An In-Depth Look at the Tesla Model 3 Dashboard (Guide)

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The Model 3’s dashboard is kind of a hot topic in the Tesla community. No one has yet figured out what Tesla designers were thinking while designing this expanse of nothing.

It’s pointless to be concerned about Tesla’s decisions, though. With the correct resources, we’re more than capable of altering anything to our liking.

After reading this ultimate guide, you’ll know everything about the Model 3’s OEM dashboard, some upgrading techniques that actually work, and more.

If that sounds interesting, let’s hop into it.

OEM Dashboards: A Brief Review With Visual Examples

2 Kinds Of Interiors That Tesla Offers

  1. All Black – Wooden Strip
  2. Black And White – White Ceramic Strip

Let’s see the visual examples:

Black-and-white interior – Credit to Tesla
All black interior – Credit to Tesla

Model 3’s OEM Dashboard Over The Years

(credit to U.S. News):

2018 Model 3
2019 Model 3
2020 Model 3
2021 Model 3

“Whaaat… They’re all the same! Trying to fool me, huh?”

Absolutely not. I also got confused at first, but as it turned out, Tesla hasn’t really changed the dashboard of the Model 3 since its launching.

The whole dash is just a rectangular slice of wood or ceramic material holding a 15.4-inch touch-screen infotainment system and a full-width air vent, and that’s it.

This is as minimalist as possible, with no gauge cluster whatsoever. 

Does The Model 3 Community Appreciate The Model 3’s Dashboard?


In fact, they call it “hideous” and “fake-looking.” 

Man… it matches NOTHING in the interior. Credit to Steve J.

That’s where aftermarket brands come into play. They offer different customization options so that you can modify your dash to your liking (we will talk about that next).

How To Upgrade The Looks Of Your Model 3’s Dashboard

There’s an easy way, and then there’s a hard way. Both are rewarding; you’ll have to choose one depending on what result you desire.

Let’s talk about the easy way first: use dashboard wraps or covers.

There are many quality aftermarket products available (we’ll talk about the best ones later in the article) to pull off this job at a very economical price. 

The hard way, on the other hand, would be replacing the whole OEM dashboard with an aftermarket one. 

This is a great option, but as you’d expect, it’s a bit expensive. If you want a robust modification to make the interior more attractive, however, the aftermarket dashboard (covered later in the article) is the best shot you have.

Accessories For Your Model 3 Dashboard

Best Wrap for Model 3 Dashboard:

EV Wraps

This Model 3 carbon fiber dash wrap does the task while saving you money. 

Because it is a wrap rather than a cap, its installation demands a steady hand. Well, not only a steady hand, it requires more time and effort too.

Worry not, though, if you mess up. The seller is quite generous; he offers two extra wraps in case you mess up the first and even the second time.

To have a shot at installing it perfectly the first time, follow the installation guide as precisely as possible.

This product is worth considering for owners who don’t mind spending extra time installing, maintaining, and potentially removing the wrap.

Best Cover for the Model 3 Dashboard:

LMZX (Matte)

If you want a dash cap that matches the OEM interior much better, if not perfectly, then you can’t go wrong with the LMZX dashboard cover.

Aesthetics, feel, installation… Everything is perfect.

Installing it is a simple two-minute job due to the pre-installed adhesive. Your work is just to remove the adhesive tape and put the piece in its place. That’s it.

One thing is worth considering, though. Because the cap comes in a two-piece kit, there may be a noticeable gap in the middle. Most people don’t mind it because it hides behind the display, so no one sees it anyway. 

Having considered the ample amount of positive reviews, I’d definitely recommend this product to you without thinking twice.

>>See more choices

Best Dashboard Replacement for the Model 3:

RPM Tesla

You don’t like the wraps, the dash cap doesn’t satisfy you… How about replacing the whole dash?

As said earlier, if you can afford it, this is absolutely the best route to go. 

RPM Tesla seems like the only manufacturer of aftermarket dashboards for the Model 3 that the community trusts. I couldn’t find a single other brand name that Model 3 owners even talked about.

Currently, RPM Tesla is offering three versions: glossy carbon fiber, matte-finish carbon fiber, and the Alcantara dash. 

Dashboard options from RPM Tesla

The most popular one, as you’d expect, is the matte-finish carbon fiber dash. The major reason is the reduced glare due to its non-reflecting surface.

Glossy and Alcantara are also appreciated, but there are some cons related to them. The glossy finish produces glare, while the Alcantara one is harder to maintain; an owner said it holds dust.

Whatever the finish you end up choosing, know that you’re getting a quality product that many Model 3 owners like you blindly trust.

There’s absolutely no major downside to this product. In fact, if it’s affordable for you, forget the wraps/covers and go with this dash replacement instead. You won’t regret it.

Wraps vs. Covers

Dashboard Wraps



✅ Most affordable choice
✅ Change the dash’s looks effectively

❌ Hard to maintain
❌ Less durable
❌ Hard to install

Dashboard Covers



✅ Easy to install
✅ Highly durable
✅ No maintenance needed

❌ More expensive than wraps
❌ May leave a gap in the middle if not properly installed

Case Studies from the Community

TBrownTX got a matte-finish carbon fiber dash replacement for his Model 3. Here’s what he shared about his experience:

The final look

The piece looks magnificent. Truly OEM and perfect. The carbon fiber pattern looks great, it’s nice and smooth and feels just like the spoiler in the rear. Looks like the design has been improved from previous versions I have seen, with globs of glue holding the broken plastic welds from replacing the insert. Mine is bolted down with a couple dozen hefty nut/bolt combinations. Safe to say it’s never coming apart or separating.

I did have one minor installation issue to note. One single nut just to the right-hand side of the steering wheel was contacting part of the base dashboard piece and I was unable to fully seat the trim. After much trial and error, I was able to identify the offending nut. Once removed, everything snapped right into place. I’m not concerned with missing one nut as there are a couple of dozen others holding everything together!


Install It Yourself

RPM Tesla also released a thorough YouTube video in which they demonstrated the whole method of replacing the Model 3 dash. The best thing is that no tools are required!

Procedure starts @ 1:43.

How to Keep Your Model 3’s Dashboard Clean

We already have a detailed article published on our website that goes into the details of cleaning the interior of your car and the best products for the job.

One of the things we covered is how you can clean your Tesla without having to invest in an expensive product. Be sure to check it out for more valuable insights.

I’ll briefly share the details with you here.

Mild Solutions

Try to clean with/by:

Best Interior Cleaner Overall:

CarGuys Super Cleaner

In Tesla forums, everyone was going nuts about this product. 

It is a low-cost and efficient interior cleaner that Tesla owners can use to clean their vehicles with minimal effort and without the use of harsh chemicals. 

The before-and-after images from Amazon reviews are fantastic, demonstrating how the product reliably cleans even 12+ years of accumulated grime in one fell swoop. 

Given the excellent word of mouth, I added this to my buying list before even finishing my research.

If you read the product reviews, you’ll be similarly tempted. Give it a shot!

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Dashboard

That’s it from my side. This information will be more than enough for you to get the best out of your Tesla Model 3 dashboard—of course, either by replacing it or by at least modifying it using caps or wraps.

If there’s anything you’d like to suggest or if you have some queries to ask, feel free to comment down below.

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