5 Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wraps & Covers Reviewed

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/04/22 •  6 min read

Model 3’s (and early Model Y’s) center console was horrible: easily scratched, a fingerprint magnet, and impossible to clean.

Wonderful combination!

Tesla’s center console, with E bars and wrapped in carbon fiber.

Whether you have a Tesla Model 3 or Y with the old or the refreshed center console,

I spent an entire day analyzing over 29 center console wraps to find the best ones.

Here are the products that made it to the top.

Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap: EV Wraps

Available for pre-refresh & refreshed center consoles

Tesla model 3 center console wrap by EVWraps.

If you’re looking for a proven product that fits just right and maintains an original look, EV Wraps offers that and much more.

No cutting is required; the only tool you’ll need is a squeeze (which the seller includes for free!).

But these type of center console wraps have their downsides:

  1. You’ll need a steady han… who am I kidding? It can feel like you need a wrapping degree to put these dang things on! Expect to dedicate at least 30 minutes to align and apply the wraps.
  2. Long-term (3-5+ years) durability is questionable. Either creases and bubbles start popping up — or the stickers start coming off.

The benefits, on the other hand, are that wraps are slim and won’t interfere in the slightest with your key card signal.

Wraps also maintain an OEM look while making your center console fingerprint-, scratch-, and dust-proof.

Most people will agree that the pros outweigh the cons.

As of this writing, there’s only one finish available. It seems to be semi-gloss: neither 100% matte nor 100% glossy.

If you lean heavily on one side or the other, the products below may prove a better fit.

But if you want an affordable, reliable, and good-looking center console wrap, there’s just no better choice.

There’s a reason these are the best-selling Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber center console wrap today.


Fits: both pre-refresh & refreshed Model 3 / Y

✅ OEM look
✅ Fingerprint-, scratch-, and dust-proof
✅ Most popular
✅ No cutting required
✅ No key card signal interference


❌ Creases and bubbles may appear over long-term use
❌ Takes time to align & install right

Best Center Console Wrap (for 2021 models and beyond): DIBMS

Available in various colors

Best Tesla Model 3 center console wrap (2021 and beyond) models.

There’s always a goofy character in all cartoons.

Similarly, there are brands that go the extra mile to create hilarious products.

This is the case for DIBMS, which offers their Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber center console wrap in crazy colors.

That includes grey carbon fiber, 4D carbon fiber, and even pink. (Pay attention, girls!)

The seller claims to have a superior wrap that sticks well and hard (corners included) for life — and that leaves no residue or damage after being removed.

As of this writing, however, the product it’s still fairly new — so such claims have yet to be tested long-term.

Few products have come to market for the refreshed 2021- models overall.

I’ll make sure to update this article as more products are released.

Right now, this product is the most unique choice for 2021- Model 3 and Y owners looking to personalize their interior.


Fits: refreshed Model 3 / Y (2021 – present)

✅ Fingerprint-, scratch-, and dust-proof
✅ Plenty of cool colors available
✅ No cutting required
✅ No key card signal interference
✅ No sticky residue or permanent damage post-removal


❌ Creases and bubbles may appear over long-term use
❌ Takes time to align & install right

Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Cover (Pre-Refresh, 2016-2020): RSZX

t Tesla Model 3 Center Console Cover (Pre-Refresh, 2016-2020) by RSZX

Don’t have the steady hand putting a vinyl wrap requires —

Or simply want a more durable yet easier-to-install alternative?

That’s where ABS covers come in.

Although these are wraps… technically, customers describe them as “overlays,” “cases,” or “covers” — which better communicates the difference.

Conventional wraps are stickers. These are hard pieces of plastic that have been wrapped up.

That makes them so much easier to install.

(Reviewers report as little as 5 to 10 minutes — while conventional wraps take 30 to 45 minutes to install!)

Thin enough to not interfere with key card signal, but thick enough to last long, there isn’t much negative to say about this product.

Some customers complained that it comes with no instructions or cleaning supplies.

Others claimed that the middle piece is narrower and it leaves a tiny visible gap along one edge.

(That is, you may see a millimeter or two (1/16″) of the original console underneath.)

But for the price, the easier installation, and the fact that these hold up as long as you wish without wearing out, it’s worth a look.

If you’ve tried vinyl stickers before with frustration (or if you don’t want to try them in the first place), then this is your solution.


Fits: 2017 – 2020 Model 3 / Y (pre-refresh)

✅ Wear, fingerprint, scratch, and dust resistant
✅ Easier to install
✅ Most durable choice
✅ OEM look
✅ Available in matte CF, matte black & piano white.


❌ No instructions or cleaning supplies included.
❌ Middle piece may leave a tiny gap along one edge.

Notable Mentions:

LMZX (Matte ABS cover for Pre-Refresh Models) »

With almost as many reviews as our top pick cover, this seller seems to have solved the gap issue some pieces have.

I’m led to believe this is due to better quality control — not just fewer customers.

Some say it “feels cheap,” though.

There are stories of customers claiming returns in the reviews section, which may turn off some but is proof of responsive customer service.

Even customers that were happy with the product pointed to customer service as a strength of this particular seller.

Motrobe (Budget Carbon Fiber Cover for Pre-Refresh Models):

Refresh Models)

Although with half the reviews, customers’ images confirm this ABS case leaves no edge gaps at all.

There’s something about the presentation of the product that makes it feel more premium than the rest.

It may be the slightly shinier (albeit still matte) finish — or it may just be highly touched-up photography tricking my eyes. 😬

Regardless, this is a cover priced as a regular wrap.

For 2016 – 2020 Model 3 / Y owners on a budget, I’d suggest checking this one out.

Alternative & Complementary Products to Consider

Best Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Dash Cap »

Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber dash cap (matte) by LMZX

Fits: All Model 3/Y years and trims.

✅ Most reviewed Model 3/Y dash cap
✅ Great looks
✅ Easy, <5-min installation
✅ Reduced glare
❌ Not genuine carbon fiber available
❌ Comes with a 2-piece kit. Leaves a small gap in the middle.

See more choices »

Best Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Organizer »

✅ Available for both pre-refresh & refreshed models
✅ Very reasonably priced
✅ Considered a “must-have” by Tesla owners
✅ Excellent build quality & fit

Our Best Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap of Choice

If you’re willing to spend 30 minutes installing a vinyl wrap or longevity isn’t your priority,

EVWraps offers the best bang for buck — and they have wraps available for all Model 3 & Y years.

If you prefer an easier, hassle-free fix that will outlast your car ownership,

I would encourage you to look into RSZX. (Only available for 2016 – 2020 Model 3’s, unfortunately.)

As more products come to market for 2021+ models, I’ll make sure to update this article.

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