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My Model 3 w/ Aeros is only a month old with 1100 miles and I got a flat tire. I optimistically thought I could get back on the road quickly…. but it didn’t work and I called Tesla Roadside and got a loaner put on.


Planning a road trip but afraid of getting a flat tire en route? Ordering a Tesla flat tire repair kit for yourself can definitely take all the worries away!

Because being stranded in a no-man’s-land because of delays by Tesla service providers isn’t something you’d appreciate!

These kits are highly portable and easy to employ and get you out of a flat situation in no time.

After hours of fact-checking and extensive research, I’ve handpicked the best Tesla flat tire repair kits for your Model 3.

Sounds promising? Let’s hop into it.

Things Ain’t That Casual for TESLA OEM Tires Though

Caution! Every tire repair kit isn’t meant for your Tesla OEM tires…

Tesla’s OEM tires include a sound-dampening foam embedded inside the tread surface. It primarily acts as a barrier to prevent potential punctures while also reducing road noise.

You’re probably thinking it’s a feature that adds value to Tesla’s OEM tires, but here’s something that could put you off… This outstanding sound-dampening foam does not allow every sealant-based tire repair kit to work on OEM tires.

However, if your Tesla has non-OEM tires, you may patch punctures with any tire repair kit.

Having said that, let’s get to the meat of the article, beginning with the best overall.

Best Overall Aftermarket Tesla Tire Repair Kit: BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit 

The Kit Includes:

✅ T-handle insert tool
✅ T-handle spiral probe tool
✅ 4-way valve stem tool
✅ Plastic valve caps
✅ Self-vulcanizing repair plugs
✅ Jar of lubricant
✅ User instruction manual 
✅ “L” hex key
✅ Package bag

Without going thru this whole thread to find my post, you probably could have fixed the puncture that caused your flat in about 1–20 minutes with a tire plugging kit from Amazon like this (BETOOLL TIRE REPAIR KIT)


Many Tesla owners recommend having a BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit courtesy of its all-in-one package with absolutely incredible built quality, easy application, and portability.

The premium feature of BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit is its easily insertable plugs, thus preparing you for the next nail or object that finds its way into your Tesla’s tire.

BETOOLL’S universal application on every tubeless tire makes it ideal for cars, jeeps, trucks, etc., and its full refund policy for any sort of manufacturing defect makes it the most tempting aftermarket Tesla tire repair kit — hence, the best overall!

I dove deeper into every forum to provide you with any cons of this product, but to my surprise, there wasn’t any complaint that drove my attention toward it.

However, analytically speaking, the only con this product might have is the absence of a tire inflator — though it makes it even more appealing to the people who already have a tire inflator.

If you prefer a Tesla flat tire repair kit that provides you with amazing workability, is easy to use, has almost no demerit, has super durability, and lasts a decade, you should definitely acquire this one.


✅ Offers more bang for your buck than Tesla’s tire repair kit
✅ Easy to use
✅ Super durable
✅ Instant sealing plugs for punctures
✅ Fits inside your glove compartment


❌ Lacks a tire inflator

Runner-Up Tesla Tire Repair Kit: Tesla OEM Flat Tire Repair Kit 

tesla flat tire repair kit

Tesla’s OEM repair kit is back in town after a short period of discontinuation due to the supply shortage of some equipment.

The Kit Includes:

✅ Bottle of sealant
✅ Air compressor
✅ Inflation needle
✅ Tapered nozzle
✅ Tesla storage bag

The Tesla OEM Repair Kit comes with an exquisite air compressor to top off your tire pressure regularly or in the worst-case scenario when you’re dealing with a flat tire to be repaired.

The best thing about this product is that it is an all-in-one package. Having said that, it also contains a one-piece sealant canister to patch punctures.

Another premium highlight of this product is its ease of use.

All you have to do is:

  1. Connect the hose to the tire valve.
  2. Put the plug into your vehicle’s 12V outlet located in the center console.
  3. Initiate repairing the hole.
  4. Fill up the tire in the end.

Since it’s Tesla’s OEM tire repair kit, it goes amazingly well with Tesla’s system. Your Tesla’s premium safety system keeps an electronic check, providing a secure connection between the hose and valve, preventing accidental misuse.

Its competitive $70 price and all-in-one package that includes everything required for repairing minor tire damage literally make it the most appealing choice for OEM product lovers.

But this kit does have its share of flaws too. Apparently, using its air compressor is quite technical, and most owners found it very difficult to operate even with the help of the included user manual. 

Here’s what they had to say:

I purchased the Tesla tire repair kit. A decision I now regret. What does the red button on the side do? The manual was obviously written by a lawyer that has never seen or used the product. Tesla, why go to all the trouble of designing this product and then make a shit manual in a tiny font? The instructions don’t even include attaching the hose to the tire. 


If you can get past this issue, this tire repair kit from Tesla is absolutely a steal with its price tag. It’ll get the job done!

