This Is How You Open and Close the Model 3 Frunk

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 11/07/22 •  8 min read

Why does everything have to be so complicated with Tesla? I mean, opening and closing the Model 3 frunk should be a simple task, right?

But no, even the simplest of tasks require a 1000-word article to get it right. 

Just so many precautions!

Let’s not waste a single second more and get right into the details.

Opening the Model 3 Frunk

how to open and close model 3 frunk
Opening the Tesla Model 3 frunk. Credit to Tesla.

$$$$-Saving Precautions to Follow While Opening the Frunk

You can choose any of the following Tesla-recommended ways for hassle-free opening of your Model 3 frunk:

Closing the Model 3 Frunk

Closing the frunk of the Model 3. Credit to Tesla.

$$$$-Saving Precautions to Follow While Closing the Frunk

Adopt these Tesla-recommended ways for closing the Model 3 Frunk:

A Few More Things to Remember

To keep your journey free from hazards and buzz killers, don’t forget these novel buzz savers:

Opening the Model 3 Frunk — The Powerless Way!

how to open and close model 3 frunk
Powerless way of opening the Model 3 frunk. Credit to Tesla.

Need to open the frunk but the battery is all drained out? No conventional method of opening the Model 3 frunk will work now. 

Anticipating situations like this in advance, Tesla provided the towing eye aperture just below the hood that can help you get the frunk opened. You’ll have to go through the following procedure:

The Model 3 Frunk Is So Manual — Any Power Upgrade That’s Actually Worth It? 

Even though the Model 3 comes with an automatic rear trunk in the refreshed models, Tesla hasn’t served us with automatic frunks as of now.

Imagine lifting a heavy load of grocery bags. To open the frunk in this case, you’re supposed to put those bags on the ground and open up the hood manually. 

Having said that, if you have a power liftgate equipped in the frunk, you easily open it up by sliding your foot beneath the frunk or merely putting your finger on the hood.

As always, enter the aftermarket brands to the rescue!

Best Tesla Model 3 Power Liftgate for Frunk:


Credit to EVOffer

I have had my EV offer unit for well over a year. Was actually the first batch of their latest and greatest Mark 4.0 unit. A bunch of issues arose but they were quick to send upgraded replacement parts for this work in progress. Over time, everything was replaced with the exception of the struts. They now have a rock solid unit, never an issue. Has been at least 9 months without errors or failures.


My Model 3 Frunk Won’t Close. What to Do?

Many Tesla owners have reported facing difficulties shutting the frunk. Some even claimed to have slightly damaged their Tesla hood while doing so. Here’s what a Tesla community member experienced:

I just took delivery of my model 3 a couple of days and I love it. One thing that bugs me though is I am avoiding opening the frunk because when I do I feel like I’m going to dent the hood. I lower it down and put my hands on either side of the logo like it shows in the manual and then pushes down as slowly as I can. But despite this, I can still feel the hood flex under my hands and I’m worried about denting the thin aluminum. Can this be adjusted? I thought the 2021 models were supposed to close easier?


This is the most common issue reported by most Model 3 owners in the Tesla community.

Most of the time, it’s a latch problem. Just a simple adjustment of the latches upward would solve the problem.

All you need to do is open the frunk, remove the plastic covers on the latch, and then loosen the two bolts slightly and shove the mechanism up.

You may need to experiment a little since if you go too high, the hood will not be level with the bumper.

According to my observations, the latch is too low, requiring you to put pressure on the hood to close it. However, after the latches are corrected, they will shut quite simply, eliminating all dangers of denting or damaging the frunk during closure!

Final Thoughts: How to Open and Close the Model 3 Frunk

To summarize this whole long wrangle of opening and closing the Model 3 frunk, I can say that Tesla provides us with several alternatives for doing a single-piece task. 

Thus, you must select the method that you feel is the easiest and most comfortable for this particular subject or any other normal operation of your Tesla — because after all, it’s comfort and ease that encouraged you to pick Tesla over other ICEs and EVs.

Just be mindful of the stuff that might scratch, scuff, damage, or dent your sleek Tesla Model 3 frunk. And don’t forget the rule of thumb: Always apply pressure using both hands at the green spots to avoid any damage.

And if you don’t mind investing a few hundred dollars for extra practicality and leisure, try adding a power liftgate to your Model 3’s frunk, which will also make your life much smoother.

Happy cruising!

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