Best Tesla Model 3 Door Sill Protectors

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 09/29/22 •  6 min read

My 2021 refresh Model 3 door sill is already starting to come off? Half of it is not sticking to the car. Any suggestions on adhesives? Or should I schedule an appointment??


Going through something similar in your life as well?

If you’re also worried about getting your OEM Model 3 door sill peeled and the paint around the door scratched, you need to order Tesla Model 3 door sill protectors right now.

They are long-lasting and simple to install and improve the look of your Tesla. Thus, no more scraped, scuffed, or rusty paint around your door sills!

I’ve cherry-picked the best door sill protectors for your Model 3 after 72+ hours of fact-checking products and crucial reviews.

Sounds compelling? Let’s hop into it.

Best Tesla Model 3 Door Sill Protector Overall: EV Wraps

Product Overview:

This door sill protector from EV Wraps has a multitude of advantages — hence, the ultimate winner in the door sill protector arena.

First and foremost, it’s a custom-made component for the Model 3’s door sill.

Not only is it well-made, but also it has self-healing technology that instantly removes tiny scratches, substantially enhancing its lifetime.

No fitting complications too! The product fits properly on the Model 3 door sill.

It completely covers the aluminum door sill portion of your Model 3 and can be installed quite easily in just five minutes.

Here’s a quick installation video from the Khao Phan YouTube channel:

Easy-peasy installation of the EV Wraps door sill protector!

Even though the product quality is splendid, some customers were truly disappointed seeing ¼ inch of space left uncovered on both left and right (as said earlier, they only cover the aluminum part of the door sill).

Some customers even wanted to return it but had to face disappointment again due to the inconvenient and not-so-cheap product return method.

This won’t be the deal breaker for me, though. The sensitive aluminum part is well-protected by this wrap, which actually matters. 

So if you prioritize product usability and life span, this is the must-have door sill protector for your Model 3.


✅ Worth every penny
✅ Custom-made for the Model 3
✅ Self-heals minor scratches
✅ Premium 3M Scotchgard Material


❌ Inconvenient return procedure
❌ Covers the aluminum portion of the sill only

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Door Sill Protector: Topfit

Product Overview

Many Tesla owners in the community recommended having the Topfit door sill protector courtesy of its incredibly good manufacturing quality and durability.

The best thing about this door sill protector is that it’s not like any other vinyl sticker but is actually real PU-coated carbon fiber that prevents your Model 3 from strong knocks and resists scuffs and scratches.

Also, carbon fiber liners provide your Tesla with a more refined look, beautifying the Model 3’s exquisite interior just like any other OEM product.

Here’s a quick installation video by the Dad’s Toys and Cars YouTube channel.

Nicely reviewed too!

It is no different than EV Wraps in terms of manufacture quality and utility; both Topfit and EV Wraps are undoubtedly the best door sill protectors in the market.

The only reason that Topfit gets ruled over is its high price tag — hence, the runner-up position.

Aside from this crucial aspect, there’s no other reason to avoid this premium protector.

If you prefer accessories that give you an OEM look while not compromising the aesthetics of your Tesla’s interior and you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on an attachment like this, you should definitely acquire this one!


✅ Goes along with Tesla’s interior and looks OEM
✅ PU-coated carbon fiber vinyl
✅ Good build Quality
✅ Fits perfectly


❌ Expensive

Premium Pick: Hansshow Illuminated Door Sill Protector

Product Overview

I have the Hansshow ones and absolutely love them. They’re definitely worth it. They’re OEM quality and the install is a breeze


Just another OEM-looking door sill protector, but… it’s premium!

Made with Tesla’s original materials with ultimate precision, these illuminated door sills from Hansshow resist high temperatures and give no room for cracking or hardening at all.

Although Hansshow door sills have a wealth of features that give you longevity and functionality, the most premium of them all is its magnetically controlled LED lights, snugly supplying you with an unbelievable tech feeling and high recognition in the dark —- portraying your premium Tesla lifestyle!

A few owners did complain about faulty LED lights, but the majority had no such complaints. Even if this happens to you, you can just return them with ease.

The selling point for me though is that you don’t need to dismantle your existing Tesla-supplied sill plate.

All you have to do is to take these door sills and paste them over the OEM ones and they’ll work great. They don’t even look bulky!

And YES, they are extremely easy to install and also clean up quite nicely, adding up to the value of the product.

The front sills simply fit over and completely cover the stock plates, which makes installation super easy and quick. 

I was initially concerned the front aftermarket sill plates would end up sitting too high because they go on top of the existing plates. However, I am happy to report they do not look bulky or thick at all. 

Green Hokie

Here’s a quick installation video from the DaxM YouTube Channel:

How to Install the Hansshow Illuminated Door Sills – An AWESOME and EASY DIY!

Note: Video can’t be embed on page

Should take you 5 minutes tops!

If you are into premium-quality products and are looking for a premium-quality package of illuminated door sills that provide you with the best of utility and serve you with an OEM look, you should definitely acquire this one!


✅ Goes along with Tesla’s interior and looks OEM
✅ Fits over Tesla-supplied sill plate
✅ Easy installation
✅ “Model 3” illuminates on the door sills


❌ A few owners received door sills with faulty LED lights

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Door Sill Protector

The market is saturated with several door sill protector options. But the door sill protectors from EV Wraps, Topfut, and Hansshow are surely a class apart. This trio provides unique benefits to the buyers, hence standing out from the crowd.

The EV Wraps door sill protectors are my top choice. They cover the whole aluminum portion of the door sill and come with premium build quality, with a self-healing technique adding to the product’s longevity. If you believe in workability and longevity of the product, then these door sill protectors are surely made for you!

Topfit, on the other hand, is a fantastic option for those people who can’t compromise on Tesla’s interior and don’t have any sort of hesitation about buying a premium-quality product no matter how much it costs. It’s certainly the best thing for fellas who believe in productivity without losing sexiness.

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