Modern Spare Review: The Only Worthy Spare Tire for Tesla Owners?

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 10/11/21 •  9 min read

This is an unbiased Modern Spare review for Tesla owners.

I dove into dozens of Tesla forum threads and YouTube videos to know everything about this product—from features to actual customer experiences.

All things considered, Modern Spare is a great spare tire solution that fits all Tesla models and trims, looks decent, and is reasonably priced.

But let’s discuss the ins and outs of Modern Spare so you can make a decision yourself. 

Here’s what we’ll be discussing in this article:

Let’s hop into it.

*Unless otherwise stated, images were sourced from Modern Spare’s website.

Modern Spare—Why Should You Care?

Modern Spare Review: Tire & Tools
Moderrn Spare’s tire along with the tool kit.

Modern Spare offers a high-quality 18”x4” aluminum alloy wheel with a highway-standard, 81 mph rated tire mounted on it.

They also offer a complete tool kit along with the spare tire, effectively providing the whole solution under one roof.

As discussed in our Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire Options article, flats or blowouts can happen anytime.

Having a practical spare kit like Modern Spare in your trunk can come in really handy if things go south.

Let’s have a thorough discussion on what this kit offers and why you should consider it as an ultimate spare option for your Tesla.

To keep things in perspective, note that the opinions I share come from other Tesla owners — though I also share my personal take. 

Modern Spare Fitment: Does It Really Fit All Trims?

The company claims their spare fits all Tesla models and trims, including the 18” Aero Wheels, the 19” Sport Wheels, and the 20” Model 3 Performance.

Visit Modern Spare’s website, put in your Tesla model & year, and see the specifications yourself. 

You’ll find them completely coherent with the needs of your car.

While researching, however, I found some common fitment concerns from Tesla owners.

I’ve discussed them below in detail. If you find yourself asking the same questions, you’ll have an authentic resource to turn to.

How Could an 18” Modern Spare Tire Be Compatible With 19” or 20” Wheel Size Options?

This is one of the most common questions that seem to bug the Tesla community—and it’s a valid concern. 

Well, this is all possible due to the “aspect ratio.”

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Modern Spare made a 2-minute YouTube video to address this particular concern: 

An animated explanation on how a 18″ spare with fits 19″ / 20″ wheel size options just fine.

Understand this concept and any difference in size between your wheels and Modern Spare won’t be a concern anymore.

Does Modern Spare Fit the Performance Models S/3/X?

Performance models do have unique requirements: larger brake calipers, heavier weight, more power…

If you own a Performance model, however, you’ve nothing to worry about.

Modern Spare took this into account while designing their spare kit.

Here’s an actual Performance model owner sharing a quick Modern Spare’s review:

“I got the spare tire kit and I must say it is very nice.

Black Al wheel with lugs, jack, jack wrench, and extendable lug wrench to take off 129lbs lugs. They fit the red performance calipers by 1mm. It looks great and at a great price. Shipped very fast.

I am impressed.

By Jdiotm

Though many people showed concerns about the small distance between the caliper and the wheel, this owner admitted these brakes are rarely used heavily—and that “heat expansion” is unlikely.

He now recommends this spare tire kit to fellow Performance owners without hesitation.

Will the Rotor Bolt Cause Fitment Issues?

I found an owner having an issue with his Stealth P3D Model. His car was produced with a small bolt that keeps the rotor in place.

Credit to Tesla Owners Online.

He used 18” stock wheels and couldn’t get his Modern Spare mounted due to this rotor bolt.

He reached out to Modern Spare customer support, and they advised him to remove that bolt before mounting his spare. 

They also told him that it’s a common practice among Tesla owners with aftermarket wheels, so he shouldn’t worry about it.

I’ve heard rumors that Modern Spare took notice of this issue immediately and redesigned the wheel to accommodate these OEM nuts and bolts.

However, there haven’t been any official announcements as of this writing.

Do I Need Spacers to Have Proper Fitment in Model S or X?

If you own the Model S and the Model X vehicle produced after 2017, due to a rear brake design change, you may need to purchase a wheel spacer separately to allow for more brake caliper clearance.

To determine if you need one or not, you’ll have to examine the rear wheel of your car.

If you see two brake calipers on each wheel, you don’t need a spacer. But if you see one brake caliper on each wheel, chances are you’ll need one.

Feel free to reach out to the customer support of Modern Spare. They’ll help you figure it out easily.

