Tuxmat Tesla Model 3 Review: Is It Better Than 3D Maxpider?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 04/10/21 •  7 min read

This is my no-BS Tuxmat Model 3 review.

In a previous article, I ranked the top 7 floor mats out of 16 products analyzed, and Tuxmat came out as the one with the best coverage, easier-to-clean materials, and most compelling (lifetime) warranty.

An overall great choice if you’re looking for premium mats that work.

Like any product, however, it has its pros and cons.

If you want the details on what the strengths and weaknesses of this product are, read on.

I’ll dive into the various aspects of the product, including:

Coverage & Fitment on the Tuxmat Tesla Model 3 Mats

Like many brands, Tuxmat claims to have a laser-measured manufacturing process that ensures “absolute coverage.”

But what does this mean in real life?

Below, you can witness an overview of how complete the coverage is.

Tuxmat does a pretty good job covering every possible spot you can think of —

Not only the floor but the sidewalls, 100% of the dead pedal, and they even extend the front mats to the B-pillar to prevent dirt and snow accumulation when you get in.

The fact that they have the same product for 2017 – 2021 makes a little bit skeptical as to whether the fitment is as perfect as claimed.

Although minor, Model 3’s interior has changed slightly in recent years and some companies have different 2017-2019 vs. 2020 or 2021- models.

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt as I found no evidence from customers that the Tuxmats don’t fit fine in recent model years.

Besides, Tuxmat includes clips to make sure you can lock the mats into place on the edges — and that no dirt gets underneath the carpets even if you tried to.

Let’s Talk Ease of Cleaning: Is It Truly That Easy?

In my view, floor mats fall into one of three categories:

Tuxmat falls into the third category.

The company shows how simply wiping out the mats with a damp microfiber cloth in 5 minutes can help if you’re in a hurry.


For “deep” cleaning, they suggest a more elaborate 5-step cleaning process that may take you 20 to 30 minutes.

With softer materials and thicker protuberances, customers write how just “wiping it out clean” is actually possible.

In most cases, you don’t have to take the mats out to water them. (Although I’d advise you do so a couple of times a year.)

This makes them among the lowest maintenance mats on the market.

Withstanding the Harshest Conditiions

A harsh winter is always around the corner.

Snow, dirt, salt, more snow, can these mats hold up against what nature throws at it?

Although for a different EV, this 1-year review can shed some light on the durability of the Tuxmat products:

The mats did a pretty good job protecting the original carpet a year later.

The carpet remains in pristine condition — and so will the floor mats themselves should you wipe them out every so often.

A Model 3 owner offered a comment:

“I have Tuxmats in my Model 3 and Soul EV, and I have the same great experience in both vehicles.

The only little thing (because nothing is ever perfect) a little bit of rust is starting to form around the metal Tuxmat metal badge after the second winter.”

Tuxmat is a Canadian company and winters are just as harsh — if not worse — over there than in the U.S.

It’s easy to see how the Tuxmat Tesla Model 3 mats were built with the worst conditions in mind.

What Customer Have to Say

Out of 60+ ratings as of this writing, 93% of Amazon reviewers have rated this product positively.

I love to dig deep into the negative reviews first to get a sense of what issues customers have encountered.

Out of the few negatives reviews I found, two of them complained about a shipping problem (they received a different product all together).

Whether this was a mistake of the company or Amazon itself remains a question.

But zero product-specific complaints is a good sign of a remarkable product — and Tuxmat seems to tick that particular box.

Third-Party Tuxmat Model 3 Reviews

Tesla owners have uploaded their experiences to YouTube.

After watching every Tuxmat Model 3 review, I found the ones below to be the most honest and straightforward ones:

First impressions start @ 0:45. Jump to 6:07 to listen to his experience after weeks of use.
Long-term Tuxmat Model 3 review (pre-cleaning) starts @ 0:45. Jump to 5:40 to see the before and after cleaning.

Tuxmat Model 3 Dislikes

Like any product, drawbacks do exist.

In this particular instance, two cons stand out above everything else:

  1. They’re ugly. They have a “pillowy” look I personally don’t like — and many Tesla owners do prefer the look of competitors.
  2. The logo, although subtle, bothers many people. Many Tesla owners would appreciate logo-less variant.

If any of these cons matter to you a lot, you may be better off considering one of the alternative products listed below.

Price Ranges & Where to Buy

Tuxmat Model 3 Review (Front Row Only)

If these mats are unavailiable or out of stock,

The product can also be found for the same price on Tuxmat’s website where you can order front and rear row liners separately.

30-Day Money-Back & Limited (Lifetime) Warranty

Unlike cheaper alternatives, Tuxmat does stand behind their products.

You can expect not only a quick service but your money back in 30 days if you’re not happy —

Or in the event of a premature manufacturing defect, Tuxmat may issue you a partial or full refund.

This is as long as the original purchaser still uses the product on the vehicle it was originally installed in.

You can read more about the warranty details at the bottom of this page.

Alternatives to Consider

Most Popular Model 3 Floor Mats »

Looking for something better looking?

If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit in the way of coverage, the well-known 3D Maxpider mats may fit your needs better.

Budget-Friendly Alternative »

Cheaper Tuxmat Model 3 alternative

Taptes released a clone of the 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly product and don’t mind purchasing from a Chinese manufacturer, check these ones out.

OEM Alternative »

OEM Alternative to Tuxmat Model 3 (Review)

If you’re the type of person that buys OEM products whenever possible, Tesla sells their own floor mats (manufactured by WeatherTech).

It’s said they’re harder to clean and neither coverage nor quality feels as good. Regardless, they’re certainly good enough to get the job done.

TuxMat Model 3 Review: Final Thoughts

If you live in an area with harsh winters or you visit the beach often, I’d definitely lean towards Tuxmats as my final choice.

Surprisingly, they’re not as expensive as I expected given their more luxurious brand, better coverage, and higher-quality materials.

Their price is competitive with 3D Maxpider, making them a worthy choice for many Tesla owners.

If you care about aesthetics and it doesn’t snow (or rain) that often in your area, definitely look into 3D Maxpider.

There’s no right or wrong answer — they’re both great products and companies that will deliver what they promise.

Trust your intuition and go with the one that appeals the most to you.

Zac Ludicrous

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