6 Best Aftermarket Tesla Model 3 Wood Dash Replacements (Reviewed)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/09/21 •  6 min read

Whether you classify Tesla’s wood (or white) dashboard as fake-looking, hideous, or simply an odd one out…

Man… it matches NOTHING in the interior. Credit to Steve J.

You’re not alone.

Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber replacements have been in high demand ever since the vehicle was released.

With the Model Y sharing its dashboard parts, even more so now.

Save yourself the HOURS of research I did to find the highest-rated Tesla Model 3 wood dash replacements in the market.

Simply read on.

Best Tesla Model 3 Wood Dash Replacement: LMZX (Matte)

Available in matte black & carbon fiber

Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber dash cap (matte) by LMZX.

Although not available in genuine carbon fiber, this cap matches Model 3’s OEM interior looks much better.

If you’re looking for an affordable, quality dash cap that looks and feels great in your car, look no further.

With pre-installed tape, installing it is a straightforward, 2-minute process.

Since the cap comes in a 2-piece kit, though, it may leave a visible gap in the middle point.

Such a gap is hidden behind the display, however. Most people don’t mind as no one sees it anyway.

Given its matte finish, you’ll reduce glare compared to the white OEM dashboard. Despite this, some people feel the cap isn’t matte enough.

The product should have come with some instructions (even if just a 1-min video)…

But honestly, it’s so easy to install that I understand why the company didn’t include steps:

It’d be to peel the tape off and put a cap in place. Period.

With the most positive reviews in its category and an extremely reasonable price point, the value you get is unbeatable.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years and trims.

✅ Most reviewed Model 3/Y dash cap
✅ Great looks
✅ Easy, <5-min installation
✅ Reduced glare


❌ Not genuine carbon fiber available
❌ Comes with 2-piece kit. Leaves a gap in the middle.

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Dash: Toplift

Tesla Model 3 carboon fiber dash cap by Toplift.

At the same price, and with the same great looks,

Toplift differentiates its Tesla Model 3 wood dash replacement in a few ways:

Given that it’s less popular than LMZX, it’s hard to determine whether the fewer quality complaints are due to its fewer sales.

Either way, it’s worth considering if you experience dashboard glare often.

They also have a center console cap available on the product page to match the carbon fiber looks across the interior.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years and trims.

✅ Great looks
✅ Easy, <5-min installation
✅ Reduced glare (more than competitors)
✅ Great match for center console cap


❌ Not genuine carbon fiber available
❌ Comes with 2-piece kit. Leaves a gap in the middle.

Premium Pick: CoolKo’s 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Dash

1-piece Tesla Model 3 wood dash replacement by CoolKo

Looking for real, premium-feeling carbon fiber?

This single-piece dash cap adds a premium touch to your interior —

While solving the middle gap problems buyers complained about competitors.

The single-piece dashboard cap also means easier installation.

A Model 3 owner uploaded his process and showed installation is doable “one-handed and in 1 minute.” It doesn’t get easier than that.

The fit is so good that customers left the cap sitting on top without peeling off the tape — and the dash cap surprisingly stayed there.

If you have a white dashboard, though, consider that some customers complained about a tiny visible line at the bottom.

Pay special attention to the edges when installing the product to avoid such pitfalls.

Also, a particular customer found a small crack on his product.

The seller responded and sent a free replacement right away, proving support is responsive should you find any issues in the process.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years and trims.

✅ Genuine carbon fiber
✅ A single piece. Leaves no gap in the middle.
✅ Easiest to install (<2 min)
✅ Premium look and feel
✅ Great customer service


❌ May leave a line if not installed carefully

Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Dash Wrap on a Budget: EV Wraps

Tesla Model 3 wood dash replacement on a budget

If you don’t mind a longer installation process,

This Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber dash wrap gets the job done while saving you money.

Being a wrap rather than a cap means it requires a steady hand for proper installation.

Fortunately, the seller sends 2 dash wraps — and it’s said that they’ll offer a 3rd one for free if you mess up twice.

If this isn’t proof that you’ll have a hard time installing these wraps, I’m not sure what is.

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to have a chance at installing the wrap properly the first time —

You may give the 2nd wrap to a fellow Tesla Model 3 or Model Y owner or keep it as a backup.

A wrap also means it’d be harder to remove when it’s time to sell the car or return your lease.

I wouldn’t expect these to last as long — wraps tend to lift on the edges over time.

For owners who don’t mind the extra time to install, maintain, and potentially remove the wrap, this product is worth checking out.

You’re getting rid of the ugly wood (or toy-like white) interior in the end.

Whether the money saved is worth the additional effort is up to you.


Fits: All Model 3/Y years and trims.

✅ Most affordable choice
✅ A single-piece wrap. Leaves no gap in the middle.
✅ Comes with an extra wrap.


❌ Harder to install
❌ Likely to be less durable

Notable Mentions

RPMTesla (Dashboard Replacement) »

Glossy finish available if you’re into that.

Mentioned often in forum discussions, RPMTesla goes beyond a “cap” and offers an actual replacement part.

It comes at a premium and requires you to ship the original dashboard to them (while putting a $250 refundable deposit).

This Model 3/Y dash replacement is available in glossy or matte carbon fiber — as well as soft, alcantara material.

But the whole “receive replacement, ship original” juggle makes the buying experience confusing — so make sure you read the page entirely and carefully.

BMZX (Matte Black Cap) »

tesla model 3 wood dash replacement

Want to eliminate the stock dashboard look but not with carbon fiber?

With an easy installation process and a lifetime money-back guarantee, this cap helps you do just that.

(Install the cap low enough so that the stock dashboard isn’t exposed — especially if you have a white dashboard.)

The matte black looks more premium than OEM dashboards — and makes for a perfect match to the surrounding trims.

Our Tesla Model 3 Wood Dash Replacement of Choice

Overall, LMZX’s matte dash cap offers the best bang for your buck.

It’s a wonderful, inexpensive wood dash replacement — and a lasting choice compared to the affordable wrap alternative.

With 200+ positive customer ratings, it’s your safest bet to get rid of Model 3’s annoying interior — at a reasonable price and for years to come.

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