Tesla Jack Mode: Does the Model 3 Have It?

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 10/12/22 •  5 min read

Tesla strives to come up with a handful of captivating and useful “modes” that make the Tesla ownership experience quite exciting for owners.

From Camp Mode to Car Wash Mode to Valet Mode and more, the serviceability of these modes is never-ending.

Another such mode is Jack Mode, which can be very useful on certain occasions. But does the Model 3 have it? How does it even work?

Want to know all the answers? Let’s dive into the details.

What Is Tesla Jack Mode?

The working principle of Jack Mode is no rocket science. It’s basically a driver-assistance feature that temporarily deactivates the air suspension’s auto-leveling properties on certain Tesla models, thus enabling them to perform several tasks that involve jacking or lifting up vehicles off the ground like oil change, tire change, and other mechanical procedures.

Be it changing your flat tires or getting underneath your Tesla to perform any procedure, Tesla’s premium Jack Mode eases it all…

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Jack Mode?

No. The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with this novel Jack Mode feature. 

You may be thinking why doesn’t it?

To put it simply, it’s not at all essential! As previously indicated, Jack Mode aids vehicles equipped with smart air suspension systems (SAS), and the Tesla Model 3 isn’t equipped with it. 

Instead, Tesla engineers relied on a coil springs system to absorb shocks and bumps and provide Model 3 drivers and passengers a buttery smooth ride.

Thus, it’d have been ridiculous to have one such feature installed that has absolutely no utility! 

Does Tesla S/X Have Jack Mode?

Yes, the Tesla Model S/X comes with the premium Jack Mode feature as standard. The reason for the inclusion of Jack Mode is quite obvious already. Tesla’s big boys, the Model S and X, come with a smart air suspension system. 

The higher the price tag, the more premium level of comfort you’d get. SAS allows Model S/X owners to set the vehicle height, compression, rebound, and body acceleration with just a few taps on the Tesla screen. 

But this smart air suspension system automatically lowers down the vehicle whenever you try lifting or jacking it up — thus making the availability of one such feature absolutely essential. 

How to Jack Up the Tesla Model 3

Here’s the procedure as suggested by the Model 3 owner’s manual:

tesla model 3 jack mode

Follow the steps below to lift the Model 3. Ensure that any non-Tesla repair facility is aware of these lifting points.

1. Position the Model 3 centrally between the lift posts.

2. Position the lift arm pads under the designated body lift points at the locations shown.

WARNING: DO NOT position the lift arm pads under the battery or side rails, as shown in red.

3. Adjust the height and position of the lift arm pads to ensure that they are correctly located.

4. With assistance, raise the lift to the desired height, ensuring the lift arm pads remain in their correct positions.

5. Engage any lift safety locks. Follow the lift manufacturer’s instructions.

If words are confusing you, here’s an instructional video from The Megawatts YouTube channel:

Caution is needed to do this job!

Best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter: Teslapucks

Look no further than these pads if you’re searching for a sensible, low-cost option to safeguard your vehicle anytime it’s raised.

The pads are rubberized to avoid metal damage and were designed by a Tesla owner to protect his own vehicle.

They have a great reputation in the Tesla community, so if you’re looking for quality jack pad adapters, this is it. Don’t think twice before investing in them.


✅ Tesla Model 3/S/X. May or may not fit the Model Y.


✅ Good social proof
✅ Economical
✅ Hard vulcanized rubber ensures the paint and the battery don’t get damaged
✅ Comes with a storage bag


❌ Smells quite bad. Better to be left in sunlight for a whole day.

>>If you want more suggestions, here is our roundup of the 5 best Tesla Model 3 jack pad adapters.

Best Tesla Model 3 Jack: Teslarati Jack Stand

tesla model 3 jack mode

Check out iTesla’s great review of the Teslarati Jack Stand.

Sturdy jack stands to lift your Tesla at home. They’re so easy to use!


✅ The most useful jack stand for DIY projects
✅ Solves the difficulty of elevating all four sides of the car at once
✅ Easily supports the vehicle’s weight for extended periods of time


❌ Expensive

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Jack Mode

Confusions cleared, queries answered, and suggestions to jacking and lifting the Model 3 provided.

The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t need Jack Mode as it’s not equipped with an air suspension system. You can jack it up using an old-school jack or the jack stands as suggested above.

The procedure is all the same as described by Tesa. Just make sure to employ some good-quality jack pad adapters to safeguard your car’s battery and paint.

A little heads up though.

Even though it’s always recommended to do minimal operations like replacing a flat tire or so by yourself, be really cautious.

Because Tesla ain’t something ordinary, even a hint of mistake like placing the lift arm pads under the battery or side rails can permanently damage your Tesla’s paint or battery badly, affecting its resale value.

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