Best Tesla Model 3 Yoke Steering Wheel: Minimal Yet Sporty

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 10/05/22 •  8 min read

The yoke steering wheel does look sporty yet minimal! Doesn’t it? 

There must be a reason why so many owners replace the regular Tesla Model 3 steering wheel with a Model 3 yoke steering wheel.

While Tesla remains hesitant in officially introducing this option in its best-selling vehicle, aftermarket brands have stepped up and introduced a fully compatible Model 3 yoke steering wheel with all the features a regular steering wheel has.

After rigorous research in a bid to pinpoint the best Model 3 yoke steering wheels that owners most recommend, here I am with a buying guide that’ll make you as knowledgeable about this topic as Elon Musk is.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Will Tesla Offer a Yoke Steering Wheel for the Model 3?

It’s highly unlikely that Tesla will offer a yoke steering wheel for the Model 3 in the near future. Backlash from customers of the Model S/X in which the yoke steering wheel was first introduced became the major reason.

Most of the owners complained about the ineffectiveness of the yoke steering wheel while taking a turn. Some also complained that their hands hurt after a long driving session with the yoke steering wheel.

There are also some safety concerns related to this type of steering wheel, and it’s actually banned in some countries.

Tesla might have to make some design changes in its yoke steering wheel before reintroducing it in the market and, hopefully, introducing it in the Model 3 and Model Y.

Why Install a Yoke Steering Wheel?

Well, in the words of Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk:

“Yet another round wheel is boring & blocks the screen. FSD in panoramic mode looks way better with a yoke.”

He got a good point. Full self-driving with a yoke steering wheel is definitely a treat for the eyes. It just relaxes you!

And not to mention, the looks! Replace the regular steering wheel with a yoke steering wheel and turn your car into an F1 racing car (you’ll turn a few heads every day for sure!).

If these are enough reasons for you (they are for me!), let’s get into the meat of the article.

Best Tesla Model 3 Yoke Steering Wheel Overall: Aroham

tesla model 3 yoke steering wheel

This is the most trusted yoke steering wheel in the Tesla community (the one that’s being discussed over and over), thanks to its superb quality.

Once you open the box, a first-rate yoke steering wheel comes out of it that is made with the same materials as the stock steering wheel to ensure quality. 

The grip and feel of the steering wheel are enhanced by nicely stitched Alcantara material that is smooth and comfortable on your hands, but if you prefer any other material, there’s always room for customization. 

You can go for plenty of options, including leather, suede, carbon fiber, forging, and piano black. Just name it and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

In terms of features, the Aroham steering wheel offers everything, but you can only opt for the options that came with your stock steering wheel, including heated steering, an airbag, the same buttons, and wheels. 

The fitting of the yoke wheel is the same as the stock steering wheel so you can easily install it by yourself, but if you’re not a DIY person, you can also seek help from a professional. 

Want to know about the DIY installation? Watch this YouTube video by Tesla Mark

Shouldn’t be a pain in the neck!

There’s one small catch though; delivery time isn’t very good. You can expect to wait sometimes more than a week to get your hands on this premium yoke steering wheel for the Model 3.

If you can wait a bit, this is the best deal for you. Pull the trigger without thinking twice!


✅ Best quality 
✅ Premium packaging 
✅ Easy to install
✅ Includes heating option
✅ Includes airbag 
✅ Multiple customization options


❌ Prolonged delivery time 

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Yoke Steering Wheel: Hansshow

If you’re looking for a good-quality yoke steering wheel that’s super easy to install, Hansshow might be the perfect pick for you.

The company uses original Tesla OEM fitting, enabling you to install the steering wheel within a few minutes. Just look at how fast it is:

A few minutes’ work tops!

In addition, the other steering parts, including the wheels, buttons, and wires, are also OEM manufactured so you don’t find any trouble in using features like the heated steering wheel and the airbag.

The build quality of this yoke steering wheel is almost equal to the original Model 3 steering wheel that generates the same responses, making it super adaptive and reliable to use.

To enhance the look of the wheel, it’s stitched with premium-quality leather, and a carbon fiber finish is provided, which can also be customized into matte, gloss, or even non-carbon, according to your preference.

One of the coolest features of Hansshow is its ergonomic design that gives a soft feel to the steering, making it comfortable to hold. 

A little drawback that you might experience is weak heating, but this isn’t a regular issue, and you can always ask for replacement, so there’s not much to worry about.


✅ Good quality
✅ OEM fitting
✅ Easy and fast installation
✅ Includes heating option
✅ Includes airbag 
✅ Multiple customization options


❌ Heating doesn’t work properly sometimes 

Premium Pick: RPM Tesla

tesla model 3 yoke steering wheel

Looking for the best premium steering wheel money can buy? Stop looking around and get the RPM Tesla yoke steering wheel. 

Instead of making replicas, the company modifies the original Tesla steering wheel into a high-quality carbon fiber yoke wheel that makes it glossy and supercool. 

Here’s how it looks:

If that isn’t beauty, then I don’t know what is

To maintain that look, the steering is provided with three UV protection coats which can be further enhanced with proper waxing and nano-ceramic coating. 

Don’t like the glossy touch? No problem! The steering also comes with a matte finish at the same price so you can enjoy your favorite texture on your steering wheel.

In terms of features, the RPM yoke steering wheel mimics the stock Model 3 steering, except for the heating option. So if you’re fond of that, this is definitely not for you. 

The installation is made easy with the Tesla OEM fitting, and you can do it yourself after watching easy tutorial videos provided by RPM Tesla. If you want a professional to do it, just take your car to RPM Tesla and they’ll do the rest for you.

Overall, it’s a great pick, but there’s also a drawback, which is the price. It costs you somewhere between $999 and $1,778 depending on the package.

In addition, if you want to add carbon fiber switches and bezels, you’ll have to pay an extra $179, which makes it an expensive purchase.


✅ Non-replicas
✅ OEM fitting
✅ Glossy carbon fiber finish
✅ Includes airbag
✅ Easy and fast installation 


❌ Highly priced
❌ Heating option not available

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the yoke steering wheel better than the conventional one?

The yoke steering wheel has its advantages, but conventional steering wheels give better handling than the yoke wheel. However, if you get accustomed enough with the yoke wheel, handling won’t remain to be a problem for you.

What are the advantages of a yoke steering wheel?

The top advantage of the yoke steering wheel is that it clears the view in front of you. You can see the touchscreen more clearly, and it also makes the FSD more interactive and fun.

What Teslas come with a yoke steering wheel?

Currently, the Tesla Model S and Model X include a yoke steering wheel option. The Tesla community is also hopeful to see this option included in Tesla’s lower-priced vehicles.

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Yoke Steering Wheel

Ultimately, the Aroham Tesla Model 3 yoke steering wheel has caught the attention of the majority of the Tesla community because of its best compatibility with the Tesla system.

The yoke wheel from RPM Tesla is equally good, but being a premium option, it isn’t that popular. But considering how they modify the original Tesla wheel, it won’t hurt to pay a bit extra to maintain the OEM look and quality.

To summarize, the yoke steering wheel is a good addition to your Model 3, but it’s important to get accustomed to it as soon as possible. If you’re not, you’ll find the handling a bit tricky.

Happy driving!

Zac Ludicrous

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