This Is How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid on Tesla Model 3

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How can you spray windshield wiper fluid using internal controls on your Tesla Model 3? What is the best windshield cleaning fluid for your Model 3? How can you change the fluid in the windshield reservoir? 

So many questions pop up in the head of a newbie Model 3 owner at the beginning of his/her ownership experience, including those stated above. I’ll be focusing on them in this article.

So without any further ado, let’s hop into it.

How to Spray Fluid on Tesla Model 3 Windshield Using Internal Controls

All you have to do is fully push and hold the last button on the turn signal stalk, and it will begin spraying washer fluid onto your Model 3’s windshield.

Simple as that!

The wipers activate automatically when the spray on your windshield begins and perform two wipes. The wipers turn off as soon as you let go of the end button.

Then the last wipe is applied automatically per the vehicle’s windshield and environmental conditions after a momentary pause.

Here’s a quick 33-second tutorial from the DIY Pinto YouTube channel:

Best Windshield Washer Fluid for Tesla Model 3

Best Overall: Biltema All-Season Concentrated Wiper Fluid

how to spray windshield wiper fluid on tesla model 3

This concentrated wiper fluid effectively manages every pollutant that your Tesla windshield may be exposed to, including oil, asphalt stain, bug residue, traffic film, and road salt. It is quite delicate and does not affect the rubber strips, wipers, or varnish. 

Another advantage of this exceptional windshield wiper fluid is that it contains an antifreeze agent, allowing it to work equally well in temperatures as low as -30°C.

Even though it’s not widely accessible in the United States, I consider this windshield wiper fluid to be the best in the market. It’s a simple, effective, and easy-to-use wiper fluid that even prominent Tesla YouTuber Bjorn Nyland recommends:

Can be applied on: Every Tesla model


✅ Comes in 3 bottle sizes – 1 L, 4 L, and 10 L
✅ Keeps your windshield from freezing even when the temperature falls to -22°F (-30°C).
✅ You may mix it up with water and save yourself a little buck as well.


❌ Overpriced
❌ Not widely accessible in the United States as well as in prominent e-commerce stores like Amazon

>>For more suggestions, head to our ultimate guide to windshield washer fluids for the Tesla Model 3.

How to Change Tesla Model 3 Windshield Wiper Fluid

Follow these seven easy steps to get yourself done with this simple DIY task. 

  1. Get started by opening up the frunk.
  2. Clean out the surroundings of the filler cap to avoid any contamination of the fluid by the entrance of dust particles or any other stuff.
  3. Open up the cap on the filler.
  4. Put a funnel in the reservoir to avoid any spilling and start pouring the fluid. 
  5. Keep pouring the fluid into the reservoir until you can see that it is at the bottom end of the filler neck.
  6. Clean up the area if there’s any spill of fluid. Don’t forget to wash it with water.
  7. Put the filler cap back again and close the reservoir.

Is Tesla Model 3 Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out? Do This!

Just got Model 3 last week and tried dispensing washer fluid but no luck. Tried pressing the wiper button (until the second) click and holding it but still nothing. Washer fluid full as well. Any suggestions?


Are you going through a similar dilemma? Well, you’re not alone! There have been many reported glitches regarding windshield wiper fluids like these within the Tesla community.

Here are a few reasons that may result in the windshield wiper fluid not coming out properly and their to-the-point solutions:

Operational Issue: You may not be deeply pressing and holding the bottom end button of the signal properly. Read how to spray the washer fluid and try again.

Disconnected Lines: There’s a high chance that lines of fluid jet might not be connected to the battery properly. It’s a five-minute fix. Just get to the nearest Tesla service center and get their aid.

Empty Fluid Reservoir: Make sure that your windshield fluid reservoir is filled up properly to the visible level under the bottleneck. There’s a chance that you might have forgotten to fill up the reservoir.

A Harmless Way to Clean Your Model 3 Windshield: Getting Rid of Stubborn Dirt

A clean, shiny, and sassy windshield provides you with a luxury feel and allows an adequate amount of sunlight to pass through it — something Tesla Model 3 owners crave for. But getting a scratch or streak-free windshield is not at all easy.

This is what you need to do:

Material Required

  1. Glass Cleaner 1X
  2. Microfiber Cleaning Towels 3X (Dedicated to glass surfaces only)


  1. Spray the cleaning fluid over the whole windshield.
  1. We’d be using two towels in this whole cleaning process.
  1. The first towel will be used to loosen up the stubborn grease, debris, and stains.
  1. You are recommended to flip the towel over to the cleaner side after a couple of swirls or passes to avoid scuffing or scratching your Tesla Model 3 windshield with debris.
  1. Now pick up the second towel. It must be softer and more absorbent than the previous one.
  1. Gently glide this microfiber towel over the windshield surface that’s thoroughly sprayed up with the glass cleaner and pick up all the other debris you have let loose on the surface.
  1. In case it’s still dirty, get yourself another soft microfiber towel. It must be dry to buff it out and pick up anything left on the Model 3 windshield screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check the Tesla windshield washer fluid?

Open the filler cap of the Model 3 windshield washing fluid reservoir. If the fluid level is at the bottom end of the filler neck, then the reservoir is filled.

A notification will also appear on your Model 3 touchscreen if the quantity of fluid in the reservoir is lower than the permissible limit. 

How do you use Tesla windshield wipers?

To use the wipers on your Model 3 windshield, press the bottom end button of the signal stalk and hold it for a few seconds. The wipers will automatically start after a little spray of windshield fluid on the Model 3 screen.

What is the capacity of the windshield washer fluid reservoir in the Tesla Model 3?

The capacity of the windshield fluid reservoir in different Tesla variants ranges from 3 to 5.3 liters. 

Specifically, the windshield fluid reservoir in the Tesla Model 3 comes with a capacity of 3.2 liters. You can contain up to 4.5 liters in the Model S and Y. However, the Model X comes with a whopping capacity of 5.3 liters.

Final Thoughts: How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid on Tesla Model 3

It’s not rocket science . . . until Tesla does it! Then it surely becomes a 1,000-word problem.

But spraying windshield wiper fluid on a Tesla Model 3 wasn’t that tricky, was it? It should be a breeze for you after going through this article.

Just make sure you’re using the right fluid for your Model 3 windshield wipers as pointed out in the article. It’s also important to keep track of the fluid level in the reservoir so that your windshield wipers keep dispensing fluid for flawless cleaning of your EV’s windshield.

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