The Best Tesla Apps for Maximum Tesla Experience

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 08/20/22 •  10 min read

Tesla is a smart car, so you need a smart way to control its numerous functions, and for that, Tesla developed a mobile app that provides easy access to many features and settings of the car. 

But let’s be honest, it’s not enough. Is It? 

At some point (in your case, now), every Tesla owner looks for third-party apps to better their Tesla ownership experience, or they’re compelled by FOMO (if everyone is using them, why aren’t they?).

So whether you are confused about the apps you’re using or want to know about the best Tesla apps for maximum experience, hop into this article. I have come up with the five best apps that won’t leave you wanting more.

The OG App: Tesla (Official App) 

best tesla apps
Credit to googleplaystore

Since 2012, Tesla owners have been using a mobile app that assists them in most of the things related to their vehicle, and this might be the reason that holds them to it.

With this app, you can directly communicate with your Tesla to access numerous stats like real-time charging process, temperature control, range control, and total driven miles.

In addition to these stats, the app also has car automation features, including door controls, HVAC controls, horn controls, summon controls, flashlights controls, and Sentry Mode controls.

You can also locate your vehicle and track its movement through your smartphone by using the Tesla app for your EV.

This app might not have a bunch of features such as charging sessions and more that come with third-party apps, but it provides the most authentic information and has the most stable UI and user support. 

Here’s a brief review of Tesla App from SDA Dan Cars YouTube Channel:

Especially helpful for new Tesla owners!

Both iOS and Android users can get the official Tesla app on their respective app stores.

Best All-Rounder Tesla App: Teslafi

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Teslafi is the most confusing app for me because it’s an expensive app with an average interface yet popular among the Tesla community. 

Just look at these reassuring comments:

I like TeslaFI because it helps me prep for everything. This being my first EV, it will help me understand costs of my drives, of charging, etc. I don’t know if this will be a permanent thing, but for the first year it seems to be a really logical way for me to understand all of my habits.


I chose to support teslify mainly because it tracks the fleet… I don’t really use any of the other features but I figured for 50/year I can support the guys who keep track of update rollouts.


The app is developed to make your ride more efficient by collecting all your vehicle details, including battery usage, weather, elevation, and much more.

To put it simple, it’s your Tesla logbook that organizes every type of data provided by your vehicle to make it usable at times.

Want to know about the maximum speed your kid drove at? Or need your last location as evidence for a lawsuit? Teslafi takes care of it.

Curious about how it works? This video from Mother Frunker YouTube channel will walk you through it:

Aside from the UI needing work, the app is overall handy!

Prominent Features (Summary)

✅ Door Status (Locked/Unlocked)
✅ Rated Range
✅ Estimated Range
✅ Temperature (Inside/Outside)
✅ Current Idling/Sleeping Time
✅ Miles Driven
✅ Timeline for Every Session
✅ Timeline for Every Event

Besides these cool features, you can also automate your vehicle using Teslafi by setting timers for different features like locking the door, getting the car ready, plug-in reminders, and more that you’d otherwise have to do manually. 

If you have a thirst for competition, this app provides all kinds of leaderboards where you can compete with other members of the Tesla community or simply break your own record.

There are no prizes, but you’ll have fun!

A great selling point of this app is that you keep getting UI improvement updates and new features. In case you get into trouble, you can expect a positive response from customer support.

When it comes to the price, it’s a $5/month or $50/year purchase, and most Tesla users spend their money, if not for the stats, for the automation features. 

If you’re one of them, go get it on your mobile app store whether iOS or Android.

Runner-Up Tesla App: TezLab

Credit to apkpure

Whether it’s the best Supercharger location nearby or the maximum range of your vehicle, TezLab brings them all to your palm.

It’s the most loved third-party app by Tesla users because of its minimalist user interface and real-time details that give you authentic information about your vehicle.

Let’s have a look at some community reviews:

I have Tezlab app and yes it is free. it provides good information on your trips, shows routes including maps, battery usage, efficiency, watt hour per mile and information on phantom drain. 


I use Tezlab and absolutely love it – amazing to monitor and track efficiency history and also see benchmark against other users.

It is a fantastic app – and best of all, it is free!

Tesla – Mmmm3

I’m an early user/beta tester for the guys for Tezlab and definitely enjoy the app…


The app allows you to check various statistics, including trip data, energy consumption in the background, average speeds, and traveled trip miles that can be used for different purposes. 

With Quick Controls, you can immediately access your favorite set of controls from your dashboard, which makes your EV lifestyle simple and easy. 

You can view real-time insights of range, paired with best-in-class stats, including usage reports, charges, charge locations, and drives to manage your data in the best possible way. 

