Best Tesla Steering Wheel Trays That Let You Eat Comfortably in Your Car

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With the COVID-19 still considered a threat—and it might not go away anytime soon—it is still recommended to practice social distancing and other safety protocols, especially when going out to public places like offices, diners, cafes, and malls.

Many are now working and eating in their cars to avoid the crowds, and having a steering wheel tray or desk comes in handy. It can hold your food or your laptop securely so that you can eat and work comfortably inside your car without worry.

If you are on the lookout for the best Tesla steering wheel desk, we’ve got you covered in this article.

What Is a Steering Wheel Desk?

A steering wheel desk is an accessory that can be attached to your car’s steering wheel and can hold various things such as food, drinks, electronic devices, books, etc. 

It provides a convenient table to eat, read, check your emails, or even do Zoom meetings and other office tasks in your car while parked, of course.

5 Best Tesla Steering Wheel Desks

After reading 12 forum threads, watching six YouTube videos, and reviewing several social media posts, I was able to identify five of the best Tesla steering wheel desks used by Tesla owners.

Best Overall: XERGUR Black Car Desk

The XERGUR 2-in-1 car steering wheel/backseat headrest tray is one of the most popular steering wheel trays for an obvious reason—it is multipurpose and unique.

What separates XERGUR from its competitors is that it can be used by the driver and by any of the back passengers as it can be mounted easily on both the steering wheel and the back of the front seats, and it has the same price as most of the leading brands.

When installed, the XERGUR steering wheel tray holds sturdier than any other generic car tray because it has a strap that holds firmly onto the steering wheel or the headrest bars.

The main surface area of the tray, which measures 28.5 cm x 42.5 cm x 2.2 cm, is large enough to accommodate a single meal or a laptop. It has also a foldable extension that is more than enough for drinks and other things like chargers and mobile phones.

Now you don’t even need to “work from home (WFH)”. You can just “work from a car (WFC)” with this!


The XERGUR steering wheel tray can hold up to 17 pounds, which is pretty extraordinary for a mounted desk.



✅ Dual purpose and can be installed on both the steering wheel and the headrest posts
✅ High capacity of 17 lbs.
✅ Can be folded at the back of the seat when not in use, no need to dismount

❌ Cannot be used by the front passenger
❌ Needs longer time to mount than most steering wheel trays

Runner-Up: CarQiWireless Tesla Model 3, Y, S, & X Auto Steering Wheel Desk 

The CarQiWireless Tesla steering wheel tray is custom designed for Models 3, Y, S, and X. It can be used for food or as a laptop/notebook table for working. It has a designated place to hold drinks so spilling can be avoided.

Although it is not advisable to use it when driving, you can sit in with climate control running and work for hours inside a mobile office. A perfect alternative to going to Starbucks or something to sit in. 


In under two seconds, the CarQiWireless Tesla steering wheel desk can be attached to the steering wheel and ready to use. Just hook it and you have an instant ergonomic portable desk! 

This steering wheel tray is made of light but durable materials and is easy to store. When not in use, you can keep it below your trunk deck, inside the frunk, or even inside the back-seat pocket.

Since the CarQiWireless Tesla steering wheel desk is designed for Tesla cars, you don’t have to worry about any compatibility and fitting issues.



✅ Specifically made for Tesla cars
✅ Can be installed and used in a couple of seconds
✅ Made of light but strong and high-quality materials

❌ May leave marks on your steering wheel if you put heavy objects

Premium Option: BMZX Tesla Steering Wheel Desk 

The BMZX Tesla steering wheel desk is a unique portable car tray that can be used in both front and back seats comfortably without installation.

To use the tray, just unfold it and lay it flat. One end can be laid on the door armrest, while the other end can be laid on the center console, so it can be used by either the driver or the front passenger.

It can also be used by back passengers if your car has a back-seat center console.

Customized for the Model 3 and Y, this specialized folding table can hold up to 25 pounds and can carry heavier laptops. 

Although it has a designated cup holder on the side, there is still enough space for the mouse, so you can work with your laptop with total ease.

Since the BMZX portable car tray is not designed to be attached to the steering wheel, you don’t have to worry about damaging or leaving marks on your wheel.

When not in use, just fold it and store it in the lower deck of your trunk if you don’t want it seen anywhere inside your car. The tray is small when folded, so storing will not be a problem. 

The BMZX Tesla steering wheel desk measures 15.3 inches x 30.2 inches across and only weighs 3.9 pounds. 