I purchased a Tesla tire inflator kit from the Tesla shop when I bought my Model 3 on August 18. Had to use it for the first time this month, just wanted to air up my tires during a road trip because they were a little under from cold weather. Followed the directions, and the inflator turned on for a moment and stopped. Never to turn on again. Glad it wasn’t an emergency and I desperately needed it! Tesla Shop only responds to every 3rd or 4th email, but they have said it’s out of warranty so they can’t fix/help/replace it…Check yours! Especially if it’s still under warranty. 



✅ OEM product
✅ Comes with every necessary equipment to patch tires
✅ Not so expensive
✅ Works properly with Tesla’s software to avoid accidental misuse


❌ Complicated user manual
❌ The inflator may trip too often

Notable Mention: Slime 

The Kit Includes:

✅ Tire inflator
✅ Sealant (16 oz) 
✅ Accessories for other inflatables
✅ User instruction manual
✅ Zipped storage bag

Keep this in your car and you shouldn’t have an issue.


Cheap, easy, and quick… Slime offers you a three-in-one package. Its unique Fibro-Seal Technology quickly seals tire punctures up to six millimeters in length. 

All you have to do is insert the Slime sealant right into the puncture. The escaping air from the site drives the particles into the aperture, where they accumulate and create a long-lasting, flexible plug — absolutely requiring no jack or pulley to remove the tire.

But there are a few things that you need to take note of. Slime doesn’t repair sidewall punctures or bead leaks and cannot be applied on faulty valves or damaged rims. You are also advised to wear eye protection during the procedure.

Also, Slime Spair is a temporary remedy and is designed specifically for emergency use only and must be removed within three days or 100 miles according to the product manufacturer.

For owners who bother doing a lengthy procedure of full-fledged repairing a flat tire or replacing it with spare tires and also don’t want to get stranded in a no-man’s-land, I’d surely recommend them to get this Slime emergency repair kit without any hesitation.


✅ Cheap remedy
✅ Quick procedure
✅ No jack needed to lift the car


❌ Temporary remedy

Alternative Products to Consider

Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire: Modern Spare 

Google the best overall spare tires for your Tesla Model 3 and you’ll be surprised that only one name will appear in results, threads, videos, and other discussions over and over, and that is Modern Spare.

Are you also tired of conventional, classic donut spares? Well, your tiring voyage is now over because this kit includes top-rated, highway-capable (81 mph rated) tires from quality brands like Continental or Pirelli.

Even though it’s quite foolish to expect some aesthetic beauty from products like these, Modern Spare’s 18″ x 4″ wheel actually has a decent profile and looks elegant when fitted to your Tesla.

A perfect fit for their needs, Modern Spare is the most beloved spare tire of many Model 3 owners in prominent communities like Tesla Motors Club.

Of course, it’s way more expensive than a tire repair kit, but if you do a lot of long trips, having a spare in your trunk is crucial. 

Mike from the Tesla Frugal Guy YouTube channel gives a full overview of Modern Spare in this video:

The main overview starts @ 1:33. Skip ahead to 4:40 for the installation process.

#2 Tire Plug Kit From Slime

With an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, it’s safe to say that this plug kit from Slime is the Tesla community’s most recommended plug kit.

Slime’s Plug Kit serves you with some splendid quality plugs. Even though insertion of plugs in tires needs quite an effort, its T-handle tolerates the pressure quite significantly.

The only downside of this plug kit for me is the lack of a razor to cut the excess off; thus, you’d be needing something to cut it separately.

Anyway, it’s a decent product considering its reasonable price and workability. I’d surely recommend you to always have it in your car.

#3 VIAIR 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

Leading the boards with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 5,000+ total reviews, the VIAIR 88P air compressor is something significant among the air compressor lineup on Amazon. 

Pro Features

According to the customer reviews, it comes with the following pro features:

✅ Sturdy quality — Hose is much firmer and stronger than one would have thought.
✅ Can easily inflate big tires — Tesla’s 42 psi tire pressure is no big deal!
✅ Reasonably priced
✅ Doesn’t heat up 

It’s an investment worth every dollar you spend out of your pocket if you’re considering buying a robust tire inflator that’s capable of pressurizing a tire to 40+ psi in a snap.

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Flat Tire Repair Kit

The market is flooded with numerous flat tire repair kits, with plenty of them having absolutely pathetic results and even more pathetic build quality.

The BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit outstands the whole market. It’s a universal tire repair kit for almost every tubeless tire roaming on the road. 

The Tesla OEM Tire Repair Kit, on the other hand, is a fantastic option for people who can’t compromise on anything except manufactured by Tesla.

Last but not least is Slime’s Emergency Tire Repair Kit, which is surely a must-have if you are a lazy person like me and can’t actually deal with lengthy procedures of flat tire repairing or replacing it with any spare tire. 

Any option you choose, I assure you it’ll be worth your bucks. Just analyze your needs and take the decision accordingly.

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