5 Best Tesla Key Card Holders And Why You Need To Buy Them

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 12/10/21 •  10 min read

Have you lost your Tesla key card? Have you ever been locked out of your car because your phone is dead and you don’t have your Tesla key card with you? Have you experienced having a damaged, stained, broken, cracked, or wet key card?

The best way to avoid having these problems is to get used to using key card holders (or key lanyards).

Tesla key cards are embedded with an electronic chip that works using short-range radio frequency identification (RFID) signal technology. This means that these signals can be interrupted, causing the card to fail to work if it is not properly taken care of.

After spending more than six hours finding the best Tesla key card holders in Tesla community forums and social media groups, I was able to pick the top five favorites, and I will share the list with you.

But first things first.

Why Do You Need a Tesla Key Card Holder?

Key card holders are custom envelopes or covers made of leather or silicone plastic that hold and protect your key card for safety and mobility.

They are usually designed with a hole on top or on the side for the key chain for additional handling convenience. They can be carried using a neck lanyard or hung on a belt loop. 

Basically, you need a Tesla key card holder for the following reasons:

Protection And Longevity

Your Tesla key card is an important backup to your phone. Your phone could run out of battery and could not be used to open and start your car, but your key card, if properly maintained and protected, would always work. 

Keeping your Tesla key card inside your wallet, especially if you put your wallet in your back pocket, could result in a number of issues. The possibility of breaking your key card inside your back pocket is very high. That’s why it is not recommended to put a wallet with cards in your back pocket. 

Your Tesla key card, if not covered, can also attract dust and stains from liquids that can damage its circuits.

To Avoid Losing And/Or Forgetting

Key cards are prone to be misplaced or left behind in the house or, worse, inside your car. Things could be different if your key card is always hanging on your neck or belt loop or attached to your bag. 

Easy Access

Having your card hanging on your belt loop or on your neck lanyard is the most convenient way to access it when needed. It is also the safest place for your key card. You may forget your phone when you place it somewhere, but something that is always connected to your clothes or body is always hard to miss.

Best Key Card Holders For Tesla Owners

Overall: Seven Sparta

Among the important things to consider when buying a Tesla key card holder are the design, available color options, and actual experiences of Tesla owners who use it. 

The Seven Sparta silicone key card holder ticks all these boxes.

It is stylish and has a 3D modern design that highly complements your high-tech Tesla key card. 

It has a key ring and a clasp hook that can be readily attached to your belt loop or neck lanyard. The ring makes it easy to carry it independently, attach it to your key chain with other keys, or hang it to your bag’s zipper. The hollow design on the front side shows the Tesla logo of your key card.

With 4.6-star reviews on Amazon, the Seven Sparta silicone key card holder has topped its competitors in the number of sales and ratings and is the only key card holder mentioned multiple times in the Tesla community.

Compared with other quality key card holders that are made of leather, the Seven Sparta silicone key card holder is washable and can resist both heat and cold conditions. It is elastic but surprisingly strong and can’t be easily deformed.

Its key ring is made of tungsten steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion due to condensation. 

Compatible To:

✅ Tesla Model 3 and Y


✅ Known Tesla aftermarket accessories brand in the Tesla community
✅ Stylish design compatible with Model 3
✅ Elastic but cannot be reformed
✅ Comes with a tungsten steel key ring and clasp hook edges


❌ Available only in two colors (red and black)

Runner-Up: Tandrive

If silicone is your choice of material and you want a high-quality and flexible key card holder available in different colors, then the Tandrive silicone key card holder is your next best option.

It is available in four colors, including black, red, blue, and pink. You can get one, but consider buying a pair as it is cheaper compared with buying two separate key card holders.

The back portion of the card holder has a solid color, while the front is covered with a transparent, flexible silicone plastic, allowing you to see what’s inside.

The transparent plastic protects your card from folding and is also waterproof. The key card is easy to install and take out.

These key card holders come with leather straps attached to the clasp hook, which is perfect for hanging on your belt loop.

As an added bonus, they come with luminous stickers for Tesla’s door opening button.

They also perfectly fit your 86 mm x 54 mm Model 3 and Y key cards.

Compatible To:

✅ Tesla Model 3 and Y


✅ More color options
✅ Two products for a highly discounted price of one
✅ Made of high-quality silicone plastic
✅ Waterproof and bend-proof


❌ The black and pink pair doesn’t have a leather strap and clasp hook and could be difficult to attach to the belt loop

Best Budget : KE-KE

The KE-KE leather key card holder is exclusively designed for Model Y key cards, and if you are looking for a cheap leather key card holder, you don’t need to look further. 