✅ Can be used in both front seats and back seats with center console
✅ Can hold up to 25 lbs.
✅ Has enough space for bigger laptops and a mouse

❌ A bit bulky when folded due to its thickness

Best on Budget: Cutequeen Car Eating/Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

tesla steering wheel tray
Credit to Rory Allen

The Cutequeen steering wheel desk is the cheapest product on this list, so no wonder why it is also the most rated portable car desk.

It looks like a simple product, but it is capable enough to support a lunch meal, laptop, notebook, or any other things like books and electronic gadgets.

It measures 11.2 x 16.7 x 0.87 inches. There is still enough space between your desk and your touch screen, so no need to worry about hitting your screen when working on top of your portable desk.

A lot of things I can do when I supercharge. The best workspace ever!

Travis Broadwater

The Cutequeen steering wheel tray is light and small enough to keep behind your front seat pocket when not in use.



✅ Very cheap and costs just a fraction of most leading brands
✅ Light and sturdy
✅ Easy to hook and use in just a couple of seconds

❌ Can only be used when hooked to the steering wheel

Notable Mention: Vioview Bamboo Steering Wheel Tray

If you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly Tesla steering wheel tray, the Vioview bamboo steering wheel tray is for you. 

It is made of natural premium bamboo, and compared with a plastic tray, it is non-toxic and has no chemical smell and thus safe for food. The tray is strong enough to hold most sizes of laptops and notebooks. 

The universal design of the Vioview bamboo steering wheel desk makes it compatible with all Tesla models.

It can be hooked with the steering wheel in just a couple of seconds, and there is no support below the desk, so your feet have enough space to move under the wheel. It is slim and lightweight and can be stored in the back pocket of your front seats.

If you love and care about the environment, go for the Vioview bamboo steering wheel tray.



✅ Renewable natural product
✅ Durable and sturdy construction
✅ Slim, light, and easy to store

❌ Due to its hardness, it may damage or leave marks on your steering wheel if not properly hooked.

Another Product Worth Considering

BASENOR 2022 Tesla Steering Wheel Desk

Although not included in our top 5 list, the BASENOR 2022 Tesla steering wheel desk is also worth considering because not only is it made by a highly respectable brand of Tesla aftermarket accessories, but also it is custom designed for Tesla Models 3, Y, S, and X, so you are assured that it will not wear your steering wheel like other trays.

The BASENOR 2022 steering wheel desk fits a 2016–2022 Tesla Model 3, Y, S, and X and functions the same as other hook-and-use steering wheel desks but uses a more durable plastic material and has a silicone protective cover.

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to install: 

Installation starts @ 3:23.

Tesla Steering Wheel Tray FAQs

Is a Tesla steering wheel tray worth buying?

It really depends on your lifestyle and needs. If you are on the go and you always eat in your car, then a steering wheel tray is a must for you. Also, with the current situation of the pandemic, it is something good to have in your car.

Will a steering wheel desk damage my steering wheel?

Tesla steering wheel desks are made of either plastic, wood, or bamboo. All these materials are hard enough and may leave marks in your steering wheel, but there are ways to avoid it.

First, make sure it is properly installed. If not, the edges can leave marks or even dents to your steering wheel. 

Another thing to consider is the weight of the load you are putting on top of your steering wheel desk. Excessive weight can not only leave marks on your steering wheel but also break your steering wheel desk. Make sure its load is within its capacity. 

Can I hook up a tray to my personalized steering wheel?

This can be a bit tricky. Tesla steering wheels measure 13 5/8 inches from top to bottom and 13 7/8 inches across the widest part from left to right. Steering wheel trays are produced to fit this specific dimension, and any changes in the wheel size could compromise the fit of the steering wheel desk.

Although some customized steering wheels may have the same dimension and contour as the OEM ones, it is always advisable to ask the customized wheel manufacturer if their product is compatible with standard steering wheel desks.

If you are using a steering wheel cover wrap, a hooked tray will not fit as your wheel is thicker. 

Can I drive my car while a steering wheel tray is attached?

A BIG NO. You should never drive your car when a steering wheel tray is hooked to the wheel. This is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. The steering wheel tray is designed for eating and working while you are parked.

Final Thoughts on Tesla Steering Wheel Trays

Steering wheel trays are a useful accessory to have in your Tesla.

I have thoroughly researched and meticulously selected all the products above, so you won’t regret buying any of them. 

But if you need a steering wheel tray that can be used by both the driver and back passengers, get the XERGUR black car desk

On the other hand, if you want a tray that can be used by all passengers and not just by the driver, a flexible product like BMZX is what you need.

Do you have other questions not answered above? Leave a comment below and we will be happy to respond.

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