Along with the statistics, TezLab also brings vehicle automation, which ranges from location-based plug-in reminders to scheduling your climate on the go.

If you’re an extrovert, then you’re lucky because you can join the TezLab community by creating public or private groups where drives, zaps, and charging locations can be shared with friends.

You also keep getting fantastic updates for both the UI and the features, which is another edge of getting this app. 

TezLab is free! Kind of

The app contains some in-app purchases, but the major features are all free to use for both iOS and Android users.

An Alternative to Teslafi and TezLab: Tessie

Characterized as the app better than the Teslafi or TezLab by a fair number of Tesla owners, Tessie can be your best pick not only because of its large array of features that you’d want but also because of its popularity among Tesla owners. 

Here’s a reassuring small talk between two Tesla owners:

I noticed Tessie lets you use voice-activated commands via Google Home/Alexa/Siri. Being able to open the trunk/frunk or start the HVAC hands-free is certainly something I might fork over money for. Guess we’ll see how it goes with the rest of my trial. 


I got Tessie and actually really like the automation. What I thought was something I use once in a while, I find myself using all the time. 


I really like the Google Assistant voice-activation features offered. I played around with setting up custom routines in the Google Home app, and now I can open/close the charge port, open/close the trunk and open the frunk with a “Hey Google! Do *action*” voice commands. 


The app offers maximum utility for Tesla owners and fleet managers by providing a complete driving history where you can explore drives with maps, graphs, highlights, and more.

If you use your Tesla for work, you can easily export all your drives with time, destinations, and mileage for tax and accounting.

Another cool feature of Tessie is the charging record, which opens access from individual charges to lifetime analytics, along with locations and charging costs.

It also keeps track of your battery health and maximum range to provide better battery management.

Automating your Tesla has never been this easy, but with this app, you can get the car ready even after the alarm goes off, turn on Sentry Mode, or do anything else, and the 24/7 alerts of important situations give you a little extra peace of mind.

To further amplify your experience, you can use its voice control feature to heat up your car, open the frunk, or open the garage right from your phone, wrist, or living room. 

Tessie listens to everyone. Whether it’s Siri, Alexa, or your Google Assistant. 

For the price point, like most apps, this app also contains in-app purchases, but you can download the free initial app for both Android and iOS devices.

Best Remote App for Tesla: Remote S for Tesla 

Credit to App Store

Developed by an active member of the Tesla community to provide you with an unending list of remote features, the Remote S mobile app is another excellent third-party app for your Tesla.

Including some of the major remote operations, the app focuses on extra features which make almost everything in your car accessible with just one tap. 

Major Remote Operations

✅ Lock/Unlock Car
✅ Start/Stop HVAC
✅ Start/Stop Charging
✅ Open/Close Charging Port
✅ Enable/Disable Valet Mode
✅ Summon Forward/Reverse/Stop
✅ Roof Control
✅ Temperature Control
✅ Honk Horn
✅ Flash Light 
✅ Trigger Homelink

In addition to these cool features, the app also allows you to view several car details via statics, which can be helpful in many ways. For instance, looking at the charging details in statics can save you a lot of charging time.

Whether you own a Model 3 or a Cybertruck, the app works with all Tesla vehicles as it incorporates almost every function supported by Tesla’s official API. 

Another advantage of using this app is that you’ll keep getting updates on it as it’s still supported by developers through an improvement program. 

Remote S is only available across iOS devices with all of its perks, including Siri support, Apple Watch support, and Shortcut support.

However, all this doesn’t come for free. You’ll have to pay around $29.99, which includes the full purchase and installation of the app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tesla allow third-party apps? 

Yes, Tesla allows a lot of third-party apps through an unofficial API, so you could use them to have additional features and benefits.

Does Tesla have Apple CarPlay? 

You can use Apple CarPlay in your Tesla by connecting to Raspberry Pi using an in-car browser. Basic apps like Music and Maps can be controlled using multimedia buttons. 

Does Tesla have an Apple Watch app? 

Tesla has no official app for Apple Watch, but it has third-party apps available on App Store. 

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Apps for Maximum Tesla Experience

There are many awesome apps you can use as a Tesla owner. 

Some of them give basic features like finding nearby stations, tracking mileage, and getting the latest news on Tesla, while others come with extra features that are fun to use. 

Adopting any of these apps can make your EV life super easy, but before you go for it, make sure that you’re ready to entrust a stranger with your Tesla account and password because then he can locate, unlock, or even clean out your car.

So if you just want basic features, I’d recommend you stick with the official Tesla app, but if you want more, make sure to use a safe app.

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