5 Best Tesla Key Lanyards Every Tesla Owner Must Have

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/10/22 •  7 min read

Keeping your Tesla key card and key fob in your pocket all the time is not recommended. There are many things in your pocket that can possibly damage your electronic keys, such as coins and house keys.

For this reason, a key lanyard becomes an essential accessory. Carrying your key card and key fob around your neck for easy access is safer than putting them somewhere else.

In a previous article, I talked about the best key card holders used by the Tesla community, and here I will give you the best Tesla key lanyards that I found popular among Tesla owners.

After going through 13 forum threads and four Tesla-dedicated Facebook groups, I found out why Tesla owners use key lanyards and their favorite brands. I will explain below why you should get one too.

3 Reasons Why You Need Key Lanyards

1. Protects Key Card From Scratches Against Other Cards

The biggest reason why your key card does not last long is that it is in constant contact with other cards inside your wallet. The extruded texts on your credit cards can cause a lot of scratches on your Tesla key card if you put both of them in a single slot in your wallet. It can also damage the chip.

And even if there are no embossed texts on your cards, pulling the key card in and out can still cause scratches. 

2. Protects Key Card From Your Body Weight

If you are keeping your key card inside your wallet and you put your wallet inside your back pocket, chances are, your key card will absorb at least 50% of your body weight when you take a seat, risking breakage. 

3. Keeps Your Key Card And Key Fob Accessible

Having your key card and key fob always hanging around your neck is the most ideal way to keep it accessible and secure. It keeps you from forgetting them and lessens your fear of losing them.

1. Best Key Lanyard Overall:

Car Accessory Warehouse

The Car Accessory Warehouse key lanyard is the most popular Tesla lanyard among Tesla owners for a number of reasons. 

One is its one-inch width with a big Tesla logo that can be identified even from 15 meters away. 

Its 20″ length is adjustable, and the lower part that contains the hook and key ring is detachable, allowing you to easily remove your key without taking the whole lanyard off your neck.

Made of highly durable nylon, the Car Accessory Warehouse key lanyard can be used not only with your Tesla key card or key fob but also with other accessories like your purse or wallet or even your mobile phone.

The lanyard can also be used as a handheld keychain when the quick-release buckle is released and can be attached directly to your bag when you don’t feel like hanging it on your neck.



✅ Known Tesla aftermarket accessories brand
✅ Made of highly durable nylon
✅ Has a quick-release buckle for easy handling

❌ Available only in gray

2. Runner-Up Key Lanyard:


With the Pingping Tesla key lanyard, you’ll get three products for the price of one. 

The lanyard comes with two silicone anti-slip Tesla cup mats.

It is made of high-quality nylon and can be easily washed with water and detergent without discoloration. It features an easy-release buckle for easy handling.

The Pingping Tesla key lanyard has a string key ring that can easily be attached to your Tesla key fob, mobile phone, other keys, IDs, or badges.

The two anti-slip cup holder mats are made of high-quality silicone with guaranteed longevity—a big bang for your buck. 

The Pingping Tesla key lanyard is also a cheaper option for the Car Accessory Warehouse lanyard.



✅ Comes with two Tesla cup holder coasters
✅ Features a string key ring for additional attachment
✅ Cheaper alternative for the Car Accessory Warehouse lanyard

❌ Available only in gray
❌ At 19.7 inches (50 cm) long, it is shorter by 0.5 inch than the Car Accessory Warehouse lanyard

3. Best Tesla Key Lanyard on a Budget:


Round is not a brand you may always hear, but its lanyard designed for Tesla key cards and key fobs is making rounds among Tesla owners. 

What separates Round from its competitors is that you get two lanyards for the price of one. Practical, right?

Like other lanyards on this list, it is made of durable nylon, has a quick-release buckle, and has a key ring and clasp hook. It also has a string key chain for additional things you need easy access to, like your IDs, your house keys, and even your mobile phone.

Safety is not an issue with Round key lanyards because you can detach them right away during emergency situations. The lower end where the key ring is attached can also be hooked to a bag and can be held easily.

The plastic buckle is strong and fits perfectly, so you don’t need to worry about your key being unintentionally detached and falling to the ground.

Because it comes with two lanyards, you can give the other one to your friend or family as a gift.



✅ Two lanyards for the price of one
✅ Has a string key ring for other lightweight items
✅ Quick-release snap buckle for emergency detachment

❌ Available only in black

4. Premium Pick:


The UVR lanyard looks really elegant with its stainless clasp hook and string key ring.

The lanyard is made of strong nylon, which cannot be easily deformed and is hard to damage. 

The plastic buckle is highly durable as well, and its quick-release feature is easy to use. It can be attached/detached with just a slight push of its sides.

The UVR key lanyard comes with two car coasters that perfectly fit your Tesla cup holder. They are meticulously designed with shiny, decorative rhinestones that give off a luxurious look.

Whether you want it for yourself or you want to give it away as a gift, the UVR key lanyard is a great choice.



✅ Made of strong nylon material that can’t be deformed easily
✅ Comes with 2 car coasters with decorative rhinestones
✅ Can be washed with water and detergent without discoloration

❌ Pricier compared with most of its competitors

5. Notable Tesla Key Lanyard:


The Wenchao wrist key lanyard is the only lanyard in this list of its kind. It is perfectly designed to fit the wrist, so holding your Tesla key card or key fob is safe and comfortable.

This wrist lanyard is made of leather and is highly durable. The key ring and clasp hooks are made of high-strength alloy and are hard to break. The extra key ring can hold other keys and can be hooked to your belt loop or bag zipper.

The Wenchao lanyard really looks luxurious due to its custom-made snap lock with the Tesla logo inside. One look and you can tell it looks expensive, but in reality, it is highly affordable.

This lanyard can be given away as a gift even to someone who loves but doesn’t own a Tesla car.



✅ Luxurious and elegant appearance
✅ Made of genuine leather
✅ The clasp hook and key ring are made of high-strength alloy and are therefore durable

❌ Available only in black

Final Thoughts

Key lanyards play an important role in protecting your key cards and key fobs, and wearing them around your neck or wrist provides immediate access when needed.

They are a brilliant solution if you don’t have a purse with you and you are carrying your key fob and other small things simultaneously.

The Car Accessory Warehouse lanyard is the top pick of the Tesla community, but if you want to get the best deal, go with Round.

However, if you don’t want a key lanyard hanging around your neck, get the wrist-wearable Wenchao.

Whatever your pick is, you can’t go wrong with any of the above lanyards.

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