Does the Tesla Model 3 Have Ludicrous Mode — or Other Speed Boosters?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 10/06/21 •  8 min read

Unfortunately, you can’t believe the hype on this one.

Although often rumored to be coming soon, Ludicrous Mode is not available on the Tesla Model 3.

It seems Elon Musk has tried to pull a fast one, promising the speedy booster mode for some time but not delivering the feature.

This ongoing saga has been quite infuriating for a lot of you fast and furious Tesla Model 3 owners.

But we’ve got your speedy spirit covered because there are a few other options available to pick up the pace of your vehicle.

We’ll cover four of those options a little further on, but first, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and uncover what exactly happened to Model 3’s Ludicrous Mode.

Promises, Promises

Even before the first Model 3s rolled off the production line, Elon had been promising that the vehicle would include Ludicrous Mode. 

The feature was already available for the Model S, and Model 3 reservation holders salivated at the potential to ludicrously accelerate their car from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds or less.

Back in 2016, Elon tweeted a confirmation response to a user asking this very question.

This created a bit of a frenzy across social media and for potential buyers lining up to get their hands on the brand-new Tesla Model 3.

But Ludicrous Mode never came.

Serious consumers started investigating why the Tesla Model 3 couldn’t have the feature, especially when they discovered that it was already built into the system.

The Ludicrous Code

You would think that if a vehicle had additional options built-in, it would be a snap to just turn those features on.

That’s what happened when a Tesla sleuth discovered that the Model 3 was built with the Ludicrous Mode code already in the system.

Model 3’s code hinting at Ludicrous Mode. Credit to Twitter user @greentheonly

Alas, even with the performance upgrade seemingly programmed in, no one at Tesla is in a hurry to turn the feature on.

It’s been over two years since this discovery, and Ludicrous Mode is still a no-go on the Model 3.

That hasn’t stopped the Tesla community from continuing to ask for it though.

These drivers are always on the hunt for ways to boost the performance of their vehicles:

Need for Speed? Options Available Today

Many Tesla owners are notoriously performance driven, and without Ludicrous Mode, they’ve had to turn to alternatives.

Let’s look at some ways you can achieve superior speed:

#1: Performance Model 3

There are three trim versions of the Model 3—Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and arguably the most-coveted Performance model.

Tesla claims this speedier performance version can go from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds, which is just a hair off where the promised Ludicrous Mode would come in at. 

Mat Watson from carwow put those claims to the test in this video:

Skip ahead to 15:21 to see him flooring it out of the gates but only reaching 60 in about 3.29 seconds.

Not too shabby but still not hitting the Ludicrous Mode pace.

If you’re keen to drive at insanely high speeds, the extra cost of $20K from the Standard Range Plus for the Performance trim might be worth it for you.

Dropping the extra cash will get you a claimed top speed of 162 mph with lowered suspension and performance brakes.

The Model 3 Performance is also the only Tesla to offer Track Mode V2, a software update with handling customizations, which began rolling out in version 2020.8.

Fine-tune your performance settings for beating lap records or even drifting, the Track Mode puts the power in the driver’s hands with advanced handling and total control over how the car behaves.

#2: Model 3 Track Package & Track Mode

For an additional $5500 USD, Tesla offers a Model 3 Track Package (not to be confused with Track Mode V2 which is a software upgrade, though combining these two is a no-brainer).

This hardware package comes with high-performance tires, wheels, and brake pads for optimum lap times and top-notch cornering.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that comes in the package:

With these upgrades, your Tesla Model 3 turns into a track monster, giving you grippier tires and the ability to handle turns so much better.

Tesla even introduced a “Drift Mode” to Track Mode back in 2020. Watch Emilia Hartford’s YouTube channel putting both the Track Package & Track Mode to the test:

Warning: it’ll make you seriously want to get out there and start drifting.

The package will make you faster around a road course, but users haven’t been noticing any difference in acceleration rates or top speeds, just lap times.

It’s also going to have a serious impact on your vehicle’s range if you’re ripping donuts and using those high-performance features often.

#3: Model 3 Acceleration Boost

If you’ve decided to go with either the Standard Range Plus or the Long Range Model 3, then Tesla came up with a way to compete with the Performance trim’s acceleration rates.

For $2000 USD, the Acceleration Boost will get you going from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds.

Initially, Tesla claimed the Acceleration Boost package would reduce times from 4.4 to 3.9, which still made the case for the Performance trim for those looking for breakneck speeds.

But as Tesla has been known to do in the past, they over-delivered, and the Acceleration Boost clocked in as low as 3.6 for a 0–60 as Brooks from DragTimes was able to achieve on multiple passes.

He even said “This is Ludicrous,” a reference to the Ludicrous Mode that never came to be when he saw the Acceleration Boost package drop the ¼ mile time to 11.9 seconds.

Skip ahead to 6:49 to see a race between a Performance model vs. a Long Range with the upgrade.

This package seems worth the extra $2K if it gets the non-performance trim models anywhere close to the numbers seen with the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

#4: Aftermarket Performance Upgrades

You don’t necessarily have to go to Tesla to get your hands on an Acceleration Boost package for the Model 3.

There are some aftermarket options out there.

One of them is a company called Ingenext, an EV conversion specialist based in Quebec.

They came up with a hack to increase the car’s acceleration for less than half the cost of the Tesla offering.

The Boost 50 boasts a 0–60 in 3.7 seconds, with a total increase of 50 horsepower.

Credit to Ingenext

This do-it-yourself enhancement is a plug-in that Ingenext swears won’t interfere with official Tesla firmware upgrades, but they do recommend taking it out when visiting a Tesla service center.

Another big Tesla performance tuners are the folks at Unplugged Performance.

These guys have been killing the upgrade game, outfitting Teslas for maximum performance and breaking track records along the way.

Watch their tricked-out Model 3 beating the times of a Tesla Model S Tri-Motor Plaid prototype.

1:35:79 Laguna Seca (UP Model 3) vs. 1:36:55 (Plaid Prototype).

They broke that record again with a modded Model S Plaid:

They offer every Tesla performance upgrade known to man:

But it’s their Ascension Complete Vehicle Program that’s truly the ultimate in Tesla Model 3 performance.

This program offers you the ability to customize your Tesla Model 3 any way you want and pack more performance upgrades into your vehicle than you can imagine.

Final Thoughts: Does the Tesla Model 3 Have Ludicrous Mode?

The highly sought-after Ludicrous Mode is not available on the Tesla Model 3. However, there are other ways to push the speed limits.

The Performance trim package, coupled with the new Track Mode V2, will guarantee some serious force out of the blocks.

And for those with other trim models, the Acceleration Boost package (along with aftermarket upgrades) are a killer speed option at a relatively low cost.

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