Is Tesla Model 3 a Good Family Car? These Five Owners Give Their Take

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 01/03/23 •  7 min read
is tesla model 3 a good family car
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Is Tesla Model 3 a perfect family car?

Certainly, this is a question that must take a toll on your mind if you’re willing to shift from an ICE car to an EV but unsure if it’d be as charming, practical, and useful for your family as it seems!

How can we get the best insights to make the ultimate decision? Undoubtedly from the men of experience! 

And this is what we’ll be doing — taking notes from prominent Tesla owners and critically analyzing their PoV about their family experience regarding Tesla.

Sounds compelling? Let’s hop into it.

#1 Chris’s Model 3 Family Experience 

In this detailed video, Chris elaborates on his experience of using the Model 3 as a family car on his YouTube channel SpawnPoiint:

Brief Summary:

With an overall 425-liter capacity, he seemed quite content with the boot and storage in the Tesla Model 3. 

Windows and doors can easily be child locked and adjusted from the Tesla screen to provide an extra layer of safety to your infant. 

Also, the rear seats are Isofix compatible, so two child seats can be easily and perfectly attached, providing plenty of legroom. 

Play games, watch something on YouTube or Netflix, sing something on karaoke, or just listen to personalized playlists on Spotify; Tesla provides you with plenty of variety in entertainment.

Be that the Autopilot, auto braking, or collision avoidance feature, Chris was seen as quite content with the Model 3’s safety aspects and claimed it to be a five-star in terms of safety. 

Chris claimed that Tesla automatically locks the doors and closes them when you move away from your car. However, you can still lock or unlock the car doors and also maintain the ventilation from the Tesla app. So feel relaxed in case you want to leave your kids in the car.

In a nutshell, “Chris and his family” looked quite happy with it!

#2 Adam’s Take on the Tesla Model 3 as a Family Car

Brief Summary:

Adam is just another family man like Chris who uses the Tesla Model 3 as a family car. He claimed the Model 3 to be:

He further added that the Model 3 comes with many storage options, is really easy to clean, provides an extreme level of safety, and is equipped with premium entertainment features. 

According to Adam, the only change he would like to have in the Model 3 is a bit larger boot entry. Apart from that, he said the Tesla Model 3 is a good, practical family car! 

#3 The Tech Maven’s Thoughts on the Tesla Model 3

Brief Summary:

In pursuit of a Model Y, The Tech Maven got a Model 3.

First, he was skeptical about getting a Model 3 and thought a Model Y would best suit his family’s needs, but because of the unavailability of the Model Y in the UK at that time, he had to go with the Model 3.

Little did he know that his views were about to take an extreme shift of 180 degrees… In contrast to his previous views, Tech Maven concludes in his YouTube video that he has absolutely no regrets about buying a Model 3 and considers it a great family car.

Here’s the list of features that made him love the Tesla Model 3 in the end:

#4 Mark Gilroy’s Take on This Query

Brief Summary:

Similar to Chris and Tech Maven, Mark also provided us with plenty of reasons rooting for the Tesla Model 3’s workability as a practical family car. His review was based on four key somewhat-basic features:

Two key features that stood out to me were safety and minimal running cost!

Mark basically explained how Sentry Mode adds up a layer of safety by alarming you when somebody is around or tries to break into your Tesla Model 3. 

And yes, the minimal running cost! According to Mark, his annual spending after shifting to the Model 3 was £1,038, which is almost half of what he had to pay annually when he previously owned a BMW X3.

Mark claimed that even though the Model 3 wasn’t proposed in the market as a family car by Tesla, it’s not difficult to use it as one. And to this, I can’t do anything but agree.

Major Benefits for a Family Man


Tesla is the safest car roaming on roads, period. There is no such thing as safe or error-free. Anything may happen at any moment and in any place. 

Thus, you can’t be 100% safe in any vehicle, but if you’re in the Tesla Model 3, the odds of getting into a life-threatening accident are as low as the bottom. 

Prominent safety features include:

Big Enough for a Family of Five

Not if you have all grown-up kids, duh!

But a family consisting of three young kids, mom, and dad… absolutely yes!

The Model 3 is designed as a five-seater car with three at the rear and two in front.

So a family of five won’t be a problem until you decide to attach booster seats in the rear. Two child seats and done; no space left!

Apart from seat capacity, the Model 3


Play games, watch something on YouTube or Netflix, sing something on karaoke, or just listen to Spotify… Tesla provides you with plenty of variety in entertainment.

So in case you are just charging, on the school run, or just waiting to pick somebody up, don’t worry as the entertainment feature in Tesla will keep your children occupied. 

Ease of Travel / Chargers Availability

Range anxiety can be a true nerve tester for families.

Per EPA estimates, the Tesla Model 3 can travel up to 315 miles after a single full charge, which is quite sufficient for a family that mostly remains within the vicinity.

In case you are on a tour with your fam and a low battery sign pops up on the screen, you can pinpoint the nearest superchargers on the map and navigate yourself to the spot. 

Final Thoughts: Is Tesla Model 3 a Good Family Car?

The Tesla Model 3 is an absolute heaven for smaller families of four or five. If you live in a more metropolitan region, the Tesla Model 3 will be even handier. 

If you have one to two children, you’ll have plenty of space and save a lot of money on gas and maintenance. Also, the outstanding safety ratings make the Tesla Model 3 one of the safest vehicles roaming the roads for families.

The only reasons that might deter you from buying a Tesla may be the high upfront price, range anxiety, and fewer charging stations in your area. 

Otherwise, the Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly a family car.

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