Tesla Model 3 Easy Entry: What Is It — and How to Set It Up?

By Nicki Schill •  Updated: 06/05/22 •  5 min read

My husband and I often switch vehicles for the day, and his number one complaint is that I keep the seat too close to the steering wheel.

It doesn’t bother me at all. I like to be close to the front of the vehicle. But why does it bother him?

Then I realized he can’t get into the vehicle easily and often scrapes his knees and elbows on the steering wheel or the dash as he contorts himself to get behind the wheel.

If you’re sharing your Tesla Model 3 with your partner or kids, then you might be reliving that same pain every day when you reenter your vehicle. 

You’ve already found your sweet spot for your seat and steering wheel to make a smooth exit, but then your kid takes your car for a spin, and everything’s different when you reenter.

Well, say goodbye to bruised knees and wasted time fiddling around to adjust things back to where you want them.

Get your groove back fast with Tesla’s Easy Entry.

What Is Easy Entry — and How Does It Work?

The Easy Entry feature is essentially another profile setup in your Tesla Model 3.

Within the profile, you can set your perfect driving position by adjusting the seat and steering wheel to your preferences.

This usually means lifting the steering wheel to a comfortable height for your arms and moving the seat back a bit to get in and out of the vehicle easier. 

No more bumps and bruises as you enter and exit the vehicle with Easy Entry.

Imagine a driver over six feet tall entering a vehicle with the seat pulled all the way up to the front and the steering wheel down low. 

Unless they’re built like an accordion, they’re not going to be able to fold their way into the vehicle.

Easy Entry helps alleviate that issue so that even the tallest drivers can easily get in and out of their Tesla Model 3 without bumping the steering wheel or kneeing the dash.

And for any big shoppers like me, how nice would it be to easily slide out of the vehicle while your arms are full of bags and not worry about banging them around against the steering wheel?

How to Set Up Your Easy Entry Profile

To make sure you glide in and out of your Tesla Model 3, setting up Easy Entry is simple and quick within the Tesla profile settings.

This way, you can set the steering wheel up and out of the way while moving the seat way back.

Here’s how to set up Tesla Model 3 Easy Entry:

Check out the full Easy Entry video from YouTuber nukem384 to walk you through those steps in detail.

That’s it. Now when you’re driving in your profile, those Tesla Model 3 Easy Entry settings are saved. When you exit the vehicle, it will automatically return to your locked-in preferred positions. 

Easy Entry Not Working? Try This

Drivers are definitely liking the added legroom when they enter and exit their Tesla Model 3, but what happens if it suddenly stops working? 

Nothing worse than getting used to the smooth vehicle access only to have it revert back.

Some drivers have noted that their profile settings are not being saved properly, while others are specifically having issues with the Easy Entry feature.

My Driver Settings Are Not Being Saved

Even though you’ve locked in your selection for Easy Entry under your Driver Profile on your Tesla Model 3, there could be a seat and steering calibration issue that’s causing your settings not to save properly.

Like other settings issues, this could be because you need to do a software update for the Easy Entry selections to stick.

I’ve Updated the Software and Easy Entry Isn’t Working Now

Maybe you’ve performed the needed software update, and that’s when the problem started.

Other drivers are adamant they’re adjusting each time and making sure to hit save on their Easy Entry preferences, but they’re just not sticking.

It might be time for a system reboot or, as Tesla Motors Club user xxxholic noted, a complete overhaul of the Easy Entry profile altogether.

Once a new driver profile was created, the Easy Entry settings returned to normal.

Final Thoughts

Why ruin a perfectly enjoyable ride in your Tesla Model 3 with a less-than-stellar exit experience, bumping your way out of the vehicle?

With Easy Entry, you can slip right in and slide right out. It’s a nice touch that adds to the comfortability of the ride.

Simply navigate to your Driver Profile and set up your ideal entry and exit position. 

Now you’re guaranteed not to leave your Tesla with hard feelings.

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