 50% in 1 hour
✅ Most rated charger available
✅ 12-month guarantee
✅ 10W & 15W variants available
❌ May slow down while charging 2 phones at once

See more choices »

The Best Model 3 Phone Mount After All?

In terms of price point, OEM-like design, and practicality, TEMAI strikes me as the right product for most people.

I was impressed by its clever design and packaging. You can tell some time and dedication was put into creating something Tesla owners would love and rave about.

If you’re on a budget and rarely use a phone mount, however, I’d certainly look into IPOW next — as the price and the number of positive reviews are truly hard to ignore.

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