Why Does Modern Spare Have 10 Lug Nut Holes?

Credit to Tesla Owners Online.

Modern Spare had to come up with a design that’d work perfectly with a multitude of vehicles. They needed to account for different bolt patterns—and that’s why you’ll see so many holes.

The fact that it has 10 lug nuts won’t interfere with the fitment in your Tesla, though.

Could You Use the Model 3 Kit on the Model Y?

You can use the Model 3 spare kit on the Model Y——but with caution.

A similar case was reported by a Tesla owner, in which he asked the same question to Modern Spare’s customer support.

Here’s what he shared:

A rep from the company did reply that you could use the M3 kit on the MY if already ordered, but to just keep the speed and distance used lower (under 50mph and 100miles).

The MY kit has a taller tire to match the factory ones but the difference really isn’t much for use as a spare tire.

By Roebearrr

If you haven’t ordered yet, simply order the set that fits your specific Tesla model.

But if you have close friends or relatives with Model 3s or Ys, it’s helpful to know you could borrow this spare tire from them for the occasional road trip.

Is Modern Spare Just Another Classic Donut—Or Better?

Credit to CleanTechnica.

We know the typical donut spares: cheap, low-grade, a hazard for the wheel in itself…

Modern Spare isn’t like that.

Aesthetically, it might not look drop-dead gorgeous. But in the performance department, no donut comes near it.

Regarding speed, I’d suggest you go under 60 mph even though the company claims their tire rating is 81 mph.

I was also concerned if anyone had any issues regarding efficiency and power consumption while using Modern Spare.

No data was found about how efficiency is affected while driving with the spare tire mounted. (It’s meant for emergencies after all.)

Largely, everyone was happy that it took them to their homes or the nearest service station regardless of whether or not extra power was consumed.

Modern Spare Has Different Kit Options—Are They Worth the Money?

Modern Spare Review: Kit along with Tire Bar

Aside from the spare tire, Modern Spare offers everything one needs to replace a tire:

Is investing in this tool kit worth it? What does the Tesla community say?

Some owners liked it, and others just didn’t find it up to the mark. 

One of the major complaints was the scissor jack. One owner said it is too big and can’t be conveniently stored. Others complained about its quality.

For most owners, however, it’s going to be quite handy to have everything in one place.

If you’re able to find better tools elsewhere, though, don’t hesitate to do so.

A Great Hack Shared by a Fellow Tesla Owner (For Storage)

Storage is an issue with Modern Spare; it takes up a large chunk of your cargo space. 

If you’re smart like this Tesla owner, however, you can easily avoid this problem.

An smart way to store your spare kit… Credit to @selene_model3

Isn’t this great?

Apparently, he found holes in the roof adjacent to the speakers and attached some straps to fit the spare kit in between.

For insights on how this owner pulled this off, visit this thread.

Modern Spare Reviews & Third Party Thoughts

Several Tesla owners shared their experience with Modern Spare on YouTube. The following are the ones that stood out:

1:34: Overview | 4:34: Tire Replacement Process | 12:35: Driving Experience | 17:44: Storage Analysis | 21:58: Final Thoughts
1:25: Overview | 11:04: Replacement Process | 24:47: Final Thoughts

Price Range & Where to Buy?

As of this writing, current prices for the whole Tesla lineup are as follows (rounded for clarity):

Model S$345 – $475
Model 3$320 – $410
Model X$345 – $475
Model Y$345 – $435

Though Modern Spare isn’t selling through Amazon or other stores yet, you can order through their website. 

They have international shipping available. The rate will be calculated according to your location and the kit you select.

Note that they have a $45 flat rate shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Does Modern Spare Offer Any Sort of Warranty?

According to Modern Spare’s warranty guidelines, all products come with a 1-year fitment guarantee from the date of shipment.

In case of any fitment-related issue, Modern Spare is obligated to provide you with a solution or guide you in its proper use.

Otherwise, you can return the product within 30 days to receive a refund for the full purchase price (excluding shipping).

Final Thoughts: Modern Spare Review

Ultimately, Modern Spare’s reputation in the Tesla community is superb. It can’t be challenged.

There isn’t a better spare tire choice in the market right now—Modern Spare tops them all.

Though a bit expensive, considering the value it provides, I wouldn’t think twice before purchasing it.

Especially if you frequently go on crossroad trips to remote areas, it might be a life-saving product for you, so go ahead and get it.

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