Despite being made of leather, KE-KE is the cheapest on this list.

This Model Y key card holder has a sleeve where the Tesla logo is revealed. The purpose of the sleeve is not only to show the logo but also to allow the signal to work uninterrupted so that when you use your key card, there is nothing that could possibly block the signal.

The KE-KE leather key card holder is available in black and red and features a non-slip surface. It is hooked with a key ring where a ring-shaped clasp hook is attached. It can be easily handled with a neck lanyard or hook to your belt loop.

The back of the card holder is also labeled with Model Y, and it looks customized.

Unlike silicone-made key card holders which can be slippery sometimes, the embossed litchi leather grain texture makes it easy to hold.

Both the sleeve and the Model Y label help the valet for easy and fast identification when you hand over your car during valet parking.

Compatible To:

✅ Tesla Model Y 


✅ The leather grain texture is anti-slip and easy to hold
✅ The sleeve on the front side prevents signal loss
✅ Highly affordable for a trademark brand


❌ Available only in two colors (black and red)

Premium Pick: Anycars+

best Tesla key card holders

The Anycars+ Model 3 and Y carbon fiber key card holder is probably the most elegant and stylish key card holder on this list.

Its unique side loop for the key ring and back hollow design demonstrate its brand and product value. 

The tough, high-quality, and corrosion-resistant carbon fiber cover protects your key card from breaking even when dropped. The hard material also protects the key card from bending and deformation.

The back protection of the card has a hole that enables your finger to push the key card out easily when you want to remove it.

Although it looks thick and hard, there are no sharp edges, which is a common issue for products made of carbon fiber. It feels good to the touch and looks stylish and durable.

Since the Anycars+ key card holder is specifically designed for the Model 3 and Y, you can’t put any other card to it due to its perfect fit. This means that inserting more cards is not possible, thus preventing damaging the key card with other cards as well.

Compatible To:

✅ Tesla Model 3 and Y


✅ Made of hard carbon fiber material that prevents breaking and folding
✅ Unique and stylish design
✅ Specifically designed for Model 3 and Y for a perfect fit


❌ No key ring and/or clasp hook included
❌ Available only in black

Notable Mention: Arget

Made of faux suede, the Arget key card holder is stylish, comfortable, and significantly waterproof. Faux suede is extremely strong and has a high decontamination ability.

What’s unique about this key card holder is it is designed to fit all Tesla key cards—it is the only key card holder in this list that is compatible with all models.

Another important feature of Arget key card holders is that you can put other cards in it, in addition to your Tesla key card, without having any issue with the signal.

This key card holder has a unique shape too. It has a very strong and thick key chain and clasp hook that allows you to attach it to a lanyard, bag, or belt loop. 

Both the key chain and clasp hook are thicker and sturdier than any other in this list.

The stitching on the edge of the Arget key card holder makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Compatible To:

✅ All Tesla Models


✅ Made of extremely strong and comfortable faux suede material
✅ Comes with a highly durable key ring and clasp hook
✅ Unique shape and stylish design
✅ Fits all Tesla key cards


❌ Available in one color only

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove my key card from the key card holder to make it work?

No, you don’t. To use it, just position your key card holder with the card inside and tap it against the card reader located just below the Autopilot camera on the door pillar on the driver’s side.

What if I have another card inside the card holder? Will it block the signal from my key card?

The Tesla key card has an embedded chip and is not magnetic. An additional layer between the key card and the card reader will not block the signal, as evidenced by this video where a Tesla owner uses his key card while it is stored inside his thick wallet.

Can I put my key card holder with the card in my wallet?

The purpose of the key card holder is to protect the card and for easy handling. They have bigger sizes than the card, so they may not fit inside your wallet. There is also a reason why they always come with key rings. They are supposed to be attached to lanyards, bags, or belt loops and not inside your wallet.

Final Thoughts on the Best Tesla Key Card Holders

Key card holders are small accessories that can make a huge difference. They can be useful to any Tesla owner and can be a great gift too.

All of the above key card holders have their own features, but there’s no doubt that Seven Sparta is on top of the list.

However, if you’re a fan of leather, then KE-KE is a good choice. 

Regardless of which key card holder you’re going to choose, you can’t go wrong with any of the above products.

Don’t lose your key card. Get a Tesla key card holder now!

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