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7 Aggressive Tesla Model 3 Front Lip Spoilers That Increase Your Range (Buying Guide)

Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler on Red Tesla.
Unplugged Performance’s Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler. Credit to dmd2005.

Let’s be honest: Model 3’s front bumper isn’t the sportiest — a weak point for many owners. Fortunately, the right aftermarket Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler will give your car a more aggressive look without sacrificing range.

(Some front lip spoilers may even increase your range by as much as 22 miles.)

If you’re looking to accentuate Model 3’s front and make it sporty and unique (while avoiding more frequent charging),

Here are the best Tesla Model 3 front lip spoilers available, starting with the only proven range-increasing option on this list.

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Best Tesla Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler Overall: Unplugged Performance

Color-matched Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler.
Unplugged Performance’s color-matched front lip spoiler. Credit to TwoK4drSi.

When looking for an all-around stylish, efficient, and easy-to-install option, Unplugged Performance front lip spoiler is worth considering.

A study published by the company suggests their front lip increases range.

Curious to find real-world evidence, I researched forums and found a Model 3 owner confirming a 10-15 Wh/mi improvement in efficiency.

Another user of the product tested a lower 2-3 Wh/mi gain at highway speeds.

Bjorn Nyland, a Norway Youtuber known for his efficiency tests on electric vehicles, took on the challenge and tested UP’s front lip spoiler.

Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler efficiency test resulted in a 1.6% improvement.

Three data points and one study aren’t definitive proof.

However, unlike bike racks and other bulky aftermarket products,

Any concerns about a decrease in range can be put to rest since evidence suggests this Model 3 front lip adds between 3 to 18 miles for the Standard Range trim or 4 to 22 miles for the Performance or Long Range trims.

Results may vary, though — and I wouldn’t expect any benefits driving in the city.

The drawback across the board for these aftermarket products is that they may leave a tiny, ~1mm side gap, and the ground clearance will decrease slightly.

UP claims such a clearance loss may be about 0.5″ or 13 millimeters.

On the other side, almost all of the Tesla Model 3 front lip spoilers require screws or drilling of some sort.

But this front lip requires no cutting or drilling. It’s a non-permanent modification — ideal for leased or soon-to-be-sold vehicles.

With the overall positive comments in forums, communities, and YouTube videos, Unplugged Performance earns the best overall position on the list.


Fits: All Model 3 years & trims.

✅ Real-world tested to impact range positively.

✅ Remarkable word of mouth in forums, reviews, and other Tesla communities.

✅ Color-matched paint options available (with the exception of Red as of this writing).

✅ Bolt-on accessory. No permanent modifications.


❌ Expensive compared to other plastic-made alternatives

❌ May slightly reduce ground clearance (0.5″ or so)

❌ May leave a tiny side gap.

Interesting fact: 🧐

Evannex is a trusted brand in the Tesla community.

Interestingly, the Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler available on their store looks identical to Unplugged Performance’s Model 3 front lip.

Same pictures. Same characteristics. Same price.

This leads me to believe that Unplugged Performance partnered with Evannex, reinforcing once again that, overall, for performance, range, and style, Unplugged Performance front lip spoiler is a notable option.

Best Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler: Maier Racing

Maier Racing's Tesla Model 3 front lip spoiler.
Maier Racing’s Model 3 front lip on a white Tesla. Credit to 4agemr2.

Maier Racing is a 41-year-old Californian tuner that offers performance-focused carbon fiber accessories for Teslas.

This front lip spoiler in particular has been track-tested, and as proof of the added stability and downforce it adds at high speeds, a tuned Model 3 set an EV record at the Laguna Seca raceway, surpassing the modified Tesla Model S P100D by 8 seconds.

Compared to carbon fiber-made accessories that cost up to 50-100-% more, this product is priced competitively. Especially the “Primer Gray/Black” finish.

However, it’s still much more expensive than many options on this list given the higher-quality and lighter material.

It can be mounted with 3M double-sided tape and bolted on the bottom using Model 3’s mounting holes.

However, to secure it and make sure it doesn’t fall off on a track, the installation is somewhat involved compared to other options.

You can appreciate the installation process in i1 Tesla’s YouTube Channel:

Some commenters go as far as saying, “it has to be the most complex front lip install I’ve ever seen!”

But for a sleek-looking Model 3 front lip made from real carbon fiber, Maier Racing’s lip might just be worth the hassle. (And if you can hire professional installers, there’s really nothing to worry about.)


Fits: All Model 3 years & trims.

✅ Track-proven performance.

✅ Handmade in California

✅ Comes with installation instructions.


❌ Expensive compared to plastic options, as expected.

❌ Involved installation.

❌ Ground clearance reduction seems closer to 1″

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Front Lip: BASENOR

BASENOR is a well-known brand with hundreds of positive reviews on their Amazon store — and their own store.

This Model 3 front lip spoiler is no exception. It happens to be the Model 3 front lip with the most Amazon reviews — and 75% of reviewers gave the product 4 stars or more.

With its minimalistic design and teeth-like bumps, it truly infuses a shark character to Model 3’s front default guppy apperance.

Although the tape adhesion isn’t the best, for DIYers and non-DIYers alike, the installation is simple. Users confess it took them “a little over an hour from prepping to fully mounted.”

Regarding the final buying decision when compared to other options on the market, a user argues:

“[Front lips] are going to do the same thing and get destroyed both ways, so go for the cheaper one.”

And when acknowledging a lip’s low and vulnerable position, it’s hard to argue to the contrary.


Fits: All Model 3 years & trims.

✅ Good value for your money.

✅ Easy installation.

✅ Bolt-on accessory. No permanent modifications.


❌ Tape adhesion isn’t the best. Budget for a quality adhesive.

❌ May reduce ground clearance.

Best Front Lip Spoiler On a Budget: EPARTS

A recurring complaint about these mods on forums is, not surprisingly, price.

If you happen to be looking for something closer on the lower end, this Model 3 front lip may be the option to consider.

Its Achilles heel is that the adhesive quality is subpar — and people have a hard time installing it by themselves.

You may want to budget for a quality adhesive (like a double-sided 3M tape) to along with your front lip purchase.

Despite these small inconveniences, however, most buyers are satisfied with the product.

Some consider the product so inexpensive that they have it as a backup — in case their front lip spoiler breaks.

The seller claims the fitment is appropriate for 2016 – 2020 models, but a 2021 owner admitted in the questions section that they installed this product successfully.


Fits: All Model 3 trims from 2016 – 2021.

✅ Inexpensive.

✅ Available in Carbon Fiber style. (No real CF, though.)

✅ Bolt-on accessory. No permanent modifications.


❌ Tape adhesion is subpar. Budget for a quality adhesive.

❌ May reduce ground clearance.

Other Front Lip Spoilers Worth Mentioning

  • BOMELY: This simple yet aggresive front lip fits the slightly refreshed Model 3 (2020-2021 and beyond). They claim “it won’t reduce the height of the car chassis” but I’d still expect some ground clearance loss.

    Not much to say about this brand since no website or location was found. But they do have other Tesla accessory products with great reviews on Amazon (like this spoiler wing, this fog light trim and this Model 3/Y center console wrap).

  • RPMTesla‘s Model 3 front lip product page showcases a video of one person installing the product in 15 minutes with simple tools — soap, tape, cloth & alc0hol to clean the bumper’s surface. No screws were required, but the tape has to remain in the car for 72 hours for full bonding. Prepare to look weird for 3 days.

    Some people have had bad customer service experiences from this company, though. As such, we’d encourage you to look at the options above first unless you can visit their center in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

Frequent Buyer Concerns:

  • Will a front lip spoiler reduce the ground clearance of my Model 3?

More than likely, yes. This may be the main drawback of giving your car a sporty and aggressive look — you may lose between 1/4″ to 1″ in ground clearance, unfortunate for Model 3 owners with fairly steep driveways.

  • Will a Model 3 front lip reduce the range of my vehicle?

Evidence found suggests the impact front lip spoilers have on range land anywhere between slightly positive and neutral.

Given the lower ground clearance and better aerodynamics front lips provide, benefits are likely to be experienced at highway speeds.

Don’t expect significant changes in range or energy consumption, though. Any improvement (or decrease for that matter) in range will be minimal (± 1-2%).

  • Can these front lip spoilers fit other Teslas?

Unfortunately, front lip spoilers are unlikely to fit any other Tesla model, not even Model Y’s.

If it fits your model year, though, it will fit all Standard Range, Performance & Long Range trims.

  • Can I install a front bumper lip myself?

For most DIYers, the answer is yes.

Most of these spoilers are fairly intuitive to install with everyday tools. In some cases, instructions will be presented, making it even easier.

  • Will Autopilot & Full Self-Driving continue working with these front lip spoilers installed?

The front lip spoilers described above take the Tesla sensor suite for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving into account. By sitting in such a low position, the spoilers won’t disrupt your driver assistant functions.

Our Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler of Choice:

All the Tesla Model 3 front lip spoilers reviewed above are great alternatives to give your car some character and turn heads in the streets.

I’d personally go for Basenor’s ABS Carbon Fiber Front Lip.

Despite being the “best runner-up” when compared to other options, I’m impressed by its shark-like design. (It truly enhances Model 3’s default guppy appearance.)

Besides, I’m admittedly somewhat of a price-conscious consumer. Of all options, Basenor’s front lip offers the best value while being a very reputable brand in the Tesla community.

By Zac Ludicrous

Mechanical engineer by profession. TSLA shareholder before the hype. EV enthusiast all day long. Zac enjoys learning about the future of battery technology, autonomy, and EVs. He considers Tesla Model 3 the most important vehicle of the 21st century -- and is in a quest to improve the ownership experience of every Model 3 owner he possibly can.

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