5 Sporty Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Spoilers That Cost As Little As $80

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/18/21 •  7 min read

The launch of the Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler was exciting news…

Until the price tag was revealed: $800.


If Tesla’s performance spoiler is a hard pill to swallow for you, don’t worry —

I’ve compiled 5 alternative spoilers that cost up to 1/10th the price of Tesla’s (and will make your Model 3 look equally sporty).

But first, let’s talk about Tesla’s spoiler itself.

Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Spoiler (OEM)

Tesla started selling its Model 3 performance spoiler on mid-2020.

Thousands of Model 3 owners flocked to the spoiler and it sold out — even at a $800 price point!

The simple fact that the spoiler is made by the manufacturer gives many the trust to spend the money.

Besides, you can get it installed at a service center. (A spoiler is fairly easy to install, but it’s a perk nonetheless!)

This spoiler isn’t always in stock, though.

And like every product on earth, it isn’t perfect either.

(I’ve heard stories of the spoiler coming off multiple times.)

So let’s discuss others brands that have released replicas of similar quality at a fraction of the cost.

Best OEM Replica: SUMK

Glossy Tesla Model 3 Spoiler Replica by SUMK

With the same simple design but a glossy finish, SUMK offers a more attention-grabbing Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler.

Customers confirm the spoiler is made of legitimate, 100% solid carbon fiber — not ABS plastic with a carbon fiber texture.

However, the durability results are mixed as you can find reports of 12+ months of reliable use — and a report of decoloration as early as one month.

Keep in mind: premature decoloration may happen in hot, sunny climates as the product doesn’t come with protective coating.

Some users suggest spraying 303 UV protectant helps prevent this.

A drawback that might be a real turn off for you?

Some buyers received a different item.

Although only 3 out of 112+ reviews mentioned this problem, it’d be unfair not to tell you.

One such buyer suspects that the seller simply sends something else when they have no stock.

With how rarely it happens, though, it could also be a mistake from the seller or from Amazon itself.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ 1/4 the cost

✅ 100%, solid carbon fiber

✅ OEM look (with glossy finish)


❌ May decolorate unless UV protectant is used

❌ May not be as durable

Aftermarket Spoiler w/ Sportier Design (A): BASENOR

Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler by BASENOR

Although we’re not associated with BASENOR in any way, they often earn a spot in our recommendations as people love their products.

Their Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler is no exception.

Made of ABS plastic + visual carbon fiber, it has a wider, more aggressive look than Tesla’s spoiler.

Despite its wide stance, customers report it sits 1/4″ from the trunk, making for an easy alignment and installation.

(If you have an extra person to help you during the installation, much better.)

But as it’s known for many aftermarket products, the adhesive is not always perfect.

Using trunk accessories like bike racks may prove even more challenging.

Reports of the adhesive coming off can be found — sometimes after 4-6 months of use, and in one case, as early as 2 weeks.

Consider replacing its original tape or keeping some extra, heavy-duty tape in your car in case the spoiler starts to come off prematurely.

With its low price tag and many customers raving about the great fitting of the product,

I wouldn’t hesitate to give BASENOR a try provided you don’t mind plastic spoilers and like the design.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ Affordable

✅ More aggressive & curved design

✅ Established brand in the Tesla community

✅ Easy to install


❌ Plastic. Not real carbon fiber.

❌ Adhesive may be weak. Budget for higher-quality tape.

Aftermarket Spoiler w/ Sportier Design (B): Xipoo

Alternative to BASENOR's Model 3 aftermarket spoiler

As an alternative to BASENOR — with seemingly better durability and adhesive quality — comes Xioopo.

Although the brand is unknown, the looks are rather similar: wide, curvy, sleek.

So much so I’d suspect the brands share supplier.

However, based on customer reviews, Xipp0 seems to have a higher quality adhesive.

There are still reports of minor issues,

But one particular customer reports the car was rear-ended by a truck and the spoiler “didn’t even loosen.”

As you receive your product, make sure the adhesive isn’t dried up.

And as you install the spoiler, put pressure on the edges for at least a minute prior to pressing on the middle, as the edges are more likely to come off.

Another rather insignificant complaint from customers is the presence of some pre-made holes that have no purpose.

But the product is of great value and it is available in both carbon fiber and OEM black for you to choose from.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ More aggressive & curved design

✅ Fits and holds very well

✅ More durable

✅ Available in Black & Carbon Fiber


❌ Plastic. Not real carbon fiber.

Most Efficient Model 3 Spoiler: Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance, a well-known, performance-focused brand in the Tesla community, produces a “high-efficiency” Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler.

The “high efficiency” label doesn’t mean it adds range in any significant way, though.

It simply means the brand put some time and effort into designing the product with its aerodynamic impact in mind.

Simulation results in lower drag, but real-world tests show the improvements are negligible.

For example, Bjorn Nyland tested UP’s front lip spoiler, which reportedly had a 6.6% reduction in drag and X% in blah blah (metrics that don’t matter tell you much).

The final result?

Energy consumption went from 188 Wh/km to 185 Wh/km.

A 1.6% reduction would result in 3-4 additional miles max.

Don’t buy these with the expectation of more range. Buy them if you like the design.

This spoiler is also available in a glossy and satin finish.

But to be honest, I’m not a fan of how it looks.

With the price tag being so close to Tesla’s spoiler, you’d have to really love the design and/or the brand to choose the option among so many spoilers in the market.

Premium Pick: Maier Racing’s Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler by Maier Racing. Available at TeslaRati

One of the best-looking Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoilers comes from Maier racing, a 41-year-old Californian tuner that offers performance-focused carbon fiber accessories for Teslas.

Handcrafted in the USA, this spoiler is angled quite a bit — and it’s available in 4″ and 7″ deep options.

With the higher price tag of all, but with USA-made quality, the company’s racing cars background, and a much more sporty design,

Maier Racing takes the ‘premium pick’ for the spoilers on this list.

Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Spoiler On a Budget: Koystar

Tesla Model 3 aftermarket spoiler by Koystar

Finally, to sweeten the pricey alternatives seen above, let’s finish with an alternative that’s worth 1/10th the cost of Tesla’s spoiler.

Kyostar offers an extremely reasonable priced Model 3 aftermarket spoiler.

Enough people liked the design to give it a try and ended up loving it.

It’s made of ABS plastic — and available in glossy black and visual carbon fiber.

Unlike other alternatives were the tape quality is questionable (some have good experiences, others do not),

With Kyostar, there’s no mystery: the tape is objectively terrible.

Most customers agree.

You’ll have to budget for some extra tape if you want this alternative.

(You may add a quality tape to your shopping cart and still this will be the cheapest spoiler of all.)

The brand claims the spoiler fits the 2016-2019 models. However, knowing the differences between the 2019 and 2021 models,

The rear design is identical so I would see no reason why it doesn’t fit the refreshed Model 3 equally well.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ Very affordable

✅ Simple, OEM-like design

✅ Great fit


❌ Plastic. Not real carbon fiber.

❌ Adhesive may be weak. Budget for higher-quality tape.

Our Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Spoiler of Choice

If you’re looking for OEM-like styling, SUMK’s Model 3 spoiler comes out on top.

The amount of positive feedback from customers claiming the product is even better than Tesla’s spoiler is overwhelming.

Besides, it’s truly plug and play since the installation is straightforward and you can find customers reporting more than one year of use with no issues.

If you’re looking for a more aggressive styling than that of Tesla’s spoiler, however, consider Xipoo first